Saturday, March 18, 2017

Elizabeth Thomas Missing Maury County TN March 2017

It has been a number of years since I have posted!  I was on Facebook and saw an Amber Alert for Elizabeth Thomas; it was posted by a friend who lives in Maury County, TN.   Being I lived in the area many years ago, I felt compelled to try and see if I still had the ability to calm myself and possibly receive any information. 

As in the past, the information makes no sense to me.  However, strange words and picture descriptions searched in Google– bring up some interesting listings.

These are the words or pictures I received this morning:

Duck River
Columbia Records
Army green tent
Romeo and Juliet
Picture of rocks or stones with water

Talk about strange words to put together! 

But Google ---Wizard Duck River Camel
Duck River with Moses Brown, Daniel Jackson and Capt. ...... request to create US Camel Corp.

Then Google: Wizard Duck River
John Watson Morton - 2014 - ‎History
In another hour Forrest would have been in possession of Duck River, and the only line of communication with Nashville would have been in the hands of the ...

Now if I include Nathan Forrest (wizard) and park into the equation –
Information for visitors to this state park, on the shore of Kentucky Lake, near where Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest attacked and destroyed a ...

I also noticed a Chickasaw Trace Park is along the Duck River in Maury County, but all I could find was trail information. 

I did not Google Columbia Records; however the historical records of the Columbia area lead to the Wizard and Camels!

The Army green tent could be a connection to the Civil War or they could be camping?

So, you see how the separate words and pictures I received – when put together can actually make sense.

I realize my interpretation of the information I received may be incorrect.  That is why I provide the basic words or information as they may mean something to someone familiar with the people involved or the case. 

Please keep Elizabeth Thomas in your thoughts and prayers.  Post her information and picture wherever possible.