Monday, December 28, 2009

Robert Wiles - Psychic Reading Notes

Even though an arrest has been made in the case of Robert Wiles Kidnapping, I will continue to work the case. The reason being, of course, is my main objective is to Bring Robert Wiles home to his family!

I have received a few more minor visions and information regarding Robert, so I want to include them my blog to keep the information together.

From my notes on December 19 2009, I received the following:

Dyslexia too (this was received by audio so I’m not sure which too spelling is correct: too, two, to)
A Sense of Left (like in left handed?)
I saw two men in Orange polo shirts with black collars and black around the bottom of the short sleeve. It was like I was seeing them thru some long tube type thing? Possibly could be a uniform, since both men had on the same shirt.

Notes from December 25 2009 – Morning, I received the following:

Business type sign – but I couldn’t read what was on it – told myself to remember the colors – Blue and Green. It is a rectangular sign not far off the ground on a dark metal base – maybe a brushed brown in color. Then the sign may be around 4’ x 6’(just a guess I'm not good with measurements) and the entire sign has this brownish metal around it – kind of like you would slip the plastic type sign into the frame.


Climate Controlled

Then I saw a small white plane parked in a building.

Sister – nurse or medical field


I know this is all random things, but I hope one day that combining all these visions and audio will help put two and two together to bring Robert home!

Please remember to place Missing Children on your blogs and websites to keep their information and photos in the public eye! You never know what small piece of information my help Law Enforcement find these children!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Robert Wiles Kidnapping Recent Psychic Readings and Dreams

Robert Wiles Kidnapping Recent Readings and Dreams

I went through some of my recent notes and readings since Robert began visiting me again on Thanksgiving Day 2009. I wasn’t sure why Robert had chosen to come back and visit at this time, but he did, so I started trying to keep some notes on what I was given. Now, I will assume he knew that things were about to come to the public’s attention regarding his case and wanted to remind me of his case.

Only a couple of things match anything Law Enforcement is making public at this time, but I thought I would throw some of it out there in case these other notes have any meaning later in the case.

November 29 2009 Notes Robert Wiles Picture Reading

Venezuela – this was mentioned as a place LE went while investigating
We are gong down by the Lake Hollingsworth I am hesitant to even put this because I know the area – and am afraid – I subconsciously added it in???? But I don’t know
Chip – I believe I read one of the officers names was Chip! LOL
He wanted the money for drugs – I don’t know about this it contradicts parts of how I interpreted another vision – as Drugs were not involved – which could be saying Roberts apartment was not ransacked to find drugs? I don’t know I just giving what I get.
He concocted this whole scheme to throw everyone off I’m guessing the ransom was just to throw LE off and not search for a body immediately, but then again that is interpretation – I don’t know.

December 15 2009 Notes on Robert Wiles Case

I’m stepping on the stones that will bring me back. (being shown large stones or rocks kind of embedded in the earth)

R. (later when asked he said Riley)

The Eugene came in a dream that had something to do with what might have been a class reunion type setting in a conference room – what made me think of Class Reunion was a person came up to “me” whomever I was and said I’m sorry I don’t remember you and my reply was that is ok I was in the class under you)
The “R.” also came in that dream and later when I questioned it the word “Riley” came.

In the conference room I think there were 8 – 10 people, one of them being the Sister of whoever I was. She was seated across the table and at the opposite end from me.

I do not know who I was in that dream – but what makes me wonder is that earlier in the day – Robert had come to visit – and I asked if I could step into him so that I could see what he wanted me to. I had never done this before but then I had that dream that night?

He also mentioned that “the FBI needs to get on the doorstep of the right person, and he will tell you where he (Robert) is.”

I did get a visual at one time but don’t understand it. It was Robert and then there is a blue strap going across, kind of made me think of a seatbelt, but it was bright blue?

I keep seeing "Riley" or "Reilly" like 6 or more times in the last couple of days. It keeps jumping out at me. I got that name with Robert, but not sure what it means. Could be a person, place, business??

Then I thought about Espionage - that is not a word I would have used, yet I believe in the first reading I did with Robert - he used the word. This is important to me because when I receive words I would not myself use - it’s like a WOW. I remember looking up the word because I relate that word to government spies, but actually it does happen in businesses too.

As I was looking at my blog postings on Robert I had four words pop out to me highlighted – they were Law Enforcement, Police, Business, and gift. When I went back into my blog they were no longer highlighted!! Hmmmm.

This just seemed weird today and sometimes my life reflects in the cases I am most involved in? I have no clue but I’m going to put this here so I have it all together. It’s my learning process:

Another note is a regular customer came in this morning and was joking around and said, "give me half your money." LOL why he would say "half" in the joke, I don’t know? Then he stayed and talked about one day wanting to go into Law Enforcement and that his "sister" was going to do it too, but couldn’t leave the kids for 10 weeks to take the course. Just odd but that is how things sometimes connect

Well, I think I have notes from all my recent readings. I still need to go back and pull my full readings from first and second readings and see what I did not put in the blog.

I will continue to be open to Robert and hope that he will in some way be able to provide more information regarding his case. I hope and pray this is just the beginning of getting Robert home to his family.

Please post photos and information on missing persons on your blogs and emails to keep them in the public eye!!

Arrest made in Robert Wiles Kidnapping Case

Arrest made in Robert Wiles Kidnapping Case!

What great news maybe this will be the first step in Robert returning home.
I have not posted everything I had gotten on the case, just lack of time on my part. I did take a moment to go through what had been posted to see if anything matched with what I had received. This is the way I learn how to interpret better what I am shown and given.

I pulled a couple of things out of the blogs that may pertain to what is known by the media now.

they did not fly into the Lakeland Airport. The suspect did work there though
The person is someone he thought to be a friend A business associate probably friendly terms
His father would be floored if he knew who was really behind this. Unfortunately so because was an employee of the company
It was never really about the kidnapping money that was just a cover Im assuming since they believe Robert was murdered
They were talking business It was an employee of the company
They ransacked my apartment drugs were NOT involved Motive will probably be business related not drug related -
and one day these people will be caught and will pay for what they have done to our family And thank goodness at least one has been caught! By my readings I feel he may have had help pulling this off!

I will go back to my other more recent notes regarding the case and see what else matches the media. I know I got Venezuela and the name Chip which in reading an article on the case both of these words were mentioned.

I hope that this will be the first step in Robert returning home to his family.

Please post photos and information about missing persons on your sites and emails to keep them in the public eye!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Madyson Jamison Missing October 2009

A friend of mine emailed me last night and asked if I would do a reading on Madyson Jamison who has been missing since October 2009. I went to the group site this morning to see her picture. This is the information I had to start along with a picture of Madyson:

Classified as: Endangered
MissingDate Missing: October 9, 2009
Missing From: Eufaula, Oklahoma
Age Now: 6

Specila Facts:When Madyson was last seen, her front teeth were missing. She was last seen wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve pink shirt with small flowers printed on it.

Known Circumstances:Madyson was last seen with her mother and father on October 8, 2009, leaving their residence in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Their vehicle was later found abandoned in Red Oak, Oklahoma, on October 17, 2009; however, their whereabouts are unknown.

These are my notes from the reading:

Madyson Jamison missing October 8 2009

Taking a hike

There are some issues that no one else seems to know about regarding this family, they are in need of emotional assistance. The father may have been troubled by circumstances around him.

Im feeling woods and trees around.


Not sure if the fear the father was feeling is real or not? Hiding? Walking down from a road into a dip - like shoulder of road - green grass - into a wooded area - they are all walking hand in hand.
Afraid the father has mental issues? But the wife and child follow. Is he tall and thin? Short brown hair? The wife is shorter - he is leading then wife and child. Wife long thin brown hair?

Customer came in - got distracted - will post this -

After I posted this on the Development circle, I googled to find out a little about the case - I found a picture of the three of them and yes that is who I saw!

If the family of these missing persons reads this, please understand I am only posting what I received. I mean no harm in stating that Mr. Jamison may have had any mental issues, but it may help explain what may have happened to them. I hope and pray they are in a safe place.

Please post photos and information about missing persons in your emails and on your sites to keep them in the public eye!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Robert Wiles Missing Lakeland Florida - Ohio

Robert Wiles has been missing since April 1, 2008 from Lakeland Florida. I have provided reading information via my blog in the past regarding Robert. Unfortunately, he still has not been found, to my knowledge.

I was told a story twice in the last week by a friend of mine, and couldn't figure out what the importance of the story must be. Then this morning as I was meditating; I was questioning why I receive information about missing persons, yet they are not found. Robert Wiles popped into my mind. My guide said, "Go back to Ohio!" That is when the story I had been told twice during the week made sense.

The main point of the story, was in a couple of sentences. "If you don't like how things are done in Florida, go back to Ohio" then "I'm sure Delta has flights."

With my guide then telling me, "Go back to Ohio" when I questioned about Robert Wiles, I think
Law Enforcement needs to look at the connections in Ohio. I pulled up Robert Wiles Missing on Google (it has been a while since I checked on it) and it does say the business is based out of Ohio.

Mrs. Wiles, if you read my blog again - please consider having Law Enforcement re-look at the Ohio connections. As I read back I remembered LE said they were looking for a suspect in Florida but maybe the suspect has a connection in both places? Or maybe the person involved has gone back to Ohio?

My thoughts and prayers are with Robert's family and friends.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Was Alex Marcedo the Missing Child I Received a Vision On?

I received a brief vision on October 28, 2009 about a child who had gone missing, could Alex Mercado be whom this was in reference to? I am not sure. I was given such little information, there was no way to know who or where this vision was going to take place. It is very frustrating to understand "why" I received this information and to be told there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening.

I emailed a couple of ladies I work on cases with letting them know what I had received. It wasn't enough to do anything or stop it. I have copied over the email - because that is the only notes I have regarding the vision.

Oct 28 (4 days ago)
I hope Im wrong - ugh - it has been eerly quiet this morning... then as I am sitting there outside the store - i see - well you know what I mean... a police car going down the road - they stop and tell me a child is missing..... I ask my guide for more info - there is a backpack left on the ground... that is it so far I asked how can I stop this? Im told I cant Oh I hope this is just my imagination

I kept googling for Amber Alerts since receiving the vision, and last night I came across the Alert for Alex Marcedo. At first, I thought well he is too young to have had a backpack. But as I checked for more information this morning - there is a picture from a news station which shows Alex with a backpack!

I know to the skeptics who may be reading this, well so what. Ok, I can agree with you on that. As I myself always doubt and wonder if it is my imagination. But I also have to look at what I am given and try to figure out why? I'm sure what I am given must be some sort of learning process for myself. I continually ask, "Why?" and "What is the reasoning behind these visions?" The hardest thing is "Why do I receive these when I can not do anything to stop these horrible things from happening?" I hope one day I will be able to understand and explain the answers to myself and others.

Please keep Alex and his family in your prayers.

Remember to place photos and information about Missing Children on your websites and emails to keep them in the public eye!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas Missing Laredo TX - Found

I just found an update on this young lady - stating she is back home safe with her mother. Thank goodness. So, I decided to see if anything I received in my meditation made sense. There is very little information pertaining to the case, but this is what I can match up.

September 24, 2009:
Photo read on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas

Mexican descendant (The man she left with was Mexican)
Square within a square -smaller square down in the left corner - (possibly a picture)
carosel - (carousel?) (Not mentioned but since this was just for fun - maybe she did go to the mall with this man)
Ugly van (no mention of the color of any vehicle)
Light blue
(note I accidentally left the caps on - sorry)
I DON’T CARE WHAT THE NEWS SAYS SHE IS IN A LITTLE TOWN NOT FAR FROM WHERE SHE WAS TAKEN (It seems she was in the next town over - just happens to be in another country too)
SHE WILL BE FOUND UNDERNEATH (I have no idea what this could mean)
ESCAPADE (She went willingly, so probably just an escapade)
THE COLLAPSE (I have no clue about this one - dont know the area)
HXXXXX RXXXXXXXX (This name was not mentioned)
This man is known to be a local psychopathHe is not afraid of what will happen to him if it is found out.He will continue to do this he has before (Dont know about this but if he would allow a child to cross the border once, he may have done this before!)

Well a few possibilities - but not enough information about the case or the area for me to know if there are any other matches. If anyone knows more about the case, I would be interested to know if what I received makes any sense, it might help me to learn how to interpret what I do get.

Thanks for reading, and remember to show the faces of this poor missing children on your blogs and emails to keep them in the public eye!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Psychic Meditation on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas

Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas has been missing from Laredo TX for a few days now! Oh, this poor child, being twelve she may not really understand what is going on. Twelve is such a confusing age for many young ladies; she may very well believe all the this older gentlemen is telling her. From the little I have found online concerning this young lady - she is probably in Mexico now.

As I stated in the earlier post, I did a meditation, photo read on Karla the other day. I was waiting to post the information I received until our group had tried to contact Law Enforcement. We have not heard back from them, which is common, unfortunately, so I will post my notes.

September 24, 2009: Photo read on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas

Mexican descendant
Square within a square -smaller square down in the left corner - (possibly a picture)
carosel - (carousel?)
Ugly van
Light blue

(note I accidentally left the caps on - sorry)


This man is known to be a local psychopath
He is not afraid of what will happen to him if it is found out.
He will continue to do this he has before

Well, those are the notes from my meditation. I'm not sure if any of this will help in finding Karla but just incase I am putting it out there. Maybe someone, Law Enforcement or family, will understand what some of this means. I am trying to learn not to interpret as I do the reading therefore, some are just words or phrases which may have some significance.

I googled carousel, since it seemed a little odd. It has on the internet the mall there in Laredo has a carousel? I don't know I've never been there. Maybe they went to the mall before leaving for Mexico? I did fill in X's for the name I was given because I am only human and could have gotten the name wrong - I would not want to cause any harm to a persons identity by placing the name in the blog.

As I have mentioned before, I now work with a group of gifted ladies so I am included the link to our blog, so you can also read the information they will be posting.

Please remember to keep the faces and information of this missing children in the public eye by posting on your email and blogs.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas Missing Laredo TX

Oh, how my heart hurts everytime I hear about a missing child. Yesterday evening I was made aware of a beautiful 12 year old girl named Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas missing from Laredo, Tx.

There is a group of us who work on missing persons cases together. We hope the combined effort will allow us to be of more assistance in finding these poor children. Each of us has completed a meditation on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas. One member of the group is currently locating the Law Enforcement contact information in order to send our meditations.

If by chance the family of Karla Rivas would like the information; please feel free to leave a comment on the blog. Your information will be verified prior to sending.

Please remember to keep these missing children's photos and information on your blogs and emails!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amber Dubois Missing California 2009

I have recently been made aware of the case of Amber Dubois from California. I am not ready to post the information I received during a meditation, but am trying to figure out why I may be feeling a physical pain during the times I meditate or even just think about Amber. I am an Empath, so I do realize this may be something associated with Amber Dubois.

I tried to go to one of those medical sites where you post the symptoms and they give you possible reasons for the symptoms. But who knows since I dont know any of her physical background.

I keep getting pain in my upper back, say if you placed your finger on the large vertebrea at the base of your neck and went down about four vertebrea that would be about the area it seems to be stemming from. This pain goes all the way thru to I guess what would be the top of the sternum. The pain also seems to radiate down both arms but with a different feel to it. The arms seem to have a more burning pain - mostly in the muscles right below the elbows.

I would be alarmed personally if it didn't just keep occurring when I think or meditate on Amber Dubois.

I did also get a strange verbal pop into my mind yesterday when I was thinking about Amber - it was something about "tea time"

Well, just thought I would let my readers know what I have been up to lately. Feel free to make any comments or suggestions regarding my "ailment."

Remember to keep the faces and information of missing persons on your blogs, sites, and emails so that we can bring them all home to their families!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hassani Campbell Missing - Meditation

A group of psychics decided to do meditations at the same time for Hassani Campbell missing from California. I was hoping that such a combined effort would prove to be a powerful influence in providing information. I did not know much about the case - I did look at a photo of the precious child prior to trying the meditation.

I posted my notes with the group and decided I better keep my readers up to date on what I'm doing too!

So I am posting my notes - please remember I am only human - this is what I received. At a few points I was unsure if I was really deep enough in the meditation.

September 7 2009

Hassani Campbell – Group Meditation – notes

Didn’t feel I was totally there – but got these things

Saw - little legs
Audio – Church by the River
Mom & Dad
A circle but it had something in it not sure if a peace sign
I just wanted to play
Dad Mad
Large Black Male
Light Blue Shirt with dark pants maybe long shorts made of jean material (Hassani or small boy)
Small boy climbed up on counter – reaching for high cabinet – top cabinet – pulling something out – I cant see what it is – not sure if glass or what? Goldfish?

Ask Hassani if he could tell anyone anything what would it be? Turtleneck
Big Hole
Up the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go
Gravel – walking

Placed a pencil on a dot and asked which direction to go – East then North
3 59

Black car
Plaid shirt – button down (Hassani?)
Keep getting circles
There is a second vehicle – Gold SUV type
Ma Ma Mea Poppa Peea Baby got the Diarrhea
Walk with Hassani – his bedroom is on the right – we walk out of bedroom door take a left there is a bathroom on the left – go straight you are in the family area

Ok then tried as I was going to sleep –

There is a glass or plastic cup – lying on counter or floor – it is knocked over not setting up as if something in it

Small boy drank from this cup – maybe beside him on floor???
Hard to see – maybe a privacy type fence or wall – there are a couple of people next to it

I think past it is something tall and thin – not sure if a very tall tree with no low branches – but then again didn’t see any branches may like a telephone pole or something

Believe I got more but cant pull it back yet

Not sure any of this will help, but if something sounds familiar to that area or relates in some way then hopefully Law Enforcement will check it out!

Please remember to keep all our missing children and adults in the spotlight so we may bring them home!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lindsey Baum Missing McCleary Washington

I was cleaning up some papers and found a few notes I had written when I did the initial photo read on Lindsey Baum. The photo was texted to me by a friend since I didn't have Internet at the time. Since I am lacking the organizational gene - I wrote on the closest piece of paper I had! I just came across it.

First thing I noted was my eyes became very blurry. I note physical feelings sometimes because I am an Empath and this could somehow mean something to someone. The next was the name Steve. But this person could be someone who will help with the case or a witness - I never know how they are related to the case. Could it be someone involved with Lindsey disappearing, yeah could be.

As I read over the notes, I then wrote Trunk, but I kinda remember using that word for a small enclosed place - so not sure as if meant trunk of car or a movable trunk or even a small closet. I also got an older girl, as in older than Lindsey like a teenager.

The next note was another physical notation: between shoulder blades - cool feeling

I jotted down 200-300 yds not sure from where or what? Gosh wish I could just get where she is! Ugh! Then I wrote May still be alive must work quickly. The last note that I wrote was Lunsford case. I believe I wrote this because I was shown a picture of a man that resembled the father of the missing girl from Florida a few years ago.

None of this information means anything to me. I wish I could provide information which would assist in finding Lindsey - but it just doesn't seem to work that way.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Been Working on Lindsey Baum Missing McCleary WA

I have been doing a little work on the poor missing girl from McCleary, Washington; Lindsey Baum. Unfortunately, I have not had much time to get on the blog and post what I have gotten. Things are a bit hectic personally and I honestly haven't kept the information in an organized manner! Ugh I know better - but life has me pretty busy.

A friend posted some of my initial information on the forum, but then things have gotten sidetracked. I just went to the forum to copy and place in the blog - but the forum is down right now! To go from my memory is not good because I forget sooo much. I might can pull a couple things back up - I remember getting the name Steve and an older female - as in older than Lindsey. It would probably be best to post the link so when it comes back up - you can read it. At the time I received the information - I did not have internet access so I had to text the information to my friend. All I had to go on is a picture she texted me - it wasn't very clear.

Hopefully they will get the site back up soon.

Then one day I decided to do something a little different with the meditation and here are a few things I pulled from one of the emails I sent to my friend. Im sure there is more to go with it but have to search my old emails to find it! LOL

Red Camero
Gray one piece outfit
"under the silicon Stairs" I put this in quotes because this was given by audio to me and I could have misinterpreted what was said - It seemed like a strange thing to say - I have in the past been a little off when it comes to getting it exactly how it was meant. My example would be I thought one time I got Taboo but it was really Tatoo - so Im not 100% sure on the silicon, it could be something that sounds similar? I dont know.

Now the red camero and preacher - doesnt necessarily go together - of course, it might. Or maybe someone in the car saw Lindsey and is a witness - what I am given doesnt always make sense to me because I was not there!

I will try to go back later when I get more time and see what else I can pull from old emails in reference to the disappearance of Lindsey Baum from McCleary Washington. If any of this makes sense to someone - please let me know!

Remember to post pictures and names of missing children and persons on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Satsuma Florida Response to Comments

I received a couple of messages regarding the blog I posted on May 17, 2009 regarding the Haleigh Cummings case in Satsuma, Florida. I contemplated the messages for a little while, trying to decide a response.

At first, I thought well maybe I should post exactly what I was shown. But I tried to put myself in Crystal Sheffield’s shoes and I just cannot post it. The person(s) considered my lack of total release of information to the public as CRUEL, in their opinion. I myself would not personally consider the failure to post as CRUEL but maybe somewhat annoying for a person with a curious personality. I too am an extremely curious person, so I do understand the annoying and curious possibility.

The information that was not included in the blog could not in anyway help in finding Haleigh! Finding Haleigh is the top priority at this time. Not what might or might not have gone through a persons mind at the time of Haleigh’s disappearance. I did however send the entire page of notes to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. I did this only to not misinterpret any information that I was given.

As a mother, if I was in Crystal or Ron’s situation, and I stumbled upon a psychic vision regarding my missing child that included something horrible that may or may not have happened; the scenario may start to run continuously through my mind as an awful possibility! I cannot do that to her family. From things I have read on the Internet I do feel they could possibly stumble upon my site – therefore I still feel it is in the best interest of the family not to provide all the details directly to the public. If they choose to contact the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and request to see the entire reading that is their option.

To the persons who commented on the blog – Thank you for sharing your opinions; I respect everyone’s opinions. I know that we are all concerned with finding this precious child, which is the top priority. I must continue to do as I feel is ethically and morally correct for me.

Thank you readers for your comments.
Please remember to post photos on your blogs and websites so these missing persons can be found!

Robert Wiles Missing Lakeland Florida New Reading May 31 2009

I was looking at the Analytics of my blog and noticed people are reading the post on Robert Wiles a number of times this month. So, I thought it has been sometime since I had done the original reading; maybe it was time to try again and see if I got anything.

After I completed the reading with Robert, I thought well there really isn’t anything I can verify. I had forgotten to ask a question for verification because things were coming so quickly. I went back and read what I was given because I usually just type quickly to try and get everything down. The only thing I thought I could possibly check on was whether he really had a sister. Well yes he does but he has two sisters, so I am not sure if he was referring to one particular sister or if it was meant in the plural form. Most of what I received was clairaudience therefore I could have easily misunderstood. Who knows I’m only human.

So, please sisters don’t feel left out! Ugh maybe it was meant for both of you. Then again what he said maybe you would want to point figures at it being the other! LOL he does have a sense of humor.

It was pretty long so I will try to give you a summary of some of it. If the people watching this blog are family – then please know that he loves you all dearly. I hope that it is not the persons involved reading this – but her goes a summary. Anyone that would like to comment or question something please feel free to leave a message on the blog.

They ransacked my apartment drugs were NOT involved
I was a pretty much legal guy – Ok sometimes fishing I might not report all I caught! LOL but come on it was a fish. (His sense of humor showing here)

My mom is the dearest person you could ever meet. If you meet her one-day you will see what I am talking about. You couldn’t ask for a better mom. Dad has a tough side to him but that was his business side not the family dad side.

My sister is a little snooty at times but she was spoiled growing up it was bound to happen. She is great though that side was not part of our relationship.

It is a deserted place there are trees and underbrush everywhere – I just don’t see how they will ever find this spot. A knife – in a car – in back seat – silver car – nice car – more of a luxury car – showing going down a paved road but nothing out there. US 17
Old pickup truck – Mexican looking person with mustache – sitting in back of truck – red truck–thugs that he hired – gun

Espionage – I was a threat to them. It was never really about the kidnapping money that was just a cover. It was about a deal I was working on they wanted the business – stepping on their toes.

He shows me the luxury silver car again. Going to the back seat. There is someone in the back seat with him. Can’t see the front seat. They were talking business – it’s a set up they meet the red truck. The man in the car is an older man – I cant see him getting gray hair think kinda curly fuller face - suit - grey suit maybe mustache acting very friendly and upbeat joking around at first making Robert feel comfortable. Sam – Sam I am – oh go this way it will be quicker – weird like taking a shortcut to where they were supposed to be going but really the back roads. The man in back tells the driver. Robert doesn’t think anything odd at this time, just casual conversation. Robert starts yelling Why are you doing this – You think you are a tough know it all kid - I’m gonna show you don’t mess with other peoples livelihood.

Dad its not worth putting anyone else in jeopardy to find me – please accept what has happened and take care of the family that is what is important now. Enjoy life – you never know how long you have – Mom needs to know that I am good – I am around her all the time – When she looks up and sees that little sparkle in the air – know it is me that is there for her.

I love you all dearly – please go on with your lives – if I am to be found I will be – and one day these people will be caught and will pay for what they have done to our family but revenge is not the answer – its not worth it! I love you guys, Robert.

Please remember I am only human! This is what I was given and if it has meaning to his family that is what is the most important thing. Like I wrote earlier – if you would like to contact me regarding this reading, please feel free to leave me a message on the blog.

Remember to post photos of missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep their faces in the public eye!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream of Missing Child Mother Figure Not Being Believed!

I do not have any names or location to go with this dream I had last night. Not remembering or not knowing whom this dream was about is very stressful. I hope and pray that it was just some off the wall dream that is not reality for someone. Unfortunately, being the way I am there is no telling at this point.

If this is something that has happened, is happening or is going to happen: I feel terrible for the mother and this child. I wish I could remember more of what happened; maybe as the day goes on things will begin to resurface to a conscious level. If I get any specifics that may be helpful, I will update this blog.

The dream as I can remember it at this time: May 26, 2009 8:27am (kinda just for me)

I am a mother standing I believe in my kitchen when all of a sudden I get this overwhelming feeling that my child is in danger. I have allowed my child to go and visit my sister; the child has been gone for a couple of days at this point. I voice my concerns to my husband but he seems to think I am crazy. I reach this person by phone and whatever this person says while on the phone – it has been confirmed to me she does not plan on returning my child.

The sister has had mental issues in the past but nothing to this degree or the mother would not have allowed the child to go. She truly believed her child to be safe with this other person. Now she knows this is not so. In the dream I am running around frantically trying to get dressed and figure out what to do. The police are contacted but for some reason they do not believe me!

I wish I knew if this was really happening to this lady right now! This is very difficult because I feel this lady is telling the truth about the circumstances but for some reason Law Enforcement is not believing her and at this point will not help her! If somehow this person reads this – I am sorry I cannot remember more to help you at this time – I know in your heart you believe you are right about the child and I feel for your situation. I wish I could remember more so that I could help you find her. There must be more to this scenario for the police not to step into the situation but for the life of me I cannot remember anything else.

If something about this dream sounds familiar please do not hesitate to leave me a message. Sometimes my interpretation can be off on exactly who is involved – meaning a sister to me could also be a close family friend; the husband could be a boyfriend etc. So don’t hesitate to contact me if the scenario is sounding familiar. Also, remember that it does not mean the mother in the dream is actually the biological mother but could be the mother figure to this child.

Please remember to place photos of missing children and persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Haleigh Cummings May 17 2009 Update

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated the blog. Life has taken it's twists and turns and I have not had the opportunity to update. I also fear I will in the next few weeks lose the ability to update this blog on a regular basis. Hopefully, things will work out and I will have an internet conncection. Time will tell.

As I had previously written the bus stop was having significance to me in reference to Haleigh's case. I requested help but unfortunately no one seems to have been able to provide information. But I was reading yesterday about an incident at Haleigh's busstop where Ron almost ran over some of the other children. This is a major coincidence in my life as a psychic. Sometimes it seems that when I work on a case - things start happening in my personal life that reflect something to do with the case. I know odd! But one of the things about the bus stop that I was trying to find out about - is answered by this man who has come forward about Ron driving crazy at the busstop and almost hitting this man's children. Well the same thing happened at my daughters' busstop, and I was feeling the connection to Haleigh when it happened! So I feel I did have a true connection. So I decided to go back to my initial vision/dream and the next meditation and see what it was that I was given.

I read thru my notes from Feb 14 and Feb 18 2009. Hmmm.... ok so if some of the bus stop things are coming out now - I wonder if I pulled the wrong information out of the dream/vision when I emailed the Putnam County Sheriff. There were a few things that depending on interpretation could help with understanding who may have been involved with Haleigh missing. I don't feel the information not given would assist in finding Haleigh, but it may mean something to the Sheriff's department in whatever way they are looking at this case. Ok Im babbling, only because I am not going to put what it is that was in the vision - I just don't feel comfortable typing that for the world to read. It was probably the most horrible vision/dream I have ever had in my life! It scared me half to death. No it was not gory - it was just scary to me as a loving mom of a bunch of girls!

I know you are probably frustrated with me right now for saying I received more information than I am going to devulge, but I have my reasonings. I did however decide to forward the complete vision to the Putnam County Sheriff. I did so without giving any interpretation other then what I wrote the next day when it was over and fresh in my mind. I also included in the email a meditation on did on Feb 18 2009 incase some of that information was of importance.

So if you hear about a crazy psychic bugging the Putnam County Sheriff, it might just be me! LOL I have never received any communications back from the department and don't feel that I will concerning this information either - I'm sure it will hit the Trash Can where the other ones probably went! LOL But I will always know that I tried to help and provide the information - what they chose to do with it is up to them!

Please remember to post pictures and information about missing children and persons on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye! Thanks again for reading - I hope the future will enable me to continue....

Update On Vision About my Daughter

Just thought I would note about the Vision flash I wrote about in the previous blog. I had seen my daughter with something pink all around her right eye. Well, wrong daughter right eye! LOL There goes that interpretation thing again. One of my daughters, not the one I warned to be careful about her right eye - was playing around and put this pink marker all around her right eye. When she went to wash it off it must have gotten in her eye and she was miserable for days. The weird thing is - I forget visions afterwards - well I didnt even put two and two together, until the daughter I told to be careful came home and saw her sister! She just gave me that weird look and duh Mom! LOL Then I remembered.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Psychic Visions and Missing Children Update April 17 2009

Just a quick update, I have not had the opportunity to do many readings in the past week. Life seems to be keeping me very busy. Not much peace and quiet! LOL Plus, a good friend of mine has a missing person whom she is very concerned about - therefore, I have been trying to put what little time I have into trying to support her and see if I can get anything to help.

I did receive a couple of my "flash" visions which are only visual with no explanations. The first one I believe to be in reference to one of my children. I was shown some kind of pink cream placed totally around her right eye. I told her to be careful so hopefully nothing comes of this. Maybe she will get pink eye - I just don't know.

The other one was very odd - I was shown a young girl - but I can not say for sure if was Haleigh or another child. I was shown the child turning from a child to a china - porcelain doll? There was a man watching her as this was happening. He seemed to be in his 20's or 30's long brown straight hair - of a slim to medium build. Not sure where this came from. A friend suggested I look into the Madeleine McCain case. I have been requested by another person to do a read on her also, but have not had a chance as of yet. So I do not want to see what the case is - until I do my reading.

I am sorry I am behind on two requested readings - I have not forgotten about them - just have to get the quiet time. Please forgive me for the wait, I know they are both important.

I did read a quick note from someone that Gail St. John is down in Florida and going to work on both the Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings cases. I hope she is able to shed some light on one or both of these cases! These poor children need to be found - their families deserve closure - and hopefully the children back to the people who love them!

Remember to place the pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missing Persons Cases - Psychic

I took off for over a week and enjoyed Spring Break with my family. We were in the back woods with no television or computer access! Wow a different life for sure! Very quiet and peaceful, a time to take a deep breath and pray all the missing persons would be found. The only communication I had with the outside world was a text message from a friend.

My friend asked me if I had gotten anything while I was away. The only thing I had gotten was a suitcase being unzipped and a slab of meat inside. I told her I had no clue as to who, what, where or why. It was just one of those quick visions with no more detail. She immediately texted me back saying they found Sandra Cantu in a suitcase. The name had no meaning to me, so I asked who she was. She had gone missing after I had left modern civilization! I don't know if this was a connection to her or not?

Then as I return home to check my email, I received a note of a missing Georgia chef - I believe the name is Brandon Patton, will have to double check that one. A slab of meat could go with a chef too??

I have not done a reading on either of these cases. If I have some quiet time I may try to see if I can find out more on Brandon, if he has not been found yet. It appears the police in California seem to have a good investigation going at this time, so I will let that one be for now.

I tried to see if I could find any more information on the little girl Haleigh Cummings in Florida, I had prayed she would be found while I was on vacation - but it appears she has not been found. I hope Law Enforcement has some good leads they are following - since they are keeping the information confidential.

I did happen to see a small note they did another search for Adji Desir while I was gone. I do not know any specifics as to where or why they searched or if anything was discovered. Hopefully, they will let the public know something.

Please keep all these missing persons and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Remember to post their pictures and information on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cold Case Paige Birgfeld Missing Colorado Woman

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I was on Spring Break!

When I came back, Paige Birgfeld's name was mentioned to me as a missing person, so I went to the forum and did a quick photo read on Paige. After the read I did a little reading on the case to see if anything immediately made sense. Some of the information made me feel she was someone who liked to play games and so it seems some of the info was related to a video game called Mario or Super Mario, kinda strange.

Only on occassion do I post a read - being this is an adult and a cold case I feel comfortable posting this read in hopes someone out there may be able to figure out if any of this means anything. I am also posting this on the forum - so feel free to jump on there too and make any comments or responses.

April 8, 2009

Paige Birgfeld missing

photo read:

Kansas City connection
Tip-top shape
On the Ocean side
Under the tornado
Google this: The Tippy top of the arrow, go to the left and around the ground – stop – jump up and down 3 times – center yourself in the center of the circle – showed me to extend my left arm straight in front of me – and my right arm extended out to the right – then move the arms to the center of this space and go down.

I thought wow she likes to play games!

This reading was done with no prior knowledge of the case – I was told she was missing and pulled a photo off of Brian’s site.

So, the first thing I did was try to Google what I was told to. When I entered part of the information everything seemed to be about a game called Mario or Super Mario

Then I did go and read a bit about the case. She is missing from Colorado so not sure who has the Kansas City connection? They seem to have a person of interest who may or may not have been presented to me as a “boyfriend”. It seems one of her ex-husbands is the last known person known to see or speak to her. Tulip and Jasmine – not sure how may apply – but I think I read there may have been flowers on her shirt? I have no idea on the tip-top shape, on the ocean side, under the tornado – not sure if this could possibly be something with the game that came up with the google request?

I went and found on wiki the Mario game – it said Land’s End is the last part of the game? I went to the map of the area Grand Junction – it shows a town or something called Land’s End?? Not familiar with the area at all. It also said Land’s End is the last piece of land in the entire world before the Ocean???

If anyone knows the case or area please feel free to help decipher the information I was given. Oh, if you know the Mario game that could be of help too if there is a certain area of the game as described above?

I hope Paige Birgfeld missing from Grand Junction Colorado will be found allowing her family to have peace of mind.

Remember to post photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep their cases in the public eye!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Sure I'm Still on Track

I have been trying desperately to understand the visions and dreams I have been receiving about Haleigh Cummings of Satsuma Florida. It is very difficult to interpret some information given via psychic visions or dreams. Because I have been so overwhelmed with figuring out what I have received - I took a little time off to do a couple of other readings. I did this to make sure I am still receiving information correctly. Of course, I doubt myself. Even after all these years I do not completely understand why I get the information I do. There is no real physical guide to receiving this information. Yes, there are a million books out there on the subject - but try living it! Each person is different and what might help one understand does not necessarily help another.

I did one photo read - to me those are of living persons - in which a person asked why a child was acting out in a certain way. I carefully answered the post without saying who or what this poor child may be experiencing. One - I am not God and can not guarantee what I am given. Unfortunately, this person did not respond to the reading - instead she deleted even the request for a reading. Something hit too close to home is my guess. All I can hope for is this person gets the child the appropriate counseling for issues which may be occurring in her life!

Then to insure I was still on track with my Medium reads - those contacting persons whom have passed - I did a reading for someone on a family member that had passed who wanted to know what really happened. I was able to provide information regarding the death. But here again some information was via symbolism, other was just words. One of the words was drunk -which unfortunately was true. The other was given in symbolism as tongue depressors and syringes. I went ahead and sent the reading with just those words. So this is a good example of interpreting symbolism. It was a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs that caused the death. I feel I was given the tongue depressors and syringes to not just say drugs but to also confirm the drugs were perscription drugs. There was more to the reading then just those two things but I am just trying to explain the concept of symbolism and how certain things can mean something to different people.

So, I feel I am still on track with my photo and medium reads. Hopefully, this will provide me more insight into understanding the symbolism and help find missing persons.

Please remember to post pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye.

Haleigh Cummings still Missing!

Haleigh Cummings from Satsuma Florida is still missing! We all need to ban together and find this poor little girl. Her family is trying to keep her in the public eye, doing interviews but we need to work together to assist in this search. At this point we need to keep our personal feelings and opinions to ourselves and search for Haleigh any way we can.

I personally can not travel to the area to help in foot searches; but I am still trying to decipher the images and information I have been provided thru psychic visions and dreams. I did have a dream there is another person whom is going to come on board and help figure out what some of my information may mean. I wish I knew who this person was - so I could contact them. Unfortunately, I do not know - so please take the time to read the forum - maybe you are the missing link in solving what I or others have received.

We have received over 7000 views on the forum - and I would like to thank all that have stopped by to try and help. You never know if something posted will trigger something in you which could be a new way of looking at the information for us! Please stop by and try to help us out!

Remember to post pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Timeline

Sorry it has been a couple of days since I have added a blog! My mind has been going so much it is difficult to decide what to write about. Haleigh Cummings unfortunately is still missing. I feel so bad for her family and friends. I have been trying to update the forum with some of the information I am receiving, while receiving more and trying to comprehend what it could possibly mean?

I don’t usually post anything I am getting exactly on my blog, incase the family is searching the Internet and are not accepting of psychic visions or dreams. If they choose to visit the forum I post on, then they are making a conscious decision to do such.

But, I am being sent in a direction that I cannot understand because of the information given out in the media. I don’t believe this has anything to do with if Haleigh is alive or not, so I’m going to briefly wonder in writing. I was going to say aloud, but you all can’t hear me. (Sorry, I know I have a terrible sense of humor)

For some unexplainable reason I am being sent back to the bus stop? I know from the media on the case that she supposedly went missing at night, so this has me extremely confused? I am getting a lot that has to do with the bus stop, bus driver, and bus. I just cannot figure out why? If the time line is from say 7pm to 3am then what is so important about the bus stop or things to do with a bus stop? This would bring the timeline back to about 3:30pm? I’m only pondering this because a couple of issues happening have to also do with timing and others at the bus stop.

I posted on the forum yesterday, if there is anyone in the area that could possibly take current pictures of the bus stop area, it would be greatly appreciated. The google maps are probably too old and I would love to be able to see what it actually looks like now, maybe that would jog something for me? If someone does do that could they possibly go down the street and take pictures a little up and down showing along the sides of the road and any entrances, fences, or items? I know it’s asking for a lot. I don’t really expect I will get them; but it never hurts to ask! LOL You can post them on the forum – if you can.

Please visit the forum and see if you can help us decipher some of the symbolism.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Remember to post photos of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Robert Wiles Kidnapped from Lakeland Florida

Robert Wiles was kidnapped from the Lakeland Florida airport in April 2008. The FBI had asked a few weeks ago for any information that would assist in their investigation. Three areas of interest were Lakeland, Melbourne, and Orlando, Florida.
Unfortunately, as I search for updates to the case - there have been none posted by the media. I wish the FBI was able to devulge more information as to their people of interest - but i am sure they have their reasonings.
I wanted to post another photo of Robert in hopes someone will recognize him and put a couple more of the piences together for the FBI.
Please post photos of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Haleigh Cummings YELLOW Vision - YELLOW Balloons!

YELLOW Balloons for Haleigh


I was reading an update on the case of the missing 5 year old, Haleigh Cummings, from Satsuma, Florida. When the color YELLOW came up. Yes, if you read the blog from a few days back, you know YELLOW has been very prominent in the psychic readings and dreams of Haleigh.

The post I was reading was headlined Yellow Balloons for Haleigh! Of course, I had to read that one! It was yesterday March 10, 2009; an organization donated more funds to the reward. They also released over a dozen YELLOW balloons with messages for Haleigh. Wow – YELLOW.

I do not know why they choose YELLOW balloons? But whatever the reasoning behind it; I am going to take it as a positive sign Haleigh will return home soon!

I also received more vision information yesterday regarding the Haleigh Cummings missing persons case. I posted the little bit I received; plus another person also posted their dream. So hopefully we can put two and two together soon and find Haleigh.

The link to the original article the other post was taken from:
(the photo above is also from the above article)

Please remember to post pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs; it is so important to keep their faces in the public eye!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Missing - Visions of YELLOW

Haleigh Cummings has been missing from Satsuma, Florida for a month! Law Enforcement hopefully is holding back information to the media and public, and do have some legitimate leads they are working. Even though I find it frustrating not knowing in what direction they are going – it is very important to keep all pertinent information close to the vest; in hopes of someone slipping up or coming forward. I praise all the departments and officers for their hard work and dedication.

If any of you have read the forum I post on about my psychic visions and dreams then you are aware I got the color YELLOW in my dream. I began reading other forums in search of what other psychics have been receiving about Haleigh. In these forums the color YELLOW seems to be coming up a lot. There must be something important to Haleigh or to her disappearance that involves YELLOW.

I thought about this over the weekend. As I was driving I noticed YELLOW everywhere! Many of the street signs are YELLOW with black font. Stopped at a stoplight – YELLOW again. The truck next to me was YELLOW and black. There was a YELLOW and black Western Union sign. Every direction I looked was YELLOW! Oh my – then as I dive down the road these YELLOW trees were blooming everywhere! They are beautiful; I would love to have one. I believe the lay term for the tree is YELLOW trumpet. There were YELLOW flowers in so many people’s yards! YELLOW what could it mean?

A couple of areas have also come up a few times from different visions and dreams. The city of Jacksonville has had a number of mentions. The description of an area on the other side of the Rail Road tracks from Haleigh’s home has also been described by a couple of people. Yes, a couple of my words or whatever have lead me across the street too?

I wish I were able to visit the area of Satsuma, Florida to see what YELLOW jumps out at me there! If a family member or local knows what could possibly be the YELLOW connection to Haleigh or the case – I would love to know!

Remember place the photo of a missing person on your website or blog to keep their faces in the public eye!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Learning to Interpret Visions

For a while, March 6, 2009, I decided to read some of the documents released on the Caylee Anthony case; to see if anything else matched up from my psychic visions. I was doing this as a learning experience to try and figure out how I interpreted things in relation to what was actually found or known. I have to learn somehow.

So far with this document dump; I have not connected any dots. Most of what I have read seems to be what has been already known from the media. Of course, I did find the wiretap of the ex-boyfriend interesting. She was worried about not trusting the other ex-boyfriend – when she should have been worried about the newer one! LOL

I did read however that one Botanist said the body could have been there from 2 to 6 months. Now if the body were there for less then six months – the possibility of poor Caylee being moved – would apply. Only time will tell with that one. Who knows we may never find out the entire truth in this case.

Before I go any further with this blog – please let it be known I am only trying to figure out what matches in some way shape or form for my own learning experience. I also know some of my readers would like to know what might have matched up. Yes, some may be long shots – but it is interpretation. So, please don’t say oh, this psychic comes out now saying this and that. If you are just here for that – please just stop now! LOL I don’t mean that rude – I just don’t want to be messed up in that type of thing. Plus, if you want to see when and what I got – you can visit the forum I posted on.

Caylee Case matched to visions

Trees (Scene)
Green grass clearing before trees (Scene)
Disney World (Disney World bag found at scene)
Angel Now (deceased)
In the Woods (found in the woods)
Wire fence private property (Psychic not allowed to search private property)
Wrapped in a blanket (pooh blanket & pink blanket found)
in the trunk something around my throat tape (evidence In trunk & tape around mouth)
Fuzzy pink blanket (miscellaneous pink blanket)
Her friend knows where I’m at (friend told police to check that area)
Reference Susan Smith case – (appears mother killed her)

So that is about it for matches to any type of vision or dream I had in the Caylee Anthony case. I know it’s not much and nothing that would have lead to the finding of Caylee.

The Disney World one – was not related to finding a Disney Bag – but that is why I am trying to learn the interpretation of visions or information I receive. It was going to Disney World I got – not a bag from Disney. This is why I say some may be a long shot – but Disney came up in the case.

Well, I will continue to monitor the case to see if I can learn how to interpret what I am given. I may never be able to match it all up – I really don’t expect to. All I can hope for is to learn to interpret better what I am given.

Please remember to post pictures or missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye! It is very important.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Help Missing Person Psychic Interpret Information

The last couple of days I have had a few sayings or things that keep popping into my mind when I look up things associated with the missing persons cases I follow. I just don’t know which case or why? This is why I keep to a minimum the number of cases I work on!

