Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Psychic Journey Involving Missing Persons Continues

My psychic journey involving missing person’s cases continues. I was going to do it as one blog entry, but decided it would have been too long for anyone to read! LOL I’m not implying my reader’s have a short attention span, just it is a separate case.

While contemplating the reasons I am given information which I cannot do anything with, I was scanning thru a forum on missing persons. Yeah, you would think I would know better – but for some reason I am being drawn in this direction – so I followed.

I was lead to a case. As soon as I clicked the button – there was a photo! Gosh, those who know me realize I am a photo reader. I began getting feelings, ASAP! What was I supposed to do – just stop! No not me.

So I went with the flow. Only God knows why. I noted what I was receiving. But then I went back to the forum and realized – on this case there was no request for psychic visions or dreams, and the mother of the missing person is a member of the forum. Oh, now I had a dilemma. A learning experience I had to process. It made me really stop and think about “missing persons” and their families. I cannot give or offer any visions to families that have not requested such. Who am I to assume I have the correct information, only God knows the answers.

So I went back to my notes and put a comment about learning to provide information to families, only if requested to do so. For the information may not be correct. I could have accidentally misinterpreted symbolism I was receiving. I could not post this information anywhere. Someone reading the information may too assume things that are not really said or given. For example: Say I heard a gunshot – that does not necessarily mean the person was shot. All it would mean is a gun was fired at some point. See it is very hard to keep yourself from assuming things when you are given symbols or sounds, etc.

Well, I later went back to the forum – after learning the moral lesson of not posting my vision – because it was not requested. Low and behold a new topic was posted from the mother of the missing person. Yup, requesting information via visions and dreams! Sometimes I think I am gonna lose my mind. See what I mean – I keep being lead in this direction – something always happens. I just don’t know what to do?

I did message the mother because I took it as a sign. I did not give her the reading information. What I did do is explain what happened and tried to explain to her that many psychics receive a lot of information – such as in another missing persons case and sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. Please remember this when and if psychics do start sending her information. We are only human and God is the only one that knows the answers and will reveal them when he feels it is the right time.

She did message me back and I sent her some of the reading – with a continued request to remember I am only human. The information I did receive – I do not feel will help in finding her loved one, but maybe some of it would make sense to her. I let her know that I will continue to pray for her daughter and entire family.

So my journey continues to where I have no clue. I figure one day God will explain to me why I am given this information and what in the heck I am supposed to do with it! Until then I continue on my path.

Reflections of a Psychic - Missing Person Case

My journey as a psychic seems to take many paths that cause me to reflect on so much more then just the readings themselves. Trying to understand why I go in different directions with my readings and then questioning, "why I am given this information?" For many years I have wanted to be able to help people with the "gifts" I have been given. I could never figure out how to actually help.

Thru my past experiences this year, I seem to be heading down the path of working with Law Enforcement in solving cases. If you follow my blog, you can see this connection from past blogs. But, I have been really confused as to how to follow this in actual life.

Well, one case struck me and so I did try to connect with the missing person. I did this on several occasions over the past month. I received some rather disturbing information - but nothing that would assist in the finding of the person, until a few days ago.

The information I received - was a bit detailed - but still not an exact location - which is needed by the police to actually find the person. I knew there was no way I would know the area or the street name I was given! This caused me much anxiety because what could I do with this information? Thank goodness my husband and girls accept me as I am! My husband told me to call the police department and provide them with what I had been given. He too knew I could not come up with this information on my own. I showed him on mapquest and he said to let them know. I then showed my two oldest girls and they too said - tell them mom.Easier said then done.

For me this would be a giant step in letting the "outside" world know I am different. Would they think I was a crackpot? My family's response was "Who cares what other people think" Gosh, they are right - but I have always felt the need to protect my family from the skeptics.

So, like it seems thousands of psychics have - I emailed the information I was given to the appropriate law enforcement agency.No response from Law Enforcement. I'm not surprised - who am I to them. I’m just a middle-aged lady who has given them yet another psychic tip. Yes, I know I may not be right about where the body is - why would I be given the location?Can I go out and search this location myself? No, I cannot go searching around private property. I’m liable to get myself shot!

So, another thing in my life that I have to just put in God's hands. I have to accept, if God wants this person found and I have been given the information, then he will lead the police department to me from my email or he will let the searchers find her in another way. It is God who is the only one in control of the situation. We are all here to learn lessons and so it is just a waiting game until all involved realize what they have to learn.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Received a Couple More Messages

Gosh here are a couple more messages I just received! I'm kinda a little nervous about the last one! But it definitely made me stop and think. I don't consider myself flirting with disaster, I am a very quiet and good person. I had made a decision and was gonna do something I felt would kinda give the person whom is causing havoc in my life a little phone grief. But I guess I better rethink that!!!

I’m searching for answers I may not find
They are hidden in this life of mine
To whom the answers lie are few
For only god can decide what to do

If you live your life among the good
You are sure to reap what is good
But lacking the abilities to decide what’s right
Will surely send you into strife.

Stop and think before you do
Because the outcome could confuse you
You think your headed in the right direction
But in reality there is a question?

Your life is going too fast to comprehend what is really best
You have to stop and think it twice
Or things might happen not so nice.
Stop flirting with disaster.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why are these popping in My Mind?

Ok now I am really confused. I was sitting here again and these poetry things keep popping in my mind. These were written in seconds?? Any ideas?

As life passes us by we must presume all is not a miracle but life in bloom
To take a path that is unknown our fears will be swallowed up against the doom
To those that figure all is well hopefully they don’t stumble in the well
The well of life abundant to some is an endless pit to those unknown
So give to thee and receive from none the gift of life is a conundrum

To pass life by is all but done
Our earthly bodies belong to none
For what we learn is ours to keep
The good Lord knows what we shall reap
It is only he that can provide
The information that we hide
We know not why we choose this life

But a lesson learned will suffice

Life is Like a Butterfly

I was just sitting here about to type a message to someone and this popped into my mind. I do not know why? So I just wrote it down????? Maybe I'm just really tired from all that life seems to be throwing my way, and I love Butterflies! LOL

Life is like a butterfly
Always flittering around
All I ask is God’s help
In showing me where to land.

Life goes by in a flash
My wings flapping so
Destined to fly again
Not exactly sure where to go

If only Life could be so simple
A flitter and a flap
Guided by the hands of God
To the perfect spot to Nap.

Meeting My Old Friend and Psychic!

My psychic journey has taken me here and there and everywhere! This phase of my life is full of so much turmoil and psychic adventure. As I was packing up some belongings in my home, I kept coming across an old friend and psychic's phone number. I also found a journal which stated I met her in 1995! She had done a few readings for me between 1995 and 1998.

As I reviewed a couple of readings, she had been right on - even though some of them took years to come true. It was amazing. I picked up the phone and called the number I kept finding. I really didn't expect her to answer, she was older when I first met her. I was shocked when she answered the phone. I told her my name and she remembered me! Also, asked about a couple of relatives of mine!

We scheduled to meet the following Thursday. I told her I had to go out of town for a few days and would be back before Thursday. Unfortunately, a few minutes after I spoke with her we received the upsetting news, our friend had been shot. I did go out of town - but to a different location - to be with our friend.

I came home to be with the kids - and was able to make my meeting too. I really needed to see her since all this other tragedy had occurred.

It was great to see her - she is as wonderful as ever! She had told me years ago, I was very psychic. At that time I was experiencing some things - visions of accidents - but nothing more. I told her things were exploding for me in a number of psychic related areas and I was not sure how to use these to help people.

She did about 5 readings on me and people associated with me. It was very enlightening and interesting. She uses many different Tarot card decks for her readings. It seems the most obvious thing in all these readings is - I am psychic! LOL

During different readings it always came up that I am a Healer! She had no idea of the situation with my friend at this point. But she asked me who was having terrible difficulty breathing? My friend was on a ventilator. So I did acknowledge a friend on a ventilator. She then went on to say you are trying to Heal him! "You caught me!" Yes, he would be my first ever try at healing. I explained I have tried for years to understand Reiki, but it just doesn't make sense to me. She told me not to bother going that route, I don't need to. I was chosen to "heal" and people pay thousands of dollars to be able to do what you can do naturally! Wow. She said to continue what I was doing and that I was helping him. This of course made me feel a lot better.

During the numerous readings - healing was always shown in the cards. She was overwhelmed by the continuous reference to healing. She also was getting the medium and prophecy. She also saw and felt I would use my gifts to help find missing children. My friend told me to hold a piece of clothing of the missing child and see if I could pick up on anything. Sounds interesting, but how do you ask a parent for a piece of a missing child's clothing. See that is where I get lost!

I want to be able to help people with my gifts, but am still unsure as to how or what direction to go. She also let me know it is ok to charge for your time associated with your gift. You have to pay your bills too she said. Donating time is a good thing to do when you can.

During the general reading she told me she sees me doing something with computers. I don't know computers much except to get on here and write - she says that may be exactly how you are to use your gift. People will get to know you and feel who you are. You were choosen - Just listen to your guides. Oh my I guess I should start that other Blog they were telling me to do!

As she was reading for my husband - Our friend kept showing up in the cards so she decided to do a reading on him. She said your friend is not able to talk at this time, but you are helping him. He is in a very good hospital, (which he is in one of the top trauma centers in the US) She said if he feels he will be a burden - he will give up. He is fighting - getting better - I am his Channel. He has enemies! That is when I told her he had been shot - six times! I would have never thought he would have any enemies - he is one of the most caring and giving people I know. But if you knew the whole story - then maybe him having an unknown enemy would make what happened to him make more sense.

Well the other stuff is more on the personal nature. (Sis, I'll email you that stuff.) But what I really have taken from visiting her is; I am psychic and was chosen to lead a life involving my gifts. I will now try to move forward on this journey - my guides will lead and show me the way - I just need to work on my confidence and put myself out there and not worry about what other people think of me!

Thank you my dear friend

Wow! Pulled a Card for the Day

Well, I was going to put my Tarot cards away from my adventures with the children last night - when I decided to ask for a card to guide me thru today.

It sure put a smile on my face when it was the "Justice" card. I hope it continues to be a positive day - and justice does prevail!

I hope the "evil" that attacked our friend and family over the past year will somehow receive what is deserved.

Any positive energy you could send our way would be very much appreciated.

Now I Know Why October 13th is a Special Day!

I have been wondering all morning why this date seems to be a special date. I even asked my oldest daughter if she knew why. I couldn't think of anyones birthday or anniversary on this date. I was searching my brain to figure it out - it was driving me crazy! (Not unusual for me!)

Then my husband called! Our dear friend that was shot six times on October 1, 2008; is now breathing on his own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful day October 13, 2008 is!

I Laughed So Hard I Cried!

Oh my, I laughed so hard last night I cried! I guess another way to look at psychic humor. As I sit here to try and type this, I can not help but let a giggle escape.

A couple of my girls started asking about psychic things and if I could do a reading on one of their boyfriends. He was there too. I explained, I have never actually done a live reading. I do my readings via photos, but had just started reading a book I was given, which tries to explain live readings. Of course the idea of all three of them staring at me - I didnt think I could do it.

I offered to get out my Tarot cards and give that a try. I explained that being I am their mom, I kinda know them to well and it might effect how I read the cards. It is just like when I try to read for myself. But I did do a three card reading on each of them and the cards did seem to fit.

I know not funny yet! LOL You know how one thing leads to another. We continued to talk about psychic gifts and medium readings that I also do. One of the girls asked if I could reach her Uncle. She went and got a picture and I tried looking at it - but with everyone looking at me I could not do anything.

They were asking a bunch of questions and then she asked if I could reach her father. I felt that he was there with us and tried to communicate. We tried one experiment but it didnt work. So they wanted me to ask him to do something so they would know that he was around. My brother in law, (one's father) has a tendency to mess with electrical things. So I asked him to do something so the girls would know he was around. His daughter was so trying to convince me she would not be scared. So I went ahead with it, but I asked him to do something that would not scare the crap out of them, yet they would know something happened. As I was asking my other girl - said oh! The lights flickered. But I had my eyes closed and the others were looking down so she was the only one that saw.

They really wanted to see something - but since I am so used to doing this in privacy, I went into the bedroom (saying I had to use the bathroom) and asked him to do something now so they would know. As I walk back out into the kitchen they said the lights just flickered. I said "yes" and made a motion. She automatically said - you asked him to do that while you were in there didnt you? Caught! LOL

We continue with our psychic talking and about how I think things happen. She really wanted more. They wanted him to turn on the oven. I'm like I have never asked for anyone to do such things like that. So I asked him to do something electrical within the next 20 minutes for them to have some proof. Well, it was 10:35 and my alarm clock went off! This seems to be a way he communicates with me alot. So they look at me and I said ok, there he is. My alarm clock is not set! Go look at it! They would not go without me! LOL We got in there and as I said the alarm clock was not set!

I guess they were on a roll about communicating with him. Well, the boyfriend is still a skeptic, so I was sitting at the table wishing his phone would ring and scare the crap out of him. All of a sudden I hear a phone ring - but it's not any of ours. We guessed it must have been the tv in the other room. So I said - "Oh well, I asked him to do "boyfriends" phone so it would convince him. Then one of the girls said, "oh come on just do something funny!" Two seconds later, my phone rings! OMG the look of terror on her face and she screamed so loud I'm surprised she didnt wake up the others in the house. And of course her screaming caused the other one to scream as a reaction.! I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face!

As I try to type this I am beginning to cry with laughter again. I can just picture her face. I'm thinking to myself - Oh yeah, she's not scared but the look of terror on her face was unbelievable! I was laughing so hard when I answered the phone, my husband could not understand what I was saying. Oh I needed that laugh!

I think that will be one of those memories they will have forever - which will be spoken of for years to come! I know it's probably one of those - you had to be there moments - but I am sure glad I was there!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Sure Where to Start or Where I Left Off!

My life has been crazy for quite a while - going in so many directions. It has caused me to reflect on numerous events and thoughts throughout my life.

We have been living in this house for about 9 years gosh this month! It appears we must sell our home due to our unforseen financial situation. Yes it is difficult but the house is a material object - and family is more important than things. My beliefs tell me things happen for a reason, I just can't seem to figure out why. Our financial situtation is due to my husband's partner - not being honest and straight forward. So a lesson learned - do not go into partnerships! All people are not as they want you to believe.

We decided it would be easier to sell our home if most of our items were already packed and out of the way. I began packing up all my collections and papers I have accumulated in my life. Boy, it's amazing what I have come across in this sort of cleansing of my home. It seemed everytime I opened a box or drawer - there was something related to my psychic journey! I look at the dates on notes of visions or dreams and wow I really have been on this journey my entire life!

My experiences and gifts have been going in full force for gosh longer then I realized myself, living it everyday you become accustomed to it. Reflecting back with these notes and items it really brings things to light. Wow - this is the path I was to take - but I still don't understand what I am to do with these gifts.

As I plundered through - I kept coming to a name and phone number of an old friend. I really was unsure if this person was still alive - since she was an older woman when I met her in 1995! I haven't seen her in 10+ years! But I grabbed my phone and dialed the number - she picked up! She is alive and well and still living in the same place! WOW.

Of course, with the direction I have been heading, yes she is a psychic! LOL She remembered me and we chatted for a few minutes. It was amamzing all she remembered about me? Guess not if you think about it - but I was still amazed. We scheduled a time to meet the next week. I was so excited I went and told my husband. As I told him - he was out packing the garage - he said wait a second I have David's readings (my now deceased Brother in Law)! Yes and one was done by my friend I just called!

A few minutes after that - life hit us hard again??? I just can not understand what is going on in my universe! We received a phone call that my husband's best friend (whom my children call uncle) had been shot 3 times and airlifted to a trauma center 4 hours away from us.

I am not sure which direction I am going in anymore. These are just a couple examples of my life - I should write a book. The only problem is no one would believe it was true! All these problems in one way or another lead to ONE person, the partner! I just don't understand WHY? Yes even the shooting is related. Its a long story - that is why I say a book!

I did come back in town and did see my friend. I will write another post shortly and let you know how our connection went!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Much Going On

I have so much Popping in My Mind both personally and psychically - I have to calm it down before I can even try to put it into words. Bear with me - hopefully later today or tomorrow morning I will have the opportunity to write.

I have been dealing with an emergency and psychic awareness together since October 1st.

Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for some ramblings of a psychic - soon - I promise

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Know This is a Life Changing Sign

I have been given a sign I can not ignore, but I do not know what exactly I am supposed to do. I feel a bit strange and guarded as I write this, which is not like me at all - when it comes to writing that is. I am an extremely shy person verbally, but enjoy writing. So, here goes what has transpired.

My previous couple of posts have related to experiences within the last couple of days. After I wrote the prior post this morning, I received a sign - or rather put two and two together but haven't gotten to four yet. After posting I decided to go and see about how you add your blogs to different blog catalogs. I'm a computer novice, so I googled. As I added this blog to a catalog, I thought - I really need to start the new blog I received insight for when I was meditating a couple of weeks ago. I thought should I do it under the blogs I already have or start a new one?

Then I zoned! I remembered searching psychic under this blog catalog to see where to place mine. That is the last thing I remember specifically. As I came to, so to speak, I was on Allison DuBouis website. She will be giving a seminar in October about an hour from me! The price is too expensive for me right now. I didn't remember her name as I was typing my previous blog - but there she was. As I was about to leave her site I noticed on the top menu there was a blog. I went and started reading and that is when I knew I was there for a reason! In her blog about places she had visited and had seminars; she mentioned a town in New York named Lily Dale and it said it was a town where all the members are mediums. I stopped in my tracks! This can not be, I have never heard of the town, with all my psychic searches etc.

As soon as I read that name - my heart jumped. I had been packing up my dining room crystal which had been in the cabinets ever since we moved in nine years ago. My youngest daughter was looking at a little crystal piece, kinda the size of a shot glass. It had been engraved with a couple of words. I remembered the piece because it had red with the etching on it. It was one of the items my mother in law had given me with all her crystal almost 20 years ago. I thought the etching was the name of the crystal company or something. She asked me what it said because it was in cursive. I remember telling her it says "Lily Dale."

I jumped up from the computer to double check that my memory was correct. I had to unpack the item to see if I was losing my mind or not! I found it and sure enough it says "Lily Dale." To make things stranger, my mother in law never believed in "mediums." Back when she was alive she accepted that I believed differently from her, and we would have conversations about my beliefs. We even made a pact if she passed before I, she would communicate with me if my beliefs were correct. On her death bed we had one more conversation and agreed on the type of communication we would have. So I would know it was really her. Only she and I knew what it would be!

Well, of course, she is able to communicate!

Then I started thinking - this piece has been in my cabinet for almost 20 years to the date. How many times have I seen this piece and never thought anything? Why today am I now being told about this piece? I feel this is a definite sign of something I should be doing or following. The question is how and what am I supposed to be doing - where is this part of me being lead? I have always wanted to help people, but i doubt myself tremendously. I accepted I am the way I am and have been doing free readings on a site for over a year now, but it's like there is a new step I should be taking. What is that step?

I tried asking for more guidance before I wrote this, but the dogs kept barking at the birds! LOL

My poor husband that didnt get sleep due to my tossing and turning - is not sure where the piece came from. He knows it was his moms but not sure how she came to have it. Maybe his grandmother but he is not sure. Says he'll have to think about it!

If anyone has any ideas - feel free to leave me a comment.

The crystal piece is sort of the size of a shot glass with a six pionted star on the bottom the top half is red with the etching "Lily Dale"

My Life Seems to be Imaging a TV Show Medium!

Oh my gosh! I woke up again thinking - I feel like the medium on the TV show, "Medium." I used to feel sorry for the husband whom would be woken up because his wife was having dream visions and the tossing and turning disturbed him. Now my husband and I are in the same situation.

Again last night I am tossing and turning - woke him up. Thank goodness he knows how I am, so he just asked what was going on. I gave him a brief explanation. This actually helps because many times after i receive something - I forget! He seems to remember what I said - but I don't tell him the whole thing, so the details still aren't there.

I wish I could be like the "medium" on TV - where I can actually remember everything that I am given! Maybe one day.

Friday, September 26, 2008

He's Buried in John's Backyard

A strange title to a even stranger vision/dream. I am very confused by a dream/vision I had last night. My husband asked me. "How do you know it wasn't just a dream?" Well, it was just different. Yeah, he gave me that look. But somethings I can just tell now, it's hard to explain to someone who doesn't experience the same things I do. Whether this is an actual thing that has happened or will happen, I can not say. Time is only relevant to us here on Earth. Could it also be possibly a lesson to learn with the death having symbolism? Maybe, but this seemed more like we need to give you this information.

I know I have been given this information before and still can't remember the specifics, even though I knew I had to remember. This is an awful feeling. I woke up at 3am and realized I couldn't remember the specifics I needed. Ugh, it is driving me crazy. After about an hour trying to force myself to remember - it popped into my head, "I feel like the medium on the TV show "Medium." I was given information but can't do anything about it because I can't remember it all. And why is this information being given to me? I don't remember how I relate to the information or if I do at all?

This post should be called "The Ramblings of a Confused Psychic!" LOL good thing I can still find humor in myself.

So, you are all probably asking, "Well, what do you remember?" Not much, but here it goes in case it means something to someone I have read for before. I say that because I have been there before, so to speak. It is not the first time I have been shown this information, but I can't remember how far back I received it.

Here goes:

I remember seeing myself standing in a house - just a regular middle/low income home - I think the home is a bit older - not new. I am in the kitchen area which opens up to a seating area if you look over the counter. There are no overhead cabinets between this part of the kitchen and I can see the chair and sofa directly. Someone has brought me to this place, but I don't know who - I think it is a female. Now, that person knows I am a medium - all of a sudden I "see" like I do - ah vision - a man sitting in the chair to the left of the couch, straight ahead of me. That is where he died - was murdered. But the man who murdered him took his body and buried it in "John's Backyard." Now the problem being - I was given the full name of the person murdered and I can't remember it! And I was given the first name of the murderer! The only name I can remember is "John." So, is John the murderer or the victim? Did John bury the person in his backyard, or did they take John back to his house and bury him in his own backyard?" Whoever the victim was this was not his home he was murdered in.

My understanding of the situation is the police know who murdered this man but they can not find the body. Without the body they can not prove the murder. This was not a premeditated murder, something happened while this man was visiting this home.

Now after I see and get the above information, I am then visioned to the victim- um not sure that is worded correctly. It's as if I am then communicating with the victim instead of the first person (spirit) that brought me into the situation. So, the victim then shows me a young lady maybe in late teens early 20's? Not sure - I think she has some sort of knitted type cap on her head. She is lead by I don't know who - to a neighbors house. She stays there for a little while and then comes back. As we return to the original home he starts to give me very detailed information - NO I don't remember it! But I knew as he was giving the information it was extremely important! So much so I tried to make notes about it, using a keyboard? But of course, that doesn't work! LOL

So, that is where I am at now! Lost in the space between spirit and earth. Who, Why, Where and When I do not know. The only other name that has popped into my head is Sylvester - not sure if may be another first name or the last name of the victim? I have no idea where or how this female plays into the picture either, except that she knows I am a medium?

Well, if I can retrieve any other information - I'll let you all know.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Back!

Went away for a little while in hopes of getting my mind somewhat straight! LOL I did work on a couple of things, but need to get it worked out a bit more.

I was just trying to "chill" and thought I would google, free psychic advice, oh my what we find. I was very disappointed out how commercial the psychic industry has become. It seems everyone wants to jump in on the action. As I read a couple of sites information it was easy to tell by the writings, the people writing the articles had no idea about being psychic. All they were wanting to do is put up their advertisements for psychic readings by others. Guess those clicks are important. To actually read their articles was a joke!

Well I guess I will have to go out there and do a blog about a real psychic with experiences and advice - but the problem being - I dont know how to get a large number of readers? I appreciate all of my current readers on here and hope that you will decide to follow my other blog too.

The new blog will be under a new name and author, but I will add it here on my links so you can get to it!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Sister is an Artist

Gosh, I wish I had the talent of my sister! Kris is a very talented artist who always amazes me with her abilities. She recently sent me a picture of a painting she just did! Yes, I mean it in that she just finished it - but also in the way of - she can sit down and a few minutes later so to speak, has an amazing painting to show for it. I would have to sit for months and then not come up with anything but a stick figure! LOL Guess the artistic talent skipped me!

I have started using the picture as my photo image on a couple of sites I read and blog on! Yes, I did get her approval. Paintings are copyrighted material!

As many of my reader's know things have been kinda negative around me lately - as soon as I saw the painting - I thought how positive! I needed that. I hope you all feel the same positive energy I did when seeing it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Make Our Own Everyday Miracles

The title may seem a bit weird, but I was not sure how to express what I was wanting to write about. Things have been very difficult for the past year - now even more so. But I try to keep my children's happiness in mind as we live this life. It came to me the other day while meditating "We make our own miracles." At the time, I wasn't really sure of the meaning. But today, and reflecting back on the past few weeks, I now understand better.

I'll start with today. Money is extremely tight but one of my daughters was invited to the homecoming dance. This is her first dance with a date and I know she really needed to go. We went shopping and while she was trying on a bunch of dresses, I prayed we would find one she liked and it would be very affordable. She didn't care for any she tried on and as she was dressing again, I told her I would go and see if maybe we missed something. We found a nice black dress in her size! How we missed it I couldn't tell you.

She tried it on and it looked great! She told me the price, $59.99 and I was like ok, then she said but it's half off! Great! While she redressed I headed to the shoe department to see what they had available. Looking thru the whole department - I told her, "Sorry, they do not have anything." She told me I'm gonna keep looking. She got to the back of the store and found a perfect looking shoe to compliment her dress, but it was too small. We about gave up then on the last row at the back was the perfect shoe in her size! You guessed it 70 % off! Great. Then a voice over the rack said, "there is an extra 40% off of that - the shoes will be $6.30!" Wow and they matched the dress exactly!

So, heading to the register - planning on paying $36.30 for the entire outfit! We were so proud of ourselves! The cashier rings up the purchase and I about fell over! She said the total is $18.30! Yes, for the great dress and perfect shoes for homecoming! Wow - a miracle. Maybe not the kind of miracle we all think about - but in itself a miracle in our lives right now!

If we had given up and not followed our gut, we would have left without the perfect dress and shoes!

Understanding your Psychic Journey

Learning to understand the "gifts" I have been given has sent me in a different direction then some other gifted people - may be that is why it has taken me longer to develop my God given abilities. I've known I was different from many people, from what I consider an early age, but never knew how to learn, develop, or accept these differences.

I would go to the bookstore and look at the New Age section. I would ponder thru numerous books to see where I fit into this "New Age" thinking. Why was I being given information? I am just a regular person - just an average girl in an average life. What is the purpose and why me?As I browsed thru the books I would look for answers and understanding, but very rarely did I ever find anything to explain the answers. So many psychics have written books about how to enhance aspects of psychic development. Many of the books I placed back on the shelf, because I felt people just wanting to make a buck wrote them. They never explained how they themselves had accomplished a better understanding of their abilities from performing such exercises.

Over the years, I have purchased books, but my choices were made by my gut instinct. As I reflect back the books I did purchase seem to also explain the authors own experiences, in which I could relate.I consider my journey different from many others, in the way I learn or understand my "gifts."I'm not saying others are not right in their development - I'm just different. My differences may also be what others are going thru - they are just not spoken or written about as much. I believe the reason some of us take a different path is we do not comprehend or cannot place the importance to the "meaning" of certain things. The best way for me to explain this is to example Tarot Cards.

For years I have owned Tarot Cards. I searched and did purchase many books on the Tarot, but the books - to me - were very confusing and the information made no sense. Well, maybe they would make sense but they seemed unimportant to me. I tried and tried to get myself to learn the meanings - I became very frustrated with myself because even though I was so drawn to the "Tarot" I could not make myself learn even the basic of meanings. So why was I drawn to something this strongly. Then many years later I realized the Tarot Cards are to me, a physical item allowing me to express my psychic gifts. It was like I needed something tangible to say "ok your not crazy."I have had the same Tarot Cards for many many years! I cannot even tell you what deck it is! LOL Like I said the importance of such things doesn't matter to me. I have learned to look at the cards and certain things pop into my head. What could be important in one reading with a certain card can mean something totally different in another reading. I am probably some Tarot readers’ worst nightmare! Actually, that is not true every reader has their own way of reading and could care less what another reader says. But it just popped into my mind; my sense of humor does that sometimes. Very rarely do I do "Tarot Readings" and if I do I will either just give the information I am given without telling the person what the cards are - if online. The other way I have done it is to give the reading - as I see it. Then I provide the person with the card names and if they want to investigate what they mean - they can. But somehow I doubt those meanings will be beneficial to the person.

