Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Julie Anne Gonzalez Missing Austin Texas

I was recently requested to do a reading on Julie Anne Gonzalez; missing from Austin, Texas. Actually, I don’t even know what date she went missing. I may have been given that information to begin with, but I do not remember. I know that was a kind of strange comment for a psychic reading; but I am doing this case a little differently than most of the cases I work. I do not like to have much information to begin with on any case and this one I have chosen to not read ANY information at all (at least for the time being). I am sending what I do receive to the other ladies I work with and letting them see if or what might match up. This is a learning process in understanding and interpreting the information, and what forms of receiving work best for me. I did not want to be influenced by any information in the media.

The first piece of information I remember getting was a verbal while I was out raking and thinking about Julie Anne Gonzalez. The word sounded like “Turtle Back.”

I asked Julie Anne if she could give me something which might mean something to someone close to her, friend or family. The first thing that popped into my mind was

One night before I drifted off to sleep, I asked for information regarding Julie Anne and I remember asking her to help us to understand what we are given and if she would be willing to help me learn. She let me know she would be happy to help others who experience domestic violence.

Another day I did a picture reading and these are the notes from the reading:

I’m drawn to her neck area but could just be the shadow

He thought I was having an affair

Grabbed me by the arm – one of them is wearing a white shirt or the sleeve is white
Grabbed as in leading – like by the elbow.

They are arguing as they are walking

He drives
Its strangulation

She is very sad keeps saying my children my children

I had a doctor’s appt

It’s getting dark

Getting dump again
Top looking down kind of a steep angle down

The other information I received was while sitting outside thinking about Julie Anne Gonzalez. It is a white car – small – reminds me of an old Nissan 200sx – 1980’s but then I see the trunk and it is a somewhat blue/greenish color. So, I am not sure if the image of the white car is just for the look of the car or what – a bit confusing.

I also remember getting 342 or 382 and Somerset (this is an audio so the spelling could be different). Oh this is the same time I think that I was shown someone – a male probably 5’ 6” to 5’ 8” regular build, darker skin like Mexican or very tan.

I am very tempted to go look at information about the case, because I am such a curious person! Ugh this is difficult! But so far I am holding off in hopes of better understanding what I receive and not being influenced by any information being released in the case. I make no promises how long I will hold out! I am not even going back thru my own notes so I may have left out some items I have received and what I have included here are probably not in the order I received them, but I don’t think that should really matter.

If any family or friends of Julie Anne’s knows why Penelope would be of meaning – I would love to hear from you. Of course if any of this makes sense feel free to contact me.

Remember to put information and pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye.