Thursday, January 7, 2010

Casey Lasure New Martinsville WV Found

Thank goodness she was found safe! It is nice to have good news about a missing person. I wish that all cases could end this way. As for my reading, the only thing that may match at this time, is she was most likely with friends.

Wetzel County Sheriff James Hoskins said, "She is safe and appears to be unharmed. We don't believe she was being held against her will."

I'm sure it will not come out if they were hanging out down by the river? But my reading and what may or may not have occurred is not the important thing, her being safe and at home is!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Casey Lasure New Martinsville WV Missing

Well, I received an email from a group I belong to so I decided to do a picture reading on Casey Lasure, 16 Missing from West Virginia. Didn't get too much but here it is:

Casey Lasure Missing WV

Reading January 4, 2010

Yeah hey the gangs all here!!

LE needs to go back and talk to a few more of her friends

Down by the river
Down by the river in an old _________ (its coming to me like a song but I cant get the last part)

Slip sliding away (another song)

Possible injury to her head – her left side – forehead

Not much to go on but maybe if Law Enforcement goes and revisits a few friends (the gang) they will get some answers.

Please remember to keep photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep them in the public eye!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amber Dubois Missing from California

I was thinking about Amber Dubois last night as I was drifting off to sleep. I do not remember too much about what I was getting. To the best of my memory this morning, I remember something about marshmallow or marshmallow creme? It was like we were counting how many or much we had. I think there were a couple of other items also, but for the life of me can’t remember. Yes, if I related this to my own life experience I would say Smores! LOL but being it is not my life, I can not say for sure why marshmallows.

As I was getting the above information, all of a sudden I was jerked back - good thing I was already laying down! I "heard" a name very loudly! I thought the name was Jessie Duguard. I thought for a second. Oh, isn’t that the name of the young lady that was missing for many years in California but has been found alive? Then I was off to sleep.

Well, this morning I remembered what happened last night and decided to see if the name I was given, was in fact the young lady from California. Yup! Of course my interpretation of the name is somewhat off - but it was "audio" so Jessie to me would be Jaycee.

Maybe this was just a confirmation to me that Amber is still Alive! Well, that is definitely how I am going to interpret it! As for Marshmallows only time will tell if that has anything to do with Amber or her case.

Please remember to post photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep their information in the public eye!

Im Still Learning to Interpret my Visions - Missing Person Cases

Gosh, December was a busy month for me in my learning process. I guess I’m a slow learner because I have been given “visions” for many years and I am still learning. The conscious mind wants to fit what I am given into my life experiences, when in reality, the information I am shown is for someone, I do not know. Therefore, I really can not know what meaning it has or does not have. I try to place the vision into helping to find missing persons and sometimes it just doesn’t fit. Some of the “visions” may be for the family or close friend, and actually does not belong in the searching process.

I have been requested at times to help other people who have “visions” to understand them. So, I will try to explain with an example – (made up – not involving any case I am working on – because I do not know if those families or friends would want that information out there, it was for them and unless they approve my using a confirmation, I wouldn’t feel right.)

During a reading or vision – I receive

Spider monkey – since I am searching for a person, my mind assumes this would have something to do with finding the person. I may even find myself searching for places that raise spider monkeys, near where the person went missing. But in reality – spider monkeys were the missing persons favorite animal. There is no way I could have or would have known that information; it certainly would not be something in the media!

Again, I learn more lessons as my life continues with “my gifts.” I thank God for allowing me to receive the information and if my little bits and pieces help give the family or friend of a missing person, a smile from a loving memory then living in my sometimes “crazy” world, is so worth it!

If the little confirmations of the definitely “odd” information I receive, is correct, then I hope one day – the other information assists in bringing home their loved ones. I can not comprehend that only the “personal” information is correct. So, I will continue on my path using my God Given Gifts to help find the missing children.

Please post pictures and information regarding missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep their information in the public eye!