To me the "if this then that" in my psychic world does not apply with the general understanding of psychic information. That is why I say I have traveled a different path then many psychics I have had communications with. I respect all those that I speak with and a part of me wishes that I had the background knowledge they have acquired. I just can't seem to go there. I have to accept the path I am given and go forward. I have written this to hopefully help other psychics like myself not to get discourage because they cannot learn in the same aspect as other psychics. Be yourself and follow your gut - you will learn and grow from the information within yourself. Only choose aids that seem important to your journey!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Lesson Learned in Psychic Interpretation

Interpretation of Psychic Information can be confusing in itself, but then add what you consider the definition of a reading, vision, note or warning to be. I forget not everyone knows me and therefore, everything I write effects others. I have been offering free readings on a site for about a year and yes I have a following, but I forgot there are always new people on the site who are not familiar with my readings.

I made an error when I put a note on a post. I said this is not a reading, which to me it was not. It was a note or maybe a warning to the individual to pay attention to something she had mentioned. It did not mean the information did not come to me - it just meant this was not really the information she was requesting be read. It was the only information I received and therefore she just needed to note the info incase it became relevant to her situation. Something she may not have realized could come into play in the future. Maybe it won't come about, I can only go by what I am given. I hope for her sake it never comes into play.

I have to look at this situation as a learning experience when dealing with my "gifts." I did apologize to the individual because after she responded I realized it was my error in labeling what I was given. Next time I think I will just type what I am given with no explanation as to what I consider the information to be. Then the person can decide what they feel the information is to them.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Had an Interesting Meditation

Meditating can help relieve stress on most days! LOL Today, I had an interesting meditation which may actually change my life. Not exactly change it but improve my thoughts. It has been an extremely difficult year in all aspects of my life - except one!

I realized that the area of my life that has not caused me stress is when I use my "gifts" to help people. Even though I may be experiencing enormous stress - I actually feel relief in some ways when I do a reading for someone and they feel better about their situation and decide to go forward with a positive attitude!

So, I am contemplating starting another Blog - and offering what I consider "psychic advice."

Not that I have millions of readers but I do a few followers and hope to expand. I think I will grab the blog name in a few minutes - if it's available. Won't name it now because I have to go check and see if I can get it first. LOL with my luck it will be taken!! Must keep my sense of humor!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm more afraid of Life than Death

This realization came to me - maybe yesterday?

My life is such a mess in so many aspects, and then I thought, so many people speak of being afraid of death. I'm not afraid of death; I'm afraid of Life!

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to die. My family is the most important thing to me and to leave my children without a mother, my husband without a wife, or my parents without a daughter - No! But death seems like peace to me, for my beliefs tell me I chose this path for some reason and only in death will I completely understand WHY I would choose such a life!
I guess I just want answers.

Death means returning to a different aspect and not dealing with humans that have caused havoc in my life. No one other than my husband probably knows completely what we have had to deal with in this life, and what we continue to live. It is very scary out there in the world today! We have been bombarded with evil and negativity from so many people. Yet we always are there for others - we try to help everyone and be kind to people - so then why do people always hurt us? It just doesn't make sense. We seem to be a magnet for negative people meaning those who cheat, steal and lie, Why?

So, that is why Life is definitely more scary than Death!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

How does a Psychic not Assume?

Not many people know I have "psychic gifts" except all you here online! LOL Many people think psychic gifts are great, but if they themselves do not possess such psychic gifts, they are unable to understand exactly how they come to you. So, I figure the last sentence there just confused at least half my readers! Sorry.

Interpreting information received psychically can be very confusing. I am experiencing one of those confused moments now. As I was trying to explain what I was trying to figure out to my sister, I came to realize I must not be the only psychic person this happens to. I used to really admire a famous psychic Sylvia Brown. Then it seemed she was always wrong - so much negativity spoken about her errors - but then it just hit me. What if she too is trying to interpret information and assuming her interpretation is correct. She then makes these predictions on interpretation of something she is shown. It is not that she might not really be psychic, it is she is assuming what she is given means what she initially thought from the picture she was shown.

How does a psychic not assume? I don't know the answer to this question. I know when I am giving a reading, I try to keep myself from doing such by trying to describe what I see instead of giving my assumption, because I don't know the people. But when I am given a sign for myself, in picture form, then how do I keep from assuming my interpretation is correct? Especially when the picture given is not anything I personally know about.

For instance, I ask for a sign the information I just received is actual. I am shown a picture of a presidential candidate for the 2008 election with a picture of a woman. (now you would need to know politics is not my thing, at all!) I don't keep up with politics at all. So, in my brain I assume, "OK, if he chooses this woman as his running mate then the information I was given, will happen"
But in reality did I assume that woman to be his running mate, or was it that he was considering her or a woman as his running mate, or was the woman shown somehow related to the election? How am I to know? This picture was given to me many months before he chose his running mate, and me not being political at all, did not even know when they would be picking running mates! So why was I being given this information as a sign when it is months away?

This confusion and revelation comes into play now because as some of you know McCain chose his running mate. Yes it was a woman - no it was not the woman I think I saw. But he did choose a woman, which I didn't think he would - but like I said I don't keep up with such things. I did do a little research today cause I'm confused. I did see some people had this woman in the running for VP, but he picked a different woman. So does it mean what I was given does not come to pass? Then why give me the information to begin with? And did I misinterpret the picture and maybe in actuality it was the opponents wife, I actually saw? If that was the case, then what now?

So the question I pose to everyone: "How does a Psychic not Assume" when given information thru pictures?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gosh I am still alive!

Things have been kinda crazy around here lately! But, we are all still breathing. We have food on the table - so at this point we continue to live.

Had a cup of coffee with Bart yesterday - for those of you that know me - he is my guide. I have been so stressed lately, hadn't had time to stop and meditate. Well, went pretty well - very informative in some aspects and confusing in others. It seems in a sense I am going in the right direction - even though life seems very upsetting. I am supposed to be learning these lessons to help me in the future. Gosh, lessons are hard sometimes. I am not sure why I choose to learn these, but only God knows. I guess when I go back to heaven, I will understand and hopefully have learned - so I don't have to repeat these lessons!! OMG

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Life of an Empath

The life of an Empath can be very draining! Not sure if many of you know what an Empath is - but we feel others emotions and physical pain. I am still trying to understand all of it myself, as I live it! I had a few experiences now that tell me 100 % that I am an Empath. I have learned somewhat to protect myself from a lot of outside influences that effect me emotionally and physically, but some times it just sneaks up on me.

I think that the combination of being an Empath and a Medium make things a little more confusing. The reason being is that if a spirit tries to contact me I can also feel what they want me to feel. Last night around 10pm all of a sudden I got information (from where I don't know) about a suicide attempt involving a car, garage and carbon monoxide. The information came to me first, then I started getting a dull head ache and sick to my stomach.

I had looked at a picture from a reading request and was hoping that it was that person whom had already passed and not someone needing my help now! Unfortunately, it was not the person whom was already deceased, so now it is a waiting game to find out who or why I was getting this information. I hate these feelings when you just don't get enough information to help someone.

I guess I should feel good that I have not received any phone calls with bad news yet. I will continue to hope it was a spirit that will try to contact me again.

So everyone be nice to me today! The life of an Empath is not always easy.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wow! I even amazed Myself

I got a chance to do a couple of medium readings last night - actually no children around!

I doubted myself the whole time and drive myself crazy waiting for the feedback from the person who requested the readings. But I was unbelievably amazed when I did get the feedback on two readings a little while ago.

Both included the words "WOW" in their feedback. I'm taking that as a good sign. Of course they then explained the "WOW" I have to agree "WOW" is a good definition. Confirmation of the communications are amazing. To know that our loved ones can communicate with us once they have passed on is just an unbelievable experience, not only for the person I do the readings for, but for myself as the reader.

I know that there are many people out there that do not believe in any such communication, but if you live my life, you can not doubt it! I see it, I hear it, and I feel the communication with spirits. Do I sometimes doubt whether I am really doing this - well yes but then how do I know what I know about someone I have never met in this life time?? No one will ever ever convince me that there is not a life after death!

Oh Wow - I am so thankful for my gifts - Thank God for giving them to me so that I may give hope, happiness, love, and peace to the people who request readings.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Having Electrical Issues Again!!

I was typing my previous post and all of a sudden the extra printer next to my desk just started making all sorts of noises like it was getting ready to print. Just one slight problem - yes it is plugged in but its not on!!!!!! and its not attached to the computer either!!!! I think I have a visitor???

The other night I was sitting talking with my husband and all of a sudden our tv turned on! About freaked him out LOL Im used to such things myself. It went back off after a minute or so.

Guess someone is wanting my attention guess I need to take some time to meditate and see if I can figure out who it is. It is usually one person that messes with the electrical so maybe he has something he needs me to know.

Well thanks for listening to the ramblings of a psychic medium!

O stop me my sarcastic side is about to come out!

OMG I can't help it! It just won't stop! I unfortunately have a very sarcastic side to me and it just gets to me sometimes and I have to let it out or it will get worse. Many of you know that I am a psychic photo reader and this has to do with people requesting free readings on a site I read on. I see requests over and over again by the same people sometimes and I have to control myself not to jump on and tell them that asking and asking isnt going to change their lives. It is only them that can do anyting about what is happening - their freewill can change the course they are on.

Or the ones that keep asking every hour or two for a pregnancy reading! Part of me wants to say what difference does it really make if its a boy or a girl???? It is what it is and it's not like you can change it! Enjoy that you are pregnant and feel blessed that you are having a child! Be happy with whatever you have. I have four girls and it never mattered to me whether I was having a boy or a girl!

Sorry I just had to get that out without hurting any persons feelings. I know some people just really want to know the sex of the child - to be somewhat sure ask your doctor for an ultrasound - but even those can be wrong! LOL Doctors are not God either.

Well I feel better now

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have I done a reading for you?

I was wondering if any of the ladies that I have done readings for are reading my blog? Curiosity.
If you have enjoyed my readings and have any feedback that you would like to share, I would be very interested.

I have not had the opportunity to do many readings in the past few weeks but hope to be able to provide more in the near future.

Please take a moment to leave a comment for me

Psychic Readings - Something to Remember!

People have different reasons for visiting a psychic either online or in person. Whatever the reason people need to keep a few things in mind, when doing so.

1. We are not God, we are regular people who have been given gifts to help others.

2. Sometimes we are given information that may not make sense to you at the time, it is best to note the information in a personal place, and refer to it even years later. (Ive done this myself)
There is no time frame associated with alot of visions and information.

3. Information that is given may change because everyone has FREE WILL. So, if you are told that someone may try to steal your purse. Be more careful of your purse and this may not come true. Yet, if you dont use your free will, it may! (luckily I paid attention unfortunately the lady next to me probably didnt see a psychic!)

I guess those are the 3 most important things to remember when you ask for a reading. #3 is the most important. You are the only one that can change your life, use your Free Will to your advantage - change the negative and live the positive!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gosh I Have Been So Busy

I have been so busy lately - I can't keep track of Everything that Pops in My Mind! LOL. I decided I needed to take a few minutes to write, maybe that will calm me down a little before I start my hectic day.

Seems like either I have plenty of time on my hands or I dont have enough time to do all I am supposed to do. I have been wanting to work on my "gifts" and have been unable to give as much time as I would like. I made myself do a couple of readings yesterday morning - I think that helped me get the "me" back. I thought I was gonna slip back into the "I dont exist, everyone else is more important" I cant let that happen!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

One of the Toughest Days of My Life

Saturday April 19, 2008 was probably one of the most difficult days in my life. I attended a funeral for a wonderful young lady, Kimberly Dawn Heacox Hamilton. She was only 27 years old, the youngest person’s funeral I have ever attended. I consider myself lucky in that I have not lost many people who are dear to me.

I remember the first day that I met Kimmie. She and her parents were soon to be our new neighbors. We sat on what would be our back porch and got to know each other. She had so much energy and spunk, and definitely not shy! Not long after we moved in her parents let us know that she had CF. I had never really known much about the disease, until they became like family to us. At that time they explained that her life expectancy would be that of a teenager. Oh how my heart broke with those words. I still remember thinking, how am I going to be able to handle the loss or someone so precious and young.

I was very thankful when we found out that they extended her life expectancy. As a teenager, she would go with my family to the beach and help me take care of my two young girls. We had such a wonderful time and memories that will never be forgotten. It gave my husband ant I the experience we were going to need when our girls became teenagers.

We all celebrated Kimmie’s 16th birthday together. She had a group of friends over and they played a number of silly games. We had a blast. As I look back at the person Kimmie was it amazes me. A teenager having us “old people” at her birthday party! Now that doesn’t happen too often. But we were all family. I can picture her smiling and laughing and just being Kimmie.

The sometimes rebellious girl decided to move up North! Oh my, that was very hard for her entire family, but she was determined to live her life as she wanted. She was forced to have many stays in the hospital, which would tear our hearts out, but she handled everything with determination and fight.

Kimmie, you will be dearly missed by so many people of all ages. You had the personality to make everyone feel they were loved and wanted in your life. Your strength, fight, and caring will live in our hearts forever.

Love you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Been Busy Practicing

Sorry to have left you hanging, LOL. have been busy with a few things. I am trying to practice on some of my gifts. I want to learn more and understand what I am capable of. I want so much to help other people by providing them with the information they desire.

I seem to be able to read pictures of people that are alive easier then those that have passed. Therefore, I am hoping to set aside some time to engage in more practice reading with my medium abilities.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Friend Became an Angel Last Night

Kimberly Dawn Heacox Hamilton
Born September 25, 1980 passed away Thursday evening, April 10, 2008

God called for an Angel last night; and my friend Kimmy journeyed to heaven. He could not have filled the position with a more wonderful spirit then she. Born with cystic fibrosis her life had more obstacles then most of us will ever endure, but she lived her life with spunk and determination. Kimmy was an inspiration to me and many other people. She did not allow herself to be handicapped by her disease, but instead to live life to its fullest!

I know that Kimmy has already visited me. This morning at 9 am I received an invitation to be a friend to someone on that has the same name and eye color as my friend. I had not yet received the news of her passing. Then when I went to email my mom and sister about the loss; I had a little glitch. Usually when I type a K, I get a list of everyone I email starting with K. Not today! The only ones that showed up were Kimmy’s and her moms! When I went back later, it was back to normal.

God works in mysterious ways to let us know that our loved ones are ok when they journey to heaven. I will miss you very much Kimmy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Storage Center is Haunted! LOL

We got a call from the Sheriiff’s Department asking us to please come up to the center. They would stay there until we arrived. The deputy said there seems to be a problem and the customer thinks the place is haunted!

After last night, I had to start laughing! I felt bad for the customer cause I’m sure she was really scared. My oldest daughter and I drove to the center. I told her I will have to act appropriately so I don’t freak her out.

Luckily she was not there when we arrived, only the two deputies were there. The lights just in the foyer were flashing, but what is weird they are not flashing in a consistent rhythm. The elevator door when we got there was stuck open. The fire alarm was beeping uncontrollably. I was so glad that the door going in and out was stuck open too. If that poor lady had been stuck inside she would have really gone crazy!

The deputies went into the locked office with us to make sure everything was alright. We had to call the fire alarm people to find out how to shut the beeping off! Appears we must have been hit by lightening. My daughter was so freaked she just wanted out of there. When she went out by the elevator, it shut and stayed that way. We kept hearing weird noises from there, but I did not mess with it, she wanted to leave.

Well we have had an interesting weekend!

We Had a Visitor Last Night

We had a visitor last night! Yes, we had people over, but we also had a spirit visit us! It was funny to me, but freaked a couple of teenagers out.

I’m thinking it was about 10:30 pm, on April 5, 2008, three teenage friends of my oldest daughter were in our kitchen waiting on my daughter to get ready. All of a sudden I hear them scream and running down the hall to the front door. One yelled, "Your house is haunted!" One young man actually ran into the front door trying to get out so fast. I hear my daughter yell, "Mom." I start laughing, and go out to see what is the matter.

We walk back to the kitchen and they explain to me what happened. My daughter’s best friend looks at me and said, "If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it!" There is a door leading out to our back porch, off the kitchen. They said the door opened all the way up by itself and then closed by itself too! Needless to say they freaked. You have to understand that door sticks terribly, sometimes I can’t even open it or close it because it is so bad.

Well, the teenagers decided to leave! So, that left me, my 16-year-old, my 8-year-old downstairs. There were two other teenagers upstairs, but I haven’t had the chance to ask mine if anything happened up there. I will though when all the extra teens are gone.

My eight year old and I were in my room with the little Yorkie. I was online via our cable provider. The 16-year-old was in the office, also online. Within a few minutes the lights flickered, a long flicker then a short one. The strange thing is the internet and cable never went off! Usually when the lights go out the cable and internet shut down and have to reset, not this time. A minute or so later, the same thing happened. My child in the office came into me and said, "That was really strange, the internet didn’t go down."

She decided to sit with me. She was a little nervous. While sitting there trying to figure out who might be visiting us, she asks, "Did you hear that?" I didn’t hear anything. She said it sounded like a strong wind like when there is a tornado, but it was in the house. Then the younger one is laying down playing on the floor, sits up and says, "Who just said that?" We gave her a weird look and she said, "It sounded like daddy said, What do you think you are doing?" Well, she knows Dad is out of town and we did not let her know we even thought we had a visitor!

I thought well it’s not her Dad maybe it’s the older one’s dad. Chills started at my toes all the way up me. Then the dog went into the sitting room off my bedroom, and I told the older one to see what he was doing. The dog walked up to the treadmill and was staring then all of a sudden started backing up. The Yorkie came back into the bedroom part and played for a minute. He went to go into the sitting room again, then started to back up.

When my little one left the room, I went into the sitting room and I got goose bumps all over, even my face. At first I thought all of my mother in laws jewelry is in here, then my teenager pointed to a picture of her dad!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening a Big Can of Worms: Talking about Belief

First, let it be known, I do believe in God. This is not to question whether there is a God or not. Actually, it is more concerning the belief of things you can not see; more accurately, things not seen by the majority of our society.

Things started churning in my mind when I read a blog earlier today. I do not know the author and prefer not to accidentally find his blog again. But, he did however get me thinking, which is a good thing. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, he to his and me to mine. I do respect freedom of speech or I, myself, would not be writing this.

The subject of his blog was his non-belief in psychics and their so-called abilities. He stated that he should open up a psychic business; he could make up whatever “crap” he wanted and make money. He went on and on about how all psychics and healers are fake and scam artists. There were a couple of comments from people on both sides of the spectrum. One stated that it was required by law (did not list the state) that any psychic business must put on their sign or site; for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.

Our society in general accepts there are different religions. Many people do believe there is a God or higher being that created and watches over us. I am not a religion expert by any stretch of the imagination. I just know I can drive down any road in my town and there is a church of one faith or another. Now, have all these people seen God? Not the people I have spoken with. Yet they believe that he does exist. The churches are not required to put a sign up stating for ENTERTAINMENT purposes, yet they can not prove they have seen God.

Why then do some people look at psychics like they are crazy scam artists? If they believe in God, whom they can not see; why do they not believe that some people have a gift to see or speak with spirits? Certain psychics do see these spirits and know them to be real. Therefore, they believe in something they can see. Why then must they put on their sign, for ENTERTAINMENT purposes?

I know a number of people are going to bring up the argument there are scam artists in the psychic industry. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with them. But let’s stop and remember how many so-called ministers have been charged with scamming money from their parishioners! So, to me it is the same problem; different belief.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Believe!

I now believe 100% that spirits can contact me and provide information. For years I have been able to communicate with relatives that have passed on, but now I have confirmation that other spirits can communicate with me. For many years I have kept my psychic experiences mostly within my family, for fear other people will think I am crazy. I have now decided it really doesn’t matter if others don’t believe me, I KNOW!

If people choose not to believe me, that is their option. I now know with 100% certainty that spirits are with us and can communicate with those of us that choose to accept. I have accepted me for who I am and now have experienced even more with my gifts. I believe my abilities are gifts from God. I may have been slow in understanding and accepting myself as different from the majority, but I am here now.

I have always wanted to be able to help others with my gifts, but did not know how to go about doing so. I have a long journey ahead, but now feel confident that I am headed in the right direction.

Over the weekend I responded to a post from a family searching for information regarding a relative that had passed. I had never requested a spirit to me, other than that of a relative. I offered to try for this family. In doing so, I asked for confirmation to be able to give the family. I requested that the confirmation be something that I could not under any circumstances have known. Boy, did I get something that made no sense to me! But, it made perfect sense to the family involved. So, whether other people choose to believe, that is their option. I am a true believer!

I hope to be able to help more families with questions they have concerning their loved ones. May everyone someday be a believer!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weird Dream: The Christmas Giant

I had a weird dream the other night! Well, I have a lot of strange dreams, but this one tops the cake. I have no idea what if any meaning could be attached to my Giant dream. Here is what I can remember about the dream.