At first I thought only three cases – but then this morning, I was going to see what came out on the Caylee Anthony case – to see if anything else I had gotten matched up with my psychic visions. When I went to do this I got, again – “Stop and smell the roses” This is not the first time I have gotten this. So I am going to have to keep track of when I get these sayings – and what I am doing or thinking at the time.

So, as you can tell from previous blog posts, I am trying to keep up with three current missing persons cases, besides the Caylee Anthony case. They are Haleigh Cummings missing from Satsuma Florida, Adji Desir missing from Immokalee Florida, and Robert Wiles missing from Lakeland Florida.

The sayings that keep popping into my mind are:

Stop and smell the roses
123 Stop 123 Go
Eanie Meanie Minie Mo

So, I wonder if the 123 one is actually like the children’s game Red Light Green Light 123, I don’t know.

So, if anyone has any ideas how these would fit into any of the four cases I have been looking at information on – I would appreciate any and all ideas!

Remember – post pictures of missing persons on your blog or website to keep their faces seen!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Haleigh Cumming Missing Satsuma FL March 5 2009 Update

Haleigh Cummings missing from Satsuma Florida. This poor little kindergartener has been missing from her home in Putnam County, Florida for weeks now. Her family has been camped out near the home since her disappearance. It is now all over the news that the families have been asked to leave the properties they were camping on. It is unfortunate – hopefully they will find a place close by to live while they wait for Haleigh’s return.

I noticed in the news today they have requested more DNA samples for persons who have been in the home. Not sure the reasoning – may just want all their ducks in a row, incase they find something. Hopefully it wont be necessary.

Well I was requested to post my keywords – the majorities are posted on the following forum.

(all I ask is if you copy from the forum that your reference where it came from, thanks)

I would love if someone from the Satsuma or Jacksonville area would take a look at the information we have posted and see if any of these areas make any sense. None of us are in the area, so we do all our searching online. You can’t find the placement of a dumpster online! LOL so local help would be great.

The other day I was pondering if I should send what I had received to Law Enforcement. I decided to do that! I figured they know the case and area better than I; so I forwarded it to them. Now what they decide to do with it is their decision. They may decide some of it makes sense – then again they could say oh – it’s from some psychic! LOL But, at least I know I tried.

This is not of importance to the case – I’m just curious if Haleigh liked Elephants and the circus? I know a strange question – but then again I’m a little different! LOL So if any family member reads this and wants to comment on the Elephants and circus I would love to hear from you.

My prayers and thoughts are with Haleigh Cummings and her family and friends.Please post information about Haleigh or a missing person in your area on your blog or website – keep their faces seen!

Adji Desir Missing Florida Boy Update

Adji Desir, missing Florida boy, was shown and discussed on the Nancy Grace show last night, March 4, 2009! Yes! He is starting to get the media coverage that is needed to find him. I was thrilled when I flipped over to her show last night and there was little Adji. They even spoke about his case for a time period.

They believe due to his mental capacity; he probably did not wander off on his own. Of course, that is what I got in the case. Law Enforcement stated he was last seen less then 100 feet from his grandmother’s home, and disappeared within a 15-minute window of time. I hope my vision of Adji is correct because that would mean he is safe and well taken care of. Law Enforcement stated they have received more viable leads in the case because of the America’s Most Wanted show.

I hope and pray that one of the leads they have received will lead directly to Adji Desir, and bring him home safely to his family. Please help find Adji or a missing person from your area, by posting their picture on your websites and blogs! It is so important to keep their pictures out there!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Missing Florida Girl Tips

I was checking the forums I frequent to see if there were any updates on the Haleigh Cummings case. I ran across an article about police visiting a neighbors house to see if their doorbell chimed like a grandfather clock! That one was a little strange. Here is the link to the article:

So, what type of tip do you think lead to such a thing? Could a psychic have given that information?

On another forum I read the other day - a psychic went to Satsuma, FL and handed one of the detectives the information he had on the case.

I have been sitting here today wondering if I should send some of the keywords and descriptions to Law Enforcement? I have only done that in one other case. They never responded! LOL Not that I really thought they would. Did I get some of the information correct - yes. Does some of the information still make no sense to me - definitely, but then again everyone in that case lies. I doubt we will ever know how Caylee was killed and if her body had been moved a number of times before it was found.

Gosh, I know the information I have been given on Haleigh may or may not be correct - or more specifically I may have misinterpreted it; but me searching the internet to see if it makes sense is not helping Haleigh. Should I or shouldn't I forward the basic information to Law Enforcement? The media makes psychic information seem like a joke - but they don't live our lives. We didnt ask to be the way we are things just happen to come to us - then they just happen to come true!

I dont have specific information as to where Haleigh is - I sure wish I did. I have words - phrases- pictures given to me in my mind - a name - but just a first one - which could also be the name of something. Most doesnt make any sense to me - why should it - Im not involved in the case, but could it mean something to those working the case - maybe? Oh my what to do?

Please if anyone has any information about the whereabouts of poor little Haleigh Cummings please please please contact law enforcement. They say you dont have to give your name - please give this family the peace of mind they need! If it were your child or a relative of yours you would want someone to come forward! Things happen - people make mistakes - we are all human - so have a heart and tell what you know to help someone else!

Robert Wiles Kidnapping Case - FBI updates March 3 2009

I was reading on the WFTV channel 9 website an update on Robert Wiles case was posted today. I pulled these from the article:

The FBI and the victim's family revealed new information at their headquarters in Maitland Tuesday about the people they believe are responsible.

Eyewitness News has learned the FBI knows exactly who kidnapped Robert Wiles last April. Investigators say they live or work in Orlando, Lakeland or Melbourne. But before they make an arrest, they need and want information about the suspects and tips about where Wiles may be to help build their case.

The FBI won't reveal suspect names. Eyewitness News found out details in a ransom note the family received proves it's someone with intimate details about Robert's personal life and the inner workings of the family business, possibly an employee.

The full article:

Well, I find that information sort of odd. The reason being if people in these areas do not know the names of the individuals – how are we supposed to assist with information about them? They know exactly who they are – but says they live or work in one of the three named areas? I find it odd and confusing. I am sure they are doing this for a reason, I just don’t understand.

Since I’m sure the kidnappers are keeping up with the case and FBI has informed the media that they know exactly who they are – then why not put their names out there as persons of interest? Then again, if they think the people responsible possibly include an employee – gosh they are probably right up to date with the case! I don’t think I would want to be an employee of National Flight Services, right at the moment.

So, I would gather then the possibility of the reading I did the other day, would make sense – maybe. Only in that the father would be shocked to know who was really behind this. The second part would be the two names and possible positions held within that company or another one. Maybe it is their company? Hmmmm…. Also, that the supposed dinner was hush-hush because it would be a big score; Robert would have trusted someone within the company that set up the dinner. I wish I could have understood all that I was given.

Of course, I am only human and could have misinterpreted the information I was given while doing a psychic picture reading. Then again maybe the names or position would help? Hopefully, the FBI searches for blogs with information pertaining to their cases!

If you have any information you feel would be of assistance with the Robert Wiles kidnapping please contact the FBI. This poor family needs to find their son!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Psychic Visions in Missing Person Cases

I try to keep the number of cases I work on to a minimum, due to not wanting to get any confusion between them. On some cases I only do a picture read on the individual or family members to see what I can get. Others seem to invade my life; I get attached.

I have two cases right now which are very dear to me, and I try to see if any updates are occuring in the cases. Unfortunately the two cases seem to be lacking in clues for the investigators. I hope and pray these two poor children will be found soon.

I do post some visions or dreams with information on a site I frequent. If you are interested in seeing what I have received in visions or dreams, feel free to visit the cases on Brians Dreams.

