Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kyron Horman - Notes on Psychic Visions June 30 2010

I have been very busy and not had the time I would like to be able to dedicate to Kyron’s case. I have a few pages of notes and visions to add. I continue to pray Kyron comes home safely each and every day.

I have only had a couple of visions which may pertain to Kyron:

I seemed to be standing at the end of maybe a foundation or porch – and right next to that as if you were about to step off – someone had dug a large square out of the dirt. It reminded me of someone digging out to place an in ground pool, but this was a square shape. I’m guessing it was maybe 10 feet by 10 feet; ok duh a square is the same distance on all sides. It appeared only to be 2 – 3 feet deep though.

Someone threw a DVD Movie case down on a table or surface. The case had been opened because the plastic tape seal was dangling off the top. When the case was thrown down it landed in a wet spot. I tried to pull it back hoping to see what movie it was, but I was unable to do so.

The last one I remember is just a handful pile of silver change.

As far as My World notes:

Z71 is still very prominent
Pumped water or pumps still showing up
Alcoholics & Drugs
Left & Right dominance (writing and eyes)
Someone gave me a murder mystery book – said it had an unusual ending – let me go and get it – I didn’t write the name of the book in my notes – ok it is called R is for Ricochet. I haven’t read it yet.
Trees and branches down

While I was driving a Tri County Dump truck caught my eye – of course then he came barreling down on me – how could I miss it!

Search & Rescue Red – On a church van
Teenager at Wal-Mart wearing a red t-shirt with rescue symbol
Man wearing Red Fire Rescue hat and jacket

I was really hoping when I got home yesterday I would learn Kyron had been rescued, since I had been seeing all the Search and Rescue notations. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. Kyron I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Please place Kyron’s picture and information on your websites and blogs to keep him in the public eye!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Psychic Meditation on Kyron Horman Missing

I finally had some quiet time and decided to try and meditate on Kyron Horman, Missing from Skyline Elementary School in Portland Oregon. I actually tried this three times and will post the notes separately from each.

The first time I tried to meditate, I was not sure I got to that special place, If you know what I mean. The reason being is the first thing I received was about a freezer and I have been getting so much about freezers and ice boxes it has been driving me crazy. But here are the few things I received - just in case it makes sense later on.

Why didn't they unlock the freezers? (audio)
(I Asked Kyron to stand up and look around) He said he can't stand up
(I asked him to look to the right) Adam's Apple and bone fish
(I asked him to look to the left - no response - I think I started doubting myself and pulled away)

The second time I tried I sat in my recliner hoping I would not fall asleep! I seem to have a habit of that lately. I placed the notebook on the arm of the chair so maybe I could make notes as I went. Good idea only problem - trying to read the notes afterwards! LOL not an easy thing. But here are the notes I was able to read - some only partially.

Stop sign (visual)
take a right follow up the hill (audio)
Plastic chair - molded (visual like in school)
We are in this together (audio)
Hotel 6 (audio)
Anchorage Alaska (audio)
small wild animal reddish color hair (visual wolf or fox??)
Old larger car Burgundy? pulling up in the grass (visual)
Female with yellow shirt (visual when thinking back had long hair)
girls face oriental? (visual not sure of heritage?)
He ______ at me (cant for sure make out what I tried to write in the blank maybe looked)
Older man - beard and mustache - gray in beard (visual)
It is not my dog (verbal)
I have another note at the bottom I still can not for the life of me figure out!

Third time was when I was going to sleep. I jerked myself out enough and was hearing

Pond dirty (audio)
wet dirt (visual - there was not water that I could see but I could see the dirt was wet - may have been a little bit of grass or something around the dirt too)
Old blue car surrounded by old junk (visual- I was seeing this from above)
A blue cooler - lid open - white lid (visual)
(can't completely pull this back but an audio like) I have one just the same?

Well I know that most of this may not make any sense, but the only way that I learn is to continue to try and most importantly write exactly what I get and not to add my conscious impressions. This is more difficult than many people understand.

Please feel free to comment on any of the information, I am not from the area and have no way of knowing what could possibly mean something. Thank you for reading.

Place Kyron's information on your blogs and websites to keep him in the public eye!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing - Psychic Notes

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there!

I am still trying to catch up on all my notes from the last few days! I will try to do a condensed blog today, trying not to ramble. It should not be too difficult because I can not remember any visions or dreams for the last two days – June 18th and 19th.

I believe all of my notes are “My World” notes.

Flat tires and the need for air compressor from a number of people the past two days

Many dimes – so does that stand for 10 or dime?

Noted last two days – NO SQUIRRELS? Weird there had been so many

ATF was mentioned a few times? As in the department of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

Z71’s still showing up everywhere

Outdoor equipment – like tractors and I don’t know what they are all called! LOL

Left Arrow signs

County related:
Fire Department – Volunteer – Fire Hydrants, Missing Person call,
Yellow Fire Truck signs
Water Department – well, pipes, fire hydrants, people who work there,
County Worker – on tractor
“Tri County” on side of white work truck?

Well, that seems to be the condensed version of my notes. I will go back and see if there are a couple of stories to go along with a few.

As for the Z71’s: I was heading down a country road when all of a sudden a Gold Z71 coming the other way turned right in front of me – I was afraid he was not going to get out to the way – I had to slow way down. I also had a Gold SUV do the same thing to me but on a busier road on my way back home! Ugh I think gold vehicles were trying to get me that day. Also I thought this was weird but maybe not – there was a black SUV that had the Z71 on the back of it like all the trucks I had been seeing, so I noted it.

My husband has been joking with me the last few days that my boyfriend is here. He is a neighbor, who for the past year has maybe come by 3 or 4 times – he has come by more than that in the past week! He drives a Gold Z71 and he is the one that gave me the Red Hot Candy! From what I can gather from his stories this week he is a retired delivery truck driver.

I had another customer come in and tell me he was visiting his uncle and a SO had just moved in next to them and he was at his uncle’s house. He was talking crap about other people being SO’s when this customer went to his car and pulled out the paper and said “well, this is you!” My friend left because he was afraid he would get into a physical altercation with the man. There was only one reference to SO the last couple of days that I can remember, but am noting it. I already know Kyron’s uncle is in jail for this – I thought it was very interesting that SO and Uncle were both in the story he was telling me.

If anything else seems to click with someone please feel free to comment on the possible connection to Kyron’s case. I really would like to better understand how I am connecting.

Please keep Kyron Horman in your thoughts and prayers. Please place Kyron’s pictures and information on your websites and blogs to keep his information in the public eye.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing Portland OR - Psychic Visions

I have been trying to read my notes and decide what to include in the blog today. It is kind of difficult to pick and choose what might make sense, so I will just have to go with my gut.

On June 16, 2010 about 9pm, I tried meditating on Kyron. I received only one vision at that time. I saw Kyron apparently lying down on his left side. I really only saw from maybe the shoulders up, that is why I chose the word apparently. The main thing about this vision is his right ear, it was discolored red or bruised I’m not sure. Visions are so quick sometimes it is difficult to get such details. This struck me even at the time because on June 15th as I was sitting outside thinking about Kyron my right ear began to get sharp pains.

After the vision, I decided I wanted to try to remote view or um not sure what you technically call it, but go to Skyline Elementary. I have never intentionally tried to place myself in another physical place, but I wanted to try. Since I am unable to visualize on my own; I talked my way to the school and tried to walk into the school mentally. I got myself in to the school and a meditative state and the first thing that came to me was to find out where the cafeteria was. I told myself oh the freezers have been getting to you! Ugh but I had not thought consciously to go their first. I had actually wanted to go to his classroom and stand where his project would have been. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I will have to try that again and maybe practice somewhere else before trying it with a case.

After I gave up on “visiting” the school I received one more vision but all I saw was the stomach and lower chest of a male. I say male because of the hair on the body. That was all I saw – I have no idea who that could have been –

Oh, later in the day I half way remembered a verbal I was given last night. All I can remember is it was “Tri (something)” It reminded me of like a Tri State area but it was not State. Not sure what it has to do with anything but wanted to note it.

The Z71’s were everywhere again on the 17th, a black one went zooming by at 70-80 miles an hour – I’m in a 35 mile an hour zone! A few minutes later a green one went by doing the speed limit. Just as it went by I looked to my left and the Red Head Woodpecker was on the ground only about 10 feet from me! He’s getting a little braver.

At about 10:30 am I thought I saw the woodpecker come fly to the back of the tree in front of me – so I said “ok if that is you I can’t see you.” OMG he poked his head around the side of the tree! LOL I was talking to a woodpecker! I asked him for more info and he flew to the power pole by the road and then to the neighbors house across the street.

I am losing track of days, good thing I started keeping this journal, so even if my dates are incorrect, it is in written order in my journal! It seems on the 17th there were at least 3 references to alcoholics? Not sure if of importance or not to the case.