I was awakened from taking a nap by the doorbell. I went to the door, which had glass panes, so I could see who was at the door, there was this GIANT man. He had to have been 12 feet tall. Luckily, the door was well over this height, so that was not a problem. I opened the door and he came into the foyer. He was carrying a green and red plaid little girl’s winter jacket. He said that he just finished making it and that he was delivering it right away because the person that ordered it needed it immediately. I told him that we did not order the jacket, it was not for us. He kept insisting the jacket was ours. He and I went back and forth for a while. I explained that it was too small for any of our girls and that we had not ordered it, he was at the wrong house.

He kept insisting that I take it. I finally called out to my husband to come to the foyer and explain to the GIANT that it was not ours. As my husband walked into the foyer, the GIANT looked at him, and said, "Your right this isn’t for you, I am at the wrong house!" He left and I closed the door. As I looked out after him, I noticed that everything was red brick. I don’t live in a red brick house. Then I looked to the right outside and it was a very large house. Outside near the door and up there was a huge Christmas decoration. I then turned around and looked inside the house, to the right inside there was a Christmas carousel decoration up on a piece of furniture – all of a sudden it started moving and playing Christmas music. Then I don’t see all the decorations in the house, but all the musical ones start playing! I then say to myself, “This is going to be the best Christmas ever!” But I seem to know in the dream it’s not Christmas time???

So, it was a very weird dream. I guess the elves are GIANTS now? I have no idea of the meaning of this dream, any ideas would be welcome.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Still Me but Who Am I?

Well, I still realize that I'm my own person, the only problem is I don't know who I am? I have been asking for guidance, but I have no answers yet.

I'm not sure in what direction I should be going. I asked for a sign that I could trip over since I am so dense. But as of yet I haven't tripped. Maybe I'm walking in the wrong direction??

Guess I better stop and turn around could I have missed it?

The journey to Who Am I is longer than I would like it to be. I guess the realization is just the beginning, and now I am going to have to walk alot in these new shoes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Finally Realized I'm Me!

I woke up from an almost sleepless night to realize I’m Me! Yes, I am in my forties and only realized today that I am myself not the extension of my husband or my children. I have hidden all these years as his wife and their mother. Whenever I had to introduce myself to someone, it always had one of those extensions! What was I thinking, I lost myself.

For some reason today, I’m me. I hope this realization continues and I don’t slip back to being only the extensions of my wonderful family. Yes I love them all dearly and want to share their lives, but I also want mine. I am uncertain as to where this realization will go or what will come of it but I feel free! I am me!

I have hidden behind them long enough it’s time to set out in the world and be who I was supposed to be. Besides hiding behind them, I have always been shy and worried what others would think of me. Why? I don’t know. I’m different then some people, but so what – God made me too! Who is anyone else to judge how God made me? I try not to judge others and hopefully they will do the same.

So Where Do I Fit in this Thing Called Religion?

I am really confused as to where I fit in this thing called religion. There are so many different religions in this world, how do you really know where you belong? What if you were raised in a certain religion, but find due to experiences you would be thought of as crazy? I would appreciate some assistance in figuring out where I fit.

My formal religious background began in the Catholic Church when I was very young. I attended church with my family on and off through the age of about 10. We then drifted from attending church on a regular basis. As a child I did not question why it just meant I didn’t have to get up early on Sundays! During my teenage years till my early twenties I did not attend church. As a young adult I decided to return to the Catholic Church and became a member. I was married in the Church and began raising my older children in the Catholic school. That is the extent of my formal religious background.

Now, we come to the conflicts with understanding where I belong. Some of you may think I am crazy or the devil takes me over! Many of you may laugh at the devil part, but some people seriously have told me that things that happen to me are because of the devil. Thank goodness when I was having this religious discussion I did not mention that the things I was speaking of actually happen to me! This person would probably have freaked out. As some of you might, but I hope not. My reason for writing is to gain knowledge as to where I fit in.

Well, the differences in me actually started happening or at least I remember them starting in my teenage years. Most people would understand if I called it ESP. My older sister and I began being able to communicate without words. We could send pictures to each other. I know some of you are doubting me, but what do I have to be dishonest about. There is a very humorous story to go along with that one, but I’ll save that for later. We could put these experiences off to my sister and I being very close, like twins, we are only a year apart.

As life progressed, other things started happening that I was unable to explain or understand. I finally went to my mother and found out I was not alone! This helped to have someone to talk to that also experienced these things. I started to know things before they would happen, mostly car accidents to begin with. Then it went to all different types of accidents, now all sorts of things. It has progressed through the years.

Other things began happening in the last 5 or so years. Here’s where I come into more conflict as to where I belong. Some religions believe that once you die, that is it - there is nothing! I have a slight problem with that. If there are no spirits then how do I know things about people that I have no way of knowing? Can a persons brain waves and what they have in their subconscious mind travel hundreds of miles to me and just pop in my mind? I just don’t see think so. How can I know the name of a new friends deceased mother and experiences this person had as a child, they are 74 now? I don’t think the devil would care if his sibling gave him a rabbit when he was a very young child or that he ate macaroni off the dining room floor and his family gave him a hard time. I just don’t understand that concept.

I do not feel that I must go to a church to speak with God. I believe that God is everywhere and that he/she hears me no matter where I am. I do not believe that poof I/we all appeared out of nowhere, there has to be some reasoning as to why we exist.

So now that you know some of my background, can you help me to understand where I belong in this thing called Religion? I would love to hear from anyone that would like to explain if I belong anywhere? Does it really matter as long as I can accept that I am different? If you have never experienced the things I do and it offends you in anyway, I am sorry it is not my intent. I am just looking for an answer.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping Ugh

Why do people have to eat? I know that is a stupid question, but if we didn't have to eat then I wouldn't have to go grocery shopping! In my opinion grocery shopping is the worst chore ever!
I'd rather clean the toilets.

Too bad we don't live on a farm so we could raise cattle, chickens, and pigs. The problem then would be my worst chore would be slaughtering the animals. So instead of solving the problem of the worst chore, it would just change the worst chore. I can't win for losing.

Then again I could force the whole family to become vegetarians. A couple of them would be ok with only eating veggies, but the others would not be very happy. I'm sure I would then complain about having to plant and harvest the vegetables.

So, I don't see a good solution to my worst chore. No matter what I do there will always be a worst chore . Guess I'm stuck with grocery shopping. Unless someone can tell me how to sustain a healthy life without eating!

Any ideas let me know, please!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whatever Pops in My Mind

Finding a title for my blog was a bit difficult. The reason being, I have no idea at this point what I am going to write about. Therefore, the title is definitely appropriate.

I do not consider myself an expert in a certain field, so I did not want to be very specific with the title. I usually write in a converstational style with humor added when possible. Some people may not understand my humor, others will.

I have been in the business world for way too many years. I would say my management style has been to be a working manager. Meaning that I learn all aspects of the jobs my employees are required to perform. I think that is the best way to understand their concerns and assist in making the jobs more cost effective.

A mother to four girls should make me an expert in that field. But they always seem to come up with things that make me feel like a novice! LOL Of course, they know more than I do, just ask them.

Thanks for visiting. I'll write again when "Whatever Pops in My Mind"