Monday, April 21, 2008

One of the Toughest Days of My Life

Saturday April 19, 2008 was probably one of the most difficult days in my life. I attended a funeral for a wonderful young lady, Kimberly Dawn Heacox Hamilton. She was only 27 years old, the youngest person’s funeral I have ever attended. I consider myself lucky in that I have not lost many people who are dear to me.

I remember the first day that I met Kimmie. She and her parents were soon to be our new neighbors. We sat on what would be our back porch and got to know each other. She had so much energy and spunk, and definitely not shy! Not long after we moved in her parents let us know that she had CF. I had never really known much about the disease, until they became like family to us. At that time they explained that her life expectancy would be that of a teenager. Oh how my heart broke with those words. I still remember thinking, how am I going to be able to handle the loss or someone so precious and young.

I was very thankful when we found out that they extended her life expectancy. As a teenager, she would go with my family to the beach and help me take care of my two young girls. We had such a wonderful time and memories that will never be forgotten. It gave my husband ant I the experience we were going to need when our girls became teenagers.

We all celebrated Kimmie’s 16th birthday together. She had a group of friends over and they played a number of silly games. We had a blast. As I look back at the person Kimmie was it amazes me. A teenager having us “old people” at her birthday party! Now that doesn’t happen too often. But we were all family. I can picture her smiling and laughing and just being Kimmie.

The sometimes rebellious girl decided to move up North! Oh my, that was very hard for her entire family, but she was determined to live her life as she wanted. She was forced to have many stays in the hospital, which would tear our hearts out, but she handled everything with determination and fight.

Kimmie, you will be dearly missed by so many people of all ages. You had the personality to make everyone feel they were loved and wanted in your life. Your strength, fight, and caring will live in our hearts forever.

Love you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Been Busy Practicing

Sorry to have left you hanging, LOL. have been busy with a few things. I am trying to practice on some of my gifts. I want to learn more and understand what I am capable of. I want so much to help other people by providing them with the information they desire.

I seem to be able to read pictures of people that are alive easier then those that have passed. Therefore, I am hoping to set aside some time to engage in more practice reading with my medium abilities.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Friend Became an Angel Last Night

Kimberly Dawn Heacox Hamilton
Born September 25, 1980 passed away Thursday evening, April 10, 2008

God called for an Angel last night; and my friend Kimmy journeyed to heaven. He could not have filled the position with a more wonderful spirit then she. Born with cystic fibrosis her life had more obstacles then most of us will ever endure, but she lived her life with spunk and determination. Kimmy was an inspiration to me and many other people. She did not allow herself to be handicapped by her disease, but instead to live life to its fullest!

I know that Kimmy has already visited me. This morning at 9 am I received an invitation to be a friend to someone on that has the same name and eye color as my friend. I had not yet received the news of her passing. Then when I went to email my mom and sister about the loss; I had a little glitch. Usually when I type a K, I get a list of everyone I email starting with K. Not today! The only ones that showed up were Kimmy’s and her moms! When I went back later, it was back to normal.

God works in mysterious ways to let us know that our loved ones are ok when they journey to heaven. I will miss you very much Kimmy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Storage Center is Haunted! LOL

We got a call from the Sheriiff’s Department asking us to please come up to the center. They would stay there until we arrived. The deputy said there seems to be a problem and the customer thinks the place is haunted!

After last night, I had to start laughing! I felt bad for the customer cause I’m sure she was really scared. My oldest daughter and I drove to the center. I told her I will have to act appropriately so I don’t freak her out.

Luckily she was not there when we arrived, only the two deputies were there. The lights just in the foyer were flashing, but what is weird they are not flashing in a consistent rhythm. The elevator door when we got there was stuck open. The fire alarm was beeping uncontrollably. I was so glad that the door going in and out was stuck open too. If that poor lady had been stuck inside she would have really gone crazy!

The deputies went into the locked office with us to make sure everything was alright. We had to call the fire alarm people to find out how to shut the beeping off! Appears we must have been hit by lightening. My daughter was so freaked she just wanted out of there. When she went out by the elevator, it shut and stayed that way. We kept hearing weird noises from there, but I did not mess with it, she wanted to leave.

Well we have had an interesting weekend!

We Had a Visitor Last Night

We had a visitor last night! Yes, we had people over, but we also had a spirit visit us! It was funny to me, but freaked a couple of teenagers out.

I’m thinking it was about 10:30 pm, on April 5, 2008, three teenage friends of my oldest daughter were in our kitchen waiting on my daughter to get ready. All of a sudden I hear them scream and running down the hall to the front door. One yelled, "Your house is haunted!" One young man actually ran into the front door trying to get out so fast. I hear my daughter yell, "Mom." I start laughing, and go out to see what is the matter.

We walk back to the kitchen and they explain to me what happened. My daughter’s best friend looks at me and said, "If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it!" There is a door leading out to our back porch, off the kitchen. They said the door opened all the way up by itself and then closed by itself too! Needless to say they freaked. You have to understand that door sticks terribly, sometimes I can’t even open it or close it because it is so bad.

Well, the teenagers decided to leave! So, that left me, my 16-year-old, my 8-year-old downstairs. There were two other teenagers upstairs, but I haven’t had the chance to ask mine if anything happened up there. I will though when all the extra teens are gone.

My eight year old and I were in my room with the little Yorkie. I was online via our cable provider. The 16-year-old was in the office, also online. Within a few minutes the lights flickered, a long flicker then a short one. The strange thing is the internet and cable never went off! Usually when the lights go out the cable and internet shut down and have to reset, not this time. A minute or so later, the same thing happened. My child in the office came into me and said, "That was really strange, the internet didn’t go down."

She decided to sit with me. She was a little nervous. While sitting there trying to figure out who might be visiting us, she asks, "Did you hear that?" I didn’t hear anything. She said it sounded like a strong wind like when there is a tornado, but it was in the house. Then the younger one is laying down playing on the floor, sits up and says, "Who just said that?" We gave her a weird look and she said, "It sounded like daddy said, What do you think you are doing?" Well, she knows Dad is out of town and we did not let her know we even thought we had a visitor!

I thought well it’s not her Dad maybe it’s the older one’s dad. Chills started at my toes all the way up me. Then the dog went into the sitting room off my bedroom, and I told the older one to see what he was doing. The dog walked up to the treadmill and was staring then all of a sudden started backing up. The Yorkie came back into the bedroom part and played for a minute. He went to go into the sitting room again, then started to back up.

When my little one left the room, I went into the sitting room and I got goose bumps all over, even my face. At first I thought all of my mother in laws jewelry is in here, then my teenager pointed to a picture of her dad!