Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kyron Horman Psychic Dream Question

I am asking for help with this one! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this POD thing is?

First off, I had a dream on the night of July 3rd 2010. I did not relate it originally to Kyron Horman’s case, but a couple of days ago a friend sent me a link to a photo of this strange thing on Collins Beach, Sauvie Island, Portland Oregon. My jaw dropped as soon as I opened the link! It was a POD!

The dream or what I remember of it – was short. Two ladies and I were walking along. There was a fence to the left and beyond the fence were sand dunes. One lady ran up to the top of one of the sand dunes and jumped in what I called a POD. She closed herself in and began zipping down and around the sand dunes. She talked us in to jumping in another one. We had a blast zipping around in these PODs.

The same day I received the link to the photo; I also received a junk email (which is unusual with this certain email) with the subject line starting with Collins. These strange coincidences have occurred in other cases, so I do pay attention!

I am not sure if anyone has done any searching at Collins Beach on Sauvie Island? I understand some people may not feel comfortable because it is Clothing Optional. But if anyone could possibly explain to me what this strange looking boat POD is, I would really appreciate it. Also, if you get a chance someone might want to look around the area. I am not saying that is where poor little Kyron is but maybe it could have been a point of interest in whatever happened to him.

Here is a link to the strange POD on Sauvie Island.

Thank you for taking the time to read and possibly help me with information. Remember to keep Kyron Horman’s information and picture on your websites and blogs to keep him in the public eye.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Psychic Medium Read on Shawn McMillan Murder Case

I received an invite to a Blog Radio show called Crime Wire. I was going to try and listen; unfortunately I forgot I had to close last night! When I saw the invite, I decided to try and do a photo reading on Shawn McMillan prior to listening to the show. My intention was a learning process in understanding things that pop into my mind and then learning about the case to see if anything made sense. I felt it was an opportunity to learn.

I had read the intro to both cases which were to be discussed. I really wanted to do a reading on both cases, but time did not permit.

Shawn McMillan Murdered September 2001

(This is all I read hours prior to doing the reading)

Tonight's show the unsolved murder of Shawn McMillan was driven to the Helen Ellis Hospital in Tarpon Springs, FL by Rita Nordmark and her brother-in-law, Dan Nordmark, an off duty corrections officer. A bullet from the officer’s gun had ripped through Shawn’s brain. Officer Nordwick alleged the wound was self inflicted. The facts indicate otherwise mark alleged the wound was self inflicted. The facts indicate otherwise. Shawn was dead at the age of 26. Gene Cervantes from Citizen's Against Homicide and Crime Wire Consultant discusses the case.

I googled and found a photo of Shawn for the photo reading.

These are my exact notes from the reading, I type as I do the reading so excuse the fact they are not in complete sentences! Oh and where it say s (tuna fish) I was not sure what exactly I was getting and that is what is sounded like? Could have just been it was of no importance, I have not a clue!

Tarpon Springs
Has some anger management issues
He found himself in a triangle situation - he did not see it as that to begin with but it escalated to that point. They were all in the same room discussing kind of loudly their separate thoughts about (tuna fish). It seems that Shawn and the female may have agreed on the topic but the third individual felt that their agreeing on the topic left him as the outsider of the three at that moment. She was kind of just having fun being a bit on the flirty side. But not really meaning anything by what she was doing. It was all in fun to her and Shawn anyways. The third person – male – felt threatened by their closeness. There was alcohol involved in this evening’s fun. Maybe too much – the third male – oh he may have thought he was just fooling around enough to scare Shawn and the girl but – he actually got caught up in the act and the gun did go off! Oh my they totally freaked – trying to figure out what to do. Shit their lives are flashing in front of their eyes – it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. It just wasn’t he didn’t really mean to pull the trigger they were just all playing around – yeah he was a little jealous but not to the point of really pulling the trigger. OMG what I have I done –

The scene is changed – the gun placed in Shawn’s hand – they are scared – don’t call 911 they bring him to the hospital – they figure the suicide will answer all the questions – he was intoxicated he got upset he grabbed the gun and shot himself. No questions asked.

Shawn is not angry – he feels it was his time to go. Things are meant for a reason – I will be forever grateful for the time I had.

