Monday, November 15, 2010

Missing Family and Friend: Sarah Maynard(FOUND), Tina Herrmann, Kody Maynard, and Stephanie Sprang from Mt Vernon OH

I woke up early the morning of November 11, 2010 and told my husband, “I think there is going to be another case.” I could only remember bits and pieces of what I had just been dreaming – but I knew I had been shown “meat.” What seemed very odd to me this time was a whole family seemed to be somehow involved and it was very confusing.

The meat I was shown in this dream seemed to be in the shape of a square and about the size of my palm. The meat appeared to be setting on top of a dress – the dress may have been a burgundy color.

There seemed to be two parents – I think two sisters? Somehow I guess the parents find a child dead? They freak out and think possibly the other daughter killed her. But in the dream not sure if that is really a ploy to “bring out” the true murderer?

Something about the dress and or meat and the dishwasher?

Also something about a drink or maybe blood in a container.

I remember someone who I thought was the father and one of the girls are somewhere different – away from the house. He is trying to lure maybe the true murderer to the house? He tries different stuff but it’s not working, so he ends up calling an old friend of his that is somehow related to Law Enforcement. He tells this man he is too drunk or too hung-over to get in his house? It makes no sense to the man he is telling this to; but the man is going to meet him at the house.

I know this dream is so bits and pieces. I was unable to pull back all that was happening in the dream. Even as I was getting the information I was noting to myself this is too confusing.

A few other notes to add which may be associated

On November 5 2010 the Song from the Green Acres TV show kept playing in my head and has on and off since then. Just noting this because a friend who works on these cases sent me a map of where Sarah was found – and the road near there is called Green Acres.

Another vision dream I had 11/14/2010 was a bit strange – Ok that is normal for me. But it was this black liquid – it was covering this large area of land. There were buildings in the background which were at least two stories high. All of a sudden this black stuff would start gushing upward – it went higher than the buildings. It may have been OIL but I’m trying not to assume – since in actuality I saw a black liquid stuff.

My friend asked me to go ahead and put a blog up incase anyone local would know what the black liquid or Oil may be representing and could possibly help find the other three persons.

Please keep Sarah Maynard (FOUND) and her family: Tina Herrmann, mother and Kody Maynard, brother and friend Stephanie Sprang in your thoughts and prayers.

I know this blog may be a bit awkward – I seem to still not have gotten myself back to normal yet. I know I also owe a few people some readings – but I am still a little flaky since the illness. I hope to be 100 percent soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zahra Baker Missing Hickory NC - Psychic Notes

I have not added my meditation notes on Zahra’s case yet because I have been a bit under the weather. I will try to go thru my notes now and add the few bits and pieces.

These are the actual notes from the photo read on did on Zahra Baker missing from Hickory, NC.

Zahra Claire Baker
Missing 10/9/2010
Reading jn/13/2010 meant 10/13/2010 (not sure how in the heck jn was entered I usually use the 10 key to enter the date)

Go to the top of the mountain
C word maybe CAD word
I see the paved road with dirt going up on sides
Topsy truvy
Happy jumping up and down – im free
She talked to me about it first
Tall trees possibly pines
Park setting
Had some kind of party there
Half sister younger dark hair

On 10/14/2010 I meditated on Zahra Baker and these are what I am able to decipher from my notes while I was meditating. I realize some of this makes absolutely no sense whats so ever! But I am putting it here so it is all in one place and I can learn. Some of the strangest things I have gotten in cases, have made sense to the families so I am putting it all out there.

September 29 2010
You tube
Lisa got angry
She had cancer again and didn’t want to go thru it again ( I put a note that this may end up being Lisa’s story)
RR Track
That’s my story and im sticking to it
Black lady knows something
Blonde lady pregnant
Donuts each have one no each have two

Note from 10/15/2010

Woke up with an “R” word – trying to figure it out maybe sounds something like Robious?? Googled around seems there is a Rhodiss NC but not sure if that is what it is in reference to or not.

Meditation 10/15/2010

Please hold me tight
Big yellow box truck going thru woods
Saw a plane overhead
Poured water from bucket into something and a man said Yuck

10/17/2010 note
Milk Crate made of plastic – not sure why but it popped into my mind

10/21/2010 Note
I looked down and on my left thigh there is this strange red marking.

Bruise behind right ear