If you are a family member of one of the cases I try to receive information on -PLEASE remember I am only human and can misinterpret the information. I will always continue to hope and pray that all missing persons are returned safely to their families - no matter what information I receive.

If someone lives in the immediate area of one of the cases I work - wow I would love to hear from you. Maybe you can tell me if any of the information makes sense.

Please pray for all the missing persons and their families.

Missing Person - Robert Wiles - Kidnapped Lakeland Florida 2008

I don’t usually post any of the visions or opinions, whatever you prefer them to be called, on my blog. Since law enforcement has requested even gut instincts, I will in this case. Remember, I am only human so these few words may not have any meaning what so ever – then again – who knows.

First of all, I get that Robert definitely had a sense of humor. I sense he had a supposed diner meeting. The meeting was a setup for the kidnapping; it was kept hush-hush because it would have been how he would say a “big score.” They have a knife and they did not fly into the Lakeland Airport. The person is someone he thought to be a friend but the people who actually kidnapped him were “wise cracks” to do the dirty work. They were possibly of Hispanic origin. His father would be floored if he knew who was really behind this. Tell them to back track. A couple of names came to mind: Allen and Lionel also CEO CFO.

To the family of Robert Wiles: I hope one day your son will return. I cannot even begin to know the pain and heartache you must be experiencing. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Robert.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missing Florida Girl Haleigh Cummings

The Haleigh Cummings missing child case has seen a bit more publicity then poor Adji Desir, but as time goes on the media coverage, of course begins to fade. It is unfortunate for all the families involved with missing persons, the leads begin to dwindle as time progresses and therefore the media coverage declines too.

As I watch the news or search the Internet; it is overwhelming the number of minors which are missing in this country! Whether it be a teenager who has run away in hopes of a better life or an infant who vanishes into thin air - the poor children of our society are taking the brunt of the evil in today's world. Something drastic needs to be done to provide our children with a safe environment in which to grow. I don't have the answers on how to protect our children from the evil within our society, because the evil is everywhere. Some of these children are fleeing the negative within their home lives and others are being randomly taken by evil persons outside their families. Unfortunately, at this time only a Miracle will solve this major problem.

If you have not checked your local area for missing children cases - maybe you should take a few minutes to search your area - you will probably be shocked! Visit the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The site has a search available - Search your area now! See if you can be of any assistance in the cases within your area. Gosh with the internet now if everyone with a web page, blog, myspace, facebook or email address put information about a missing child from their area or anywhere - they would be plastered around the world! Let's use the internet for some Good! We are always hearing the negative about the internet and children - let's do something positive for OUR CHILDREN!

I hope you will all take the time to choose a missing child to help find!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missing Florida Boy Adji Desir

Adji Desir doesn't seem to be getting the media attention of other missing children. It is unfortunate and I can only guess as to why. It is just my opinion, since there is no controversy in his case - the media does not have as much interest. The poor family must watch the television coverage of other missing children and wonder why are they not continuing to cover our son? I feel for them.

I know I do not have hundreds or thousands of readers, but I hope those of you who do read this will try to get his picture and information out to everyone you know. Since he has not been found locally - he could be anywhere!! So, even if you live in New York or California please pass on his information. If someone did take Adji they could be passing him off as a relative or foster child, they are taking care of. Look at his picture - does he look familiar? Remember the family says he does not speak; so he can not tell you who he is or where he is from!

I know sometimes people do not want to get involved for fear of being wrong about a siting or dealing with Law Enforcement, but it is better to be wrong about a siting then to just let it go when there is a possibility it is the missing child! To find out later you were right to be suspicious and did not follow through would be worse.

I found a new site for Adji Desir today and wanted to pass along the site to everyone.
Please take a look and pass this and his picture out to everyone you know, PLEASE!

I hope we can all join together and find Adji! My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Missing Children Need Everyone's Help

Recently I have been drawn to missing children cases. I feel for all the members of the families not only the missing child. The circumstances regarding each case can be similar in some aspects and completely different in others. The complexity of a missing child case seems so overwhelming. It is difficult for people to comprehend and deal with all the emotions and keep their mind on the facts. The motherly and fatherly instincts kick in – the protectiveness has a mind of it’s own. Thank goodness. But we must contain our resentment and forge ahead together in helping to find these young persons who need ALL of us.

The reason for the caps in ALL is because through reading posts or blogs on the internet, regarding these poor missing children, some sites seem to bad mouth other sites or types of individuals. Ok, well mainly they badmouth psychics or sensitives, whatever names you would like to use. If they would put their energy into assisting the (I’ll use the word psychic – just because everyone seems to know that reference) psychic with the information given they might be amazed at the outcome. A person who is good at investigating could help the psychic in understanding the symbolism and applying it to the case.

Many psychics receive the information via visions or sounds. Misinterpretation is not an uncommon thing, because they are human. An example for better understanding would be a psychic receiving the word – skyline. So, the psychic needs to realize this is a word. Now those not familiar with receiving the visions or sounds may let their human brain jump to the conclusion – it is near a skyline somewhere. Well of course, that could be anywhere! LOL. But if you take the information as it was given – just a word- google it!

It happens to also be a car made by Nissan, or the name of a street, business, or apartment complex. Therefore, if we combined our efforts and used everyone’s special gifts, we would all make a better team in finding these poor missing children.

We all have special gifts, which can be included in the search for missing persons:

Investigative abilities: to pour over the facts and leads
Psychic abilities: to receive intuitive information – medium, remote viewing, etc
Writing abilities: to get the word out and keep it out there
Artistic abilities: to draw a suspect or person of interest or age progression
Detail oriented abilities: to assist in keeping all the information in order
Physical abilities: to assist in foot searches
Baking and cooking abilities: to help feed the searchers

These are just a few of the abilities, which can work together in assisting the homecoming of all our missing children.

One site I have found that seems to have many persons with a vast number of abilities is: If you would like to share your abilities on that forum, I’m sure you will be very welcome, I was.

I hope everyone reading this will join in the effort to find all this missing persons, whether they be young or old, they are ALL very important individuals that deserve our help.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Frustrations with Missing Person Cases

I am unsure why God has given me certain gifts. Understanding why and how to use them seems to be the major question in my life. Though many areas of my life seem to be in turmoil, the idea of helping others seems to help me emotionally. I had been giving free readings on a site I belong to, but have only done a few recently. I have been focusing the time I have on missing person cases.

Although my information does not always seem to be 100% accurate, some info on one case did agree with what has been now found to be fact in the case. Unfortunately, it was not enough to have found the missing person or answer more questions that have now come about regarding the case. At first, I was very upset about all the information not matching where I thought the person was. It was a very difficult day. Then another person who has “gifts” told me to look at what I had been given to see all that was correct and not focus on what has not been shown to be so yet. Especially in this case there are still so many unanswered questions and all may never come out, so you may not be wrong at all! It really helped me thru my doubts.

It took me a bit, but then decided to try and see what I could get on another case. I have since posted that information on a site, but unfortunately the young person has not been found as of yet. I hope and pray that he is found safe and happy.

I was requested to do a reading on a young woman that has been missing for a number of years. I decided to try. I hope some day they will be able to find her so her family can begin to heal.

Why I initially began to write this morning was as I decided to see if anyone else had posted any visions or updates on a case – there were none. I find it very difficult to understand why one missing child case receives so much more media coverage then another missing child. These children all deserve to be kept in the public eye to assist in finding them. What causes the media or law enforcement not to publicize and keep these poor children on the front page? One case is bombarded and has been in the media non-stop since July 2008 while a young boy who went missing more recently – and has still yet to be found – is never mentioned?

The cases I am referring to are only in my state at the time. But is this happening elsewhere too? How can we keep these missing children in the public eye? I guess this is a dilemma many people have already posed, but it is very frustrating. I know some missing persons associations are trying to help this matter, but the question is – what else can we do?