Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening a Big Can of Worms: Talking about Belief

First, let it be known, I do believe in God. This is not to question whether there is a God or not. Actually, it is more concerning the belief of things you can not see; more accurately, things not seen by the majority of our society.

Things started churning in my mind when I read a blog earlier today. I do not know the author and prefer not to accidentally find his blog again. But, he did however get me thinking, which is a good thing. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, he to his and me to mine. I do respect freedom of speech or I, myself, would not be writing this.

The subject of his blog was his non-belief in psychics and their so-called abilities. He stated that he should open up a psychic business; he could make up whatever “crap” he wanted and make money. He went on and on about how all psychics and healers are fake and scam artists. There were a couple of comments from people on both sides of the spectrum. One stated that it was required by law (did not list the state) that any psychic business must put on their sign or site; for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.

Our society in general accepts there are different religions. Many people do believe there is a God or higher being that created and watches over us. I am not a religion expert by any stretch of the imagination. I just know I can drive down any road in my town and there is a church of one faith or another. Now, have all these people seen God? Not the people I have spoken with. Yet they believe that he does exist. The churches are not required to put a sign up stating for ENTERTAINMENT purposes, yet they can not prove they have seen God.

Why then do some people look at psychics like they are crazy scam artists? If they believe in God, whom they can not see; why do they not believe that some people have a gift to see or speak with spirits? Certain psychics do see these spirits and know them to be real. Therefore, they believe in something they can see. Why then must they put on their sign, for ENTERTAINMENT purposes?

I know a number of people are going to bring up the argument there are scam artists in the psychic industry. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with them. But let’s stop and remember how many so-called ministers have been charged with scamming money from their parishioners! So, to me it is the same problem; different belief.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Believe!

I now believe 100% that spirits can contact me and provide information. For years I have been able to communicate with relatives that have passed on, but now I have confirmation that other spirits can communicate with me. For many years I have kept my psychic experiences mostly within my family, for fear other people will think I am crazy. I have now decided it really doesn’t matter if others don’t believe me, I KNOW!

If people choose not to believe me, that is their option. I now know with 100% certainty that spirits are with us and can communicate with those of us that choose to accept. I have accepted me for who I am and now have experienced even more with my gifts. I believe my abilities are gifts from God. I may have been slow in understanding and accepting myself as different from the majority, but I am here now.

I have always wanted to be able to help others with my gifts, but did not know how to go about doing so. I have a long journey ahead, but now feel confident that I am headed in the right direction.

Over the weekend I responded to a post from a family searching for information regarding a relative that had passed. I had never requested a spirit to me, other than that of a relative. I offered to try for this family. In doing so, I asked for confirmation to be able to give the family. I requested that the confirmation be something that I could not under any circumstances have known. Boy, did I get something that made no sense to me! But, it made perfect sense to the family involved. So, whether other people choose to believe, that is their option. I am a true believer!

I hope to be able to help more families with questions they have concerning their loved ones. May everyone someday be a believer!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weird Dream: The Christmas Giant

I had a weird dream the other night! Well, I have a lot of strange dreams, but this one tops the cake. I have no idea what if any meaning could be attached to my Giant dream. Here is what I can remember about the dream.

I was awakened from taking a nap by the doorbell. I went to the door, which had glass panes, so I could see who was at the door, there was this GIANT man. He had to have been 12 feet tall. Luckily, the door was well over this height, so that was not a problem. I opened the door and he came into the foyer. He was carrying a green and red plaid little girl’s winter jacket. He said that he just finished making it and that he was delivering it right away because the person that ordered it needed it immediately. I told him that we did not order the jacket, it was not for us. He kept insisting the jacket was ours. He and I went back and forth for a while. I explained that it was too small for any of our girls and that we had not ordered it, he was at the wrong house.

He kept insisting that I take it. I finally called out to my husband to come to the foyer and explain to the GIANT that it was not ours. As my husband walked into the foyer, the GIANT looked at him, and said, "Your right this isn’t for you, I am at the wrong house!" He left and I closed the door. As I looked out after him, I noticed that everything was red brick. I don’t live in a red brick house. Then I looked to the right outside and it was a very large house. Outside near the door and up there was a huge Christmas decoration. I then turned around and looked inside the house, to the right inside there was a Christmas carousel decoration up on a piece of furniture – all of a sudden it started moving and playing Christmas music. Then I don’t see all the decorations in the house, but all the musical ones start playing! I then say to myself, “This is going to be the best Christmas ever!” But I seem to know in the dream it’s not Christmas time???

So, it was a very weird dream. I guess the elves are GIANTS now? I have no idea of the meaning of this dream, any ideas would be welcome.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Still Me but Who Am I?

Well, I still realize that I'm my own person, the only problem is I don't know who I am? I have been asking for guidance, but I have no answers yet.

I'm not sure in what direction I should be going. I asked for a sign that I could trip over since I am so dense. But as of yet I haven't tripped. Maybe I'm walking in the wrong direction??

Guess I better stop and turn around could I have missed it?

The journey to Who Am I is longer than I would like it to be. I guess the realization is just the beginning, and now I am going to have to walk alot in these new shoes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Finally Realized I'm Me!

I woke up from an almost sleepless night to realize I’m Me! Yes, I am in my forties and only realized today that I am myself not the extension of my husband or my children. I have hidden all these years as his wife and their mother. Whenever I had to introduce myself to someone, it always had one of those extensions! What was I thinking, I lost myself.

For some reason today, I’m me. I hope this realization continues and I don’t slip back to being only the extensions of my wonderful family. Yes I love them all dearly and want to share their lives, but I also want mine. I am uncertain as to where this realization will go or what will come of it but I feel free! I am me!

I have hidden behind them long enough it’s time to set out in the world and be who I was supposed to be. Besides hiding behind them, I have always been shy and worried what others would think of me. Why? I don’t know. I’m different then some people, but so what – God made me too! Who is anyone else to judge how God made me? I try not to judge others and hopefully they will do the same.

So Where Do I Fit in this Thing Called Religion?

I am really confused as to where I fit in this thing called religion. There are so many different religions in this world, how do you really know where you belong? What if you were raised in a certain religion, but find due to experiences you would be thought of as crazy? I would appreciate some assistance in figuring out where I fit.

My formal religious background began in the Catholic Church when I was very young. I attended church with my family on and off through the age of about 10. We then drifted from attending church on a regular basis. As a child I did not question why it just meant I didn’t have to get up early on Sundays! During my teenage years till my early twenties I did not attend church. As a young adult I decided to return to the Catholic Church and became a member. I was married in the Church and began raising my older children in the Catholic school. That is the extent of my formal religious background.

Now, we come to the conflicts with understanding where I belong. Some of you may think I am crazy or the devil takes me over! Many of you may laugh at the devil part, but some people seriously have told me that things that happen to me are because of the devil. Thank goodness when I was having this religious discussion I did not mention that the things I was speaking of actually happen to me! This person would probably have freaked out. As some of you might, but I hope not. My reason for writing is to gain knowledge as to where I fit in.

Well, the differences in me actually started happening or at least I remember them starting in my teenage years. Most people would understand if I called it ESP. My older sister and I began being able to communicate without words. We could send pictures to each other. I know some of you are doubting me, but what do I have to be dishonest about. There is a very humorous story to go along with that one, but I’ll save that for later. We could put these experiences off to my sister and I being very close, like twins, we are only a year apart.

As life progressed, other things started happening that I was unable to explain or understand. I finally went to my mother and found out I was not alone! This helped to have someone to talk to that also experienced these things. I started to know things before they would happen, mostly car accidents to begin with. Then it went to all different types of accidents, now all sorts of things. It has progressed through the years.

Other things began happening in the last 5 or so years. Here’s where I come into more conflict as to where I belong. Some religions believe that once you die, that is it - there is nothing! I have a slight problem with that. If there are no spirits then how do I know things about people that I have no way of knowing? Can a persons brain waves and what they have in their subconscious mind travel hundreds of miles to me and just pop in my mind? I just don’t see think so. How can I know the name of a new friends deceased mother and experiences this person had as a child, they are 74 now? I don’t think the devil would care if his sibling gave him a rabbit when he was a very young child or that he ate macaroni off the dining room floor and his family gave him a hard time. I just don’t understand that concept.

I do not feel that I must go to a church to speak with God. I believe that God is everywhere and that he/she hears me no matter where I am. I do not believe that poof I/we all appeared out of nowhere, there has to be some reasoning as to why we exist.

So now that you know some of my background, can you help me to understand where I belong in this thing called Religion? I would love to hear from anyone that would like to explain if I belong anywhere? Does it really matter as long as I can accept that I am different? If you have never experienced the things I do and it offends you in anyway, I am sorry it is not my intent. I am just looking for an answer.