Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zahra Baker Missing from Hickory NC October 10, 2010 Psychic Dream

I woke the morning of October 13, 2010 from a very disturbing dream. This dream included the death of a young girl. This is the third dream or vision I remember having in which I am shown meat. To me, unfortunately, it seems to mean there is a child missing. So, I went online to find out if there was a young girl reported missing recently. I came across Zahra Baker’s Missing Persons flyer. This dream may or may not be associated with Zahra but just incase it has some meaning to the case; I feel I should post the dream.

It is somewhat lengthy but I am going to post all my notes as I wrote them.

I’m at my home - my husband is there and a number of friends (I don’t know them in reality) out front of the house is a small train for kids to ride on. It is metal not those plastic play ones. There is this lady and two of her small children outside playing. One child the older one maybe 4-5 is playing and the mother and smaller child are riding on some other toy thing. I'm on the train. I'm going around and I see the mother has come up onto the tracks of the train. I yell for her to get off and away because i can not control the train to make it stop. She does not listen and the train is about to hit them. Somehow I reach down and pull up this metal piece on the track to try and stop the train. Then the mother places the metal piece down on top of the child! When she realizes what she has done she lifts the metal piece and I am shown slices of cut up child. It is shown to me with no blood - it is like slices of body nothing definitive. Kind of would make you think of chicken that has been cut up in small pieces for fajitas. I'm sick and run into the house to call 911.

The police come - for some reason they take my blood or something? They are looking at arresting me. I am freaking out about the accident they are investigating. As I am replaying the horrible accident in my mind, I realize wait I stopped the train - it was the mother who put the metal thing over the child that killed her.

Then I remember more people in the house - there were always people there. It's hard to pull back but there was one room with a number of older black ladies - they were playing cards or something. They were afraid of the dogs. Then in the kitchen there were younger white men - teenagers. Gosh there were such a diverse group of people.

I also remember going maybe to the grocery store and another store and thinking people are looking at me as the one who killed that child - but it wasn’t me!

Then I remember being in some warehouse part of somewhere - it is painted blue - I somehow follow another guy and we get out?

Then I am in a SUV - in the back seat. There was a man in the front passenger seat he looks back at me like what in the hell are you doing in back - you need to drive. But I’m sensing another man - not sure if in the vehicle in front of us also seeing me. Can't pull it back. But the SUV starts moving - the jackass in the passenger’s seat must have started the SUV. I had to jump up front to drive. The windows were all fogged up and I couldn’t see. I am trying to find how to turn on the wipers - I can’t see anything. Finally by trying everything they turn on.

Then I’m in a totally different scenario and I am contemplating riding my bike half way across the country! (Dang must have been in ok shape in the dream! LOL) I was going to go by myself at first but then this man decides he is going to go with me - I think the one from the SUV. Then my sister or some other younger woman - is going to go too. Ugh we are going out west somewhere - not sure if Colorado or not???? We start going and I realize we probably don’t have enough money and I forgot my cell phone - and so did my sister. So we turn back to get more money and the phones. At some point my mother says she doesn’t understand why we don’t fly. She is willing to pay for the flight. But we don't we want to ride our bikes. So we head off again. (I know there is more but cant pull it back yet) Oh when we go back to get the stuff we also decide to change our clothes and wear our uniforms (military) but we don’t wear our dress uniforms we wear our camouflage outfits.

Then there is something about being at a company and the paperwork was not done correctly. Well technically it was but they wanted to change something to make it easier to cut out the tracking number. I was shown this form and the tracking number or ID number of the piece of equipment was in the middle of the form - but they wanted me to redo the form and place it in the little squares at the bottom of the page so they could cut it out of the form to place it on something else???

Dang I don’t know if all this went together somehow or not -

Please keep Zahra’s photo and information on your websites and blogs to keep her in the public eye! My thoughts and prayers are with you Zahra and your family and friends.