Ok, so to condense information for myself and others:

Visions: Kyron right ear problem
Man’s lower chest and stomach

Audio: “Tri-?????”

My World: Z71’s
Red head Woodpecker – power pole and across street

Sorry not much to go on to find Kyron. I wish I could just request his whereabouts and bring him home! Unfortunately, it does not work that way. I have more notes to go thru from the 18th and 19th but I need to take a little break.

Please remember to put Kyron’s picture and information on your websites and blogs to keep him in the public eye! My thoughts and prayers are with Kyron Horman’s family.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing - Little Frog Visit

I had no idea what to name this blog!

Kyron Horman went missing from his elementary school, Skyline, in Portland Oregon on June 4, 2010. He had just completed his science fair project on The Red Eyed Tree Frog. I had mentioned in my previous blog about a picture I took while I was thinking of Kyron.

Copied from my blog on June 15, 2010

As I was sitting outside thinking of Kyron and wondering if the science fair had any meaning to him missing, I looked down and on the ground right by me there was this little tiny frog! I had never seen such a tiny frog before and he was right there! I ran and grabbed my cell phone and took a picture. I will have to get someone to show me how to transfer the picture to my computer so I can post it on here.

The friend whom I texted the picture was kind enough to email it to me, so I could have it on my computer - she is a doll! Thank you. Now I can share the little frog that came to visit with everyone!

I had to work 13 hours yesterday and I have been very busy today - but I do have more notes to go thru. Hopefully later tonite or in the morning I will be able to have a few more things to add.

Oh, and thank you everyone that has commented on the previous blogs and providing insight into the possible interpretation of the information I have received. You are all very kind to help me with that. Thank you.

Please remember to place Kyron Horman's photos and information on your websites and blogs to keep him in the public eye! My thoughts and prayers are with his entire family.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing - Psychic Update

I have not had too much time to try and meditate about Kyron Horman today. I have thought of him often during the day and have also been keeping myself aware of “My World” signs.

The things which were occurring today were kind of like those in the previous blog. The darn refrigerators and freezers seem to be continuing. The refrigerator just never seemed to want to close on the first try or I would come back and it would be slightly open. I also remembered today that my daughter was joking around with me the other day and wouldn’t let me out of the walk-in cooler.

The redheaded woodpecker came to visit two times today. The first time he was pecking on the cedar tree and then flew down to the ground and was squawking at the dirt that had just been covered up after the new drain field was done this weekend. Then at around 6 this evening he flew to the tree right in front of me – and me being me I asked where is Kyron? He immediately flew toward me and then landed by a piece of roof metal on the ground that was next to the dirt from the drain field and right by the Ice freezer. So which one is it? Ugh….

I had to run into town and on my way I noticed a Food Delivery truck turn down the road the elementary school is on? Hmmm a freezer truck and elementary school together. I thought it strange since school is not in session. Then as I am pumping gas I notice a Z71 truck and noted well the Z isn’t red but the whole truck was! Then I turn in the other direction and there is another Z71, and another and another --- I said to myself if I see another one that will just be crazy – well you guessed it try at least two more and all within a minute to a minute and a half. You may say well there are a lot of those – yeah but I live in a little Podunk town! I was lucky if I passed 30 vehicles my whole trip to town!!!

So in My World today while thinking of Kyron the keywords are

Red head woodpecker
Z71 Truck

The FBI and Law Enforcement don’t seem to be releasing much information in the case, which hopefully is a good sign. Maybe they have someone they are interested in and are keeping it to themselves for now. I hope they are close to finding Kyron. My thoughts and prayers continue for Kyron and his family.

Please keep his information on your blogs and websites so he is in the public eye!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing Portland Oregon June 4th 2010

Thinking back to the day of June 4th 2010 and reading my notes and emails sent to a couple of ladies I work with on missing person cases, I seemed to have possibly been receiving information prior to the actual disappearance time. I also have a number of things which I received after the disappearance but before I knew of Kyron's case. This has happened in the past - as with the Sandra Cantu case, not sure if I ever blogged on that one - I don’t think I did because I didn't really work on it, just received a vision; and notified the others.

Well, June 4th was a very disturbing day for me. I knew something bad was going to or was happening at the time, but had no idea of who, what, where or why. I sensed numerous Law Enforcement officers gathered in one place. I was becoming so ill because of the bad feeling; I actually was unable to work. I was trying to pay attention to things around me as to receive a clue as to what was going on or about to happen. I had also had some very disturbing dreams the night before. I sent the information to the other ladies incase they had a feeling of what or whom might be involved thinking maybe I was unaware of something in the news, since I don’t keep up to well.

Sometimes it is just bits and pieces of information I receive, and as many of you are aware, I receive the information in many ways. I guess for the day of June 4th I will write some of the keywords or concepts that I jotted down.

Law Enforcement - a number of times both sensed
and per My World - traffic stop 5 officers - 1 K9 - no tag on truck - 2 adults one child
- flat tire middle of night- cell only call 911 - LE helped
Squirrel - a number of times per My World
Retired - four instances in My World - Retired Man (unknown from what)
- Retired Lady (wearing Yellowstone T-shirt)
- Retired Teacher (gave notice but not official)
- Retired now school bus driver (RV burned)

June 5th and 6th

Tree Frogs

Not sure which night but I had a vision of Pumpkin Pie – I have no idea why or if this even relates to the case but I am putting on here just incase it means something to someone.

I stumbled across a mention of Kyron, I believe on a facebook for Susan Powell's case, right after I remembered a vision/dream. I believe it was just a photo and then you could go to a link or something, but I didn't want to do that because I didn't have the time to do a reading and I so hoped he would be found and therefore, I wouldn't need to do a reading.

Unfortunately, Kyron has not been found. My thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends. I decided to do a reading on Kyron - well actually meditate - I did blog on the few things I received. Since he has still not been found I decided to do more by the way of My World as I call it with Kyron's case. I did this yesterday and today.

The main keywords so far that stand out are:

Red (lettering on freezer semi, on truck Z71, Red Candy, Red Helmet, Red Bandana)

Red Head or Red on Head (Redhead woodpecker, Red Helmet, Red Bandana on head)

Freezer accidentally left open (not sure if to make me notice freezer? Freezer truck going down road forgot to close door, deep freezer left open, freezer above frig left open)

Those were the most prominent things but there was also a neat experience I would like to share. As I was sitting outside thinking of Kyron and wondering if the science fair had any meaning to him missing, I looked down and on the ground right by me there was this little tiny frog! I had never seen such a tiny frog before and he was right there! I ran and grabbed my cell phone and took a picture. I will have to get someone to show me how to transfer the picture to my computer so I can post it on here.

Also, as I went on line to see if anything might make sense – I googled Kyron and squirrel just out of curiosity – and came to a group of photos on a site and one of them showed a picture of a squirrel Kyron had drawn.

I know this is not much to help in finding Kyron, but just incase any of this has meaning which could just make someone think oh yeah this or that. Please keep Kyron and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Remember to post his photo and information on your blogs and websites to keep him in the public eye!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing Portland, Oregon June 4 2010

Kyron Horman, a second grader, from Portland Oregon went missing on June 4, 2010 from his elementary school. The media is reporting he was last seen at approximately 9am at school. This is definitely a sad and confusing case. How can a child go missing while in school with so many adults and youngster all around?

On June 9, 2010 I tried to meditate on Kyron Horman- I only felt a few things in reference to the meditation. A couple of the things seemed a bit odd, but sometimes the oddest things seem to mean the most to those close to the missing person.

I first saw Kyron walking, he was not walking alone though. I sensed a female walking with Kyron, possibly holding his hand. Kyron appeared to keep turning around as in to get approval or he was a bit concerned as to why this person was walking him somewhere. I sensed the female was wearing a dress and high heels - the strange part is I also sensed for some reason the 60's or 70's era? I do not know why?

The second thing I remember getting is "Tommy's Mom." I thought for a few minutes to try and remember if I knew a Tommy. The only Tommy I knew was when I was a very young child - Tommy lived across the street from me. His mother was from what I can remember, of average build with blonde hair. I am not sure if "Tommy's Mom" was a reference for me or how to interpret it, so I am just adding my information incase it means something to someone.

I also sensed a blue van with windows on the back doors.

Not much, I know, but maybe it will have meaning to someone? The 60's or 70's era seemed rather odd - not sure why or how it would apply?

As I was writing this blog - it hit me that on June 4 2010 I had a very dreaded feeling that something was going on somewhere. I will go back and read my notes and see if anything strikes me regarding that day. Sometimes I have received feelings or visions prior, time is strange - past, present, and future kind of all muddle together.

Please keep Kyron and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Place his picture and information on you websites and blogs to keep him in the public eye!