Mom rose petals
Kind of looks like a rebel flag
Yellow flowers
Brother you can’t escape what is meant to be
Older model car
Little girl (sister?) Grass stains playing rolling in the grass little girl with flowery dress on bow in hair there is a picture? With him and girl playing or rolling on the ground mom snapped a picture
Mom has something of his I’m sensing brown maybe metal almost want to say the shape of a badge maybe star shaped would fit in the palm of her hand
I still want to say a badge or maybe a medal from something he won I’m getting red white and blue ribbon
The ones with the little white things you blow and they go all over
There is no need to pursue this I know what happened and I am at peace with it. She is only continuing the grief when it was not something that was done on purpose.
Tell her dad is doing the right thing and to please listen to him. He understands you need to let it go. Be happy this will not solve anything just ruin others lives.

Well, I did go back and read a little bit about the case, since I was unable to listen to the show last night. Very interesting but nothing the conscious mind could not have come up with in relation to the information given. The one point I did find a little Hmmm about is I state in the reading _- the third male - which was not in the intro information. Remember this is a learning process. If you know the case and anything else sticks out, I’d love to hear it.

Now, I know the second part of the reading was personal and did not reflect any specific information about the case. It was more intended to his family. I have no idea if any of that information means anything. If the family reads this by chance and you would like to comment on anything personal and would not like it printed please feel free to click on the facebook link and send me a private message. If this reading bothers his family in any way please advise and I will remove whatever you feel I should.

Thanks for helping me learn to help others.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Unidentified Male Beltsville, Maryland April 13, 2000

Unidentified Male Beltsville, Maryland April 13, 2000

I am not really sure how I even ended up on this site – The Doe Network? But for some reason I guess I was supposed to. Well, this case just seemed to grab my attention. Doing a reading on an unidentified person is a bit strange for me. I usually do a picture reading on a person to start a case. Being there is no photo only a possible picture or what he may have looked like – that does not give me anything. So I went to the items the person was wearing or had with him at the time.

The man was located on April 13, 2000 in Beltsville, Prince George's County, Maryland. The photo of the keys intrigued me. So that is the photo I choose to look at to do the reading.

Unfortunately I didn’t get too much to start.

Possibly a “J” name - Jim


SUV with dark beige interior
Flat tire

I decided to see if I could possibly find anything on line about this case, besides from the listing on the Doe Network. I found a couple of people on a site called Scared Monkeys had looked into the case. There was a link I followed which lead to an FBI investigation report

When I read about barbed wire – I saw a “tan glove”

Sorry I was not given more information to try and help reunite him with his family. Maybe just getting the information and pictures out there will help in connecting them. I did google Frederickburg and see there is a Fredricksburg VA down the interstate from Beltsville, Maryland. Maybe he was traveling to or from Fredricksburg, VA – or he could have just passed thru the area? I would think a family or friend would have reported this man missing but I have not been able to match up a missing person with the description given.

Here is the link to the Doe Network which can provide all the information on this man.

Please take the time to look at all the information and see if anything rings a bell and may help in providing his family some closure.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing Portland OR - psychic note

Kyron Horman missing Portland Oregon - coincidental? ricochet

I just thought I would add a brief blog about a coincidence from earlier today. I mentioned last night in my blog about someone giving me a book on Sunday. I had not even looked at the title until last night when I was writing the blog. The title of the book was R for Ricochet. The person who gave me the book said it was a murder mystery but had an unusual ending.

Well, this morning while I was cleaning dishes at the little country store, it popped into my head to go look at the book shelf. We have a little section where people can trade books in and out - a sharing library. I looked at the paperbacks and nothing seemed to jump out at me. But then I remembered there were a few hard cover books further down. I looked in the direction of those and BAM! No not the same book, but actually a book by the name of ricochet! Not just one but two hard cover copies of the same book ricochet!

I noted to myself - that the word ricochet on both titles was in red lettering. Not sure why but that is what popped into my mind.

So now we have R for Ricochet a murder mystery and ricochet by Sandra Brown which on the inside cover states it is a story of murder and betrayal.

Not sure what any of this could or would mean? I have not read either book so I can not even know if the characters or settings would be anything? I just found it to be very coincidental and thought I would mention it in case it means something to someone.

Please keep Kyron's picture and information on your websites and blogs to keep him in the public eye!!