Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Robert Wiles Missing Lakeland Florida - Ohio

Robert Wiles has been missing since April 1, 2008 from Lakeland Florida. I have provided reading information via my blog in the past regarding Robert. Unfortunately, he still has not been found, to my knowledge.

I was told a story twice in the last week by a friend of mine, and couldn't figure out what the importance of the story must be. Then this morning as I was meditating; I was questioning why I receive information about missing persons, yet they are not found. Robert Wiles popped into my mind. My guide said, "Go back to Ohio!" That is when the story I had been told twice during the week made sense.

The main point of the story, was in a couple of sentences. "If you don't like how things are done in Florida, go back to Ohio" then "I'm sure Delta has flights."

With my guide then telling me, "Go back to Ohio" when I questioned about Robert Wiles, I think
Law Enforcement needs to look at the connections in Ohio. I pulled up Robert Wiles Missing on Google (it has been a while since I checked on it) and it does say the business is based out of Ohio.

Mrs. Wiles, if you read my blog again - please consider having Law Enforcement re-look at the Ohio connections. As I read back I remembered LE said they were looking for a suspect in Florida but maybe the suspect has a connection in both places? Or maybe the person involved has gone back to Ohio?

My thoughts and prayers are with Robert's family and friends.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Was Alex Marcedo the Missing Child I Received a Vision On?

I received a brief vision on October 28, 2009 about a child who had gone missing, could Alex Mercado be whom this was in reference to? I am not sure. I was given such little information, there was no way to know who or where this vision was going to take place. It is very frustrating to understand "why" I received this information and to be told there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening.

I emailed a couple of ladies I work on cases with letting them know what I had received. It wasn't enough to do anything or stop it. I have copied over the email - because that is the only notes I have regarding the vision.

Oct 28 (4 days ago)
I hope Im wrong - ugh - it has been eerly quiet this morning... then as I am sitting there outside the store - i see - well you know what I mean... a police car going down the road - they stop and tell me a child is missing..... I ask my guide for more info - there is a backpack left on the ground... that is it so far I asked how can I stop this? Im told I cant Oh I hope this is just my imagination

I kept googling for Amber Alerts since receiving the vision, and last night I came across the Alert for Alex Marcedo. At first, I thought well he is too young to have had a backpack. But as I checked for more information this morning - there is a picture from a news station which shows Alex with a backpack!

I know to the skeptics who may be reading this, well so what. Ok, I can agree with you on that. As I myself always doubt and wonder if it is my imagination. But I also have to look at what I am given and try to figure out why? I'm sure what I am given must be some sort of learning process for myself. I continually ask, "Why?" and "What is the reasoning behind these visions?" The hardest thing is "Why do I receive these when I can not do anything to stop these horrible things from happening?" I hope one day I will be able to understand and explain the answers to myself and others.

Please keep Alex and his family in your prayers.

Remember to place photos and information about Missing Children on your websites and emails to keep them in the public eye!