Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Sure I'm Still on Track

I have been trying desperately to understand the visions and dreams I have been receiving about Haleigh Cummings of Satsuma Florida. It is very difficult to interpret some information given via psychic visions or dreams. Because I have been so overwhelmed with figuring out what I have received - I took a little time off to do a couple of other readings. I did this to make sure I am still receiving information correctly. Of course, I doubt myself. Even after all these years I do not completely understand why I get the information I do. There is no real physical guide to receiving this information. Yes, there are a million books out there on the subject - but try living it! Each person is different and what might help one understand does not necessarily help another.

I did one photo read - to me those are of living persons - in which a person asked why a child was acting out in a certain way. I carefully answered the post without saying who or what this poor child may be experiencing. One - I am not God and can not guarantee what I am given. Unfortunately, this person did not respond to the reading - instead she deleted even the request for a reading. Something hit too close to home is my guess. All I can hope for is this person gets the child the appropriate counseling for issues which may be occurring in her life!

Then to insure I was still on track with my Medium reads - those contacting persons whom have passed - I did a reading for someone on a family member that had passed who wanted to know what really happened. I was able to provide information regarding the death. But here again some information was via symbolism, other was just words. One of the words was drunk -which unfortunately was true. The other was given in symbolism as tongue depressors and syringes. I went ahead and sent the reading with just those words. So this is a good example of interpreting symbolism. It was a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs that caused the death. I feel I was given the tongue depressors and syringes to not just say drugs but to also confirm the drugs were perscription drugs. There was more to the reading then just those two things but I am just trying to explain the concept of symbolism and how certain things can mean something to different people.

So, I feel I am still on track with my photo and medium reads. Hopefully, this will provide me more insight into understanding the symbolism and help find missing persons.

Please remember to post pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye.

Haleigh Cummings still Missing!

Haleigh Cummings from Satsuma Florida is still missing! We all need to ban together and find this poor little girl. Her family is trying to keep her in the public eye, doing interviews but we need to work together to assist in this search. At this point we need to keep our personal feelings and opinions to ourselves and search for Haleigh any way we can.

I personally can not travel to the area to help in foot searches; but I am still trying to decipher the images and information I have been provided thru psychic visions and dreams. I did have a dream there is another person whom is going to come on board and help figure out what some of my information may mean. I wish I knew who this person was - so I could contact them. Unfortunately, I do not know - so please take the time to read the forum - maybe you are the missing link in solving what I or others have received.

We have received over 7000 views on the forum - and I would like to thank all that have stopped by to try and help. You never know if something posted will trigger something in you which could be a new way of looking at the information for us! Please stop by and try to help us out!

Remember to post pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Timeline

Sorry it has been a couple of days since I have added a blog! My mind has been going so much it is difficult to decide what to write about. Haleigh Cummings unfortunately is still missing. I feel so bad for her family and friends. I have been trying to update the forum with some of the information I am receiving, while receiving more and trying to comprehend what it could possibly mean?

I don’t usually post anything I am getting exactly on my blog, incase the family is searching the Internet and are not accepting of psychic visions or dreams. If they choose to visit the forum I post on, then they are making a conscious decision to do such.

But, I am being sent in a direction that I cannot understand because of the information given out in the media. I don’t believe this has anything to do with if Haleigh is alive or not, so I’m going to briefly wonder in writing. I was going to say aloud, but you all can’t hear me. (Sorry, I know I have a terrible sense of humor)

For some unexplainable reason I am being sent back to the bus stop? I know from the media on the case that she supposedly went missing at night, so this has me extremely confused? I am getting a lot that has to do with the bus stop, bus driver, and bus. I just cannot figure out why? If the time line is from say 7pm to 3am then what is so important about the bus stop or things to do with a bus stop? This would bring the timeline back to about 3:30pm? I’m only pondering this because a couple of issues happening have to also do with timing and others at the bus stop.

I posted on the forum yesterday, if there is anyone in the area that could possibly take current pictures of the bus stop area, it would be greatly appreciated. The google maps are probably too old and I would love to be able to see what it actually looks like now, maybe that would jog something for me? If someone does do that could they possibly go down the street and take pictures a little up and down showing along the sides of the road and any entrances, fences, or items? I know it’s asking for a lot. I don’t really expect I will get them; but it never hurts to ask! LOL You can post them on the forum – if you can.

Please visit the forum and see if you can help us decipher some of the symbolism.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Remember to post photos of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Robert Wiles Kidnapped from Lakeland Florida

Robert Wiles was kidnapped from the Lakeland Florida airport in April 2008. The FBI had asked a few weeks ago for any information that would assist in their investigation. Three areas of interest were Lakeland, Melbourne, and Orlando, Florida.
Unfortunately, as I search for updates to the case - there have been none posted by the media. I wish the FBI was able to devulge more information as to their people of interest - but i am sure they have their reasonings.
I wanted to post another photo of Robert in hopes someone will recognize him and put a couple more of the piences together for the FBI.
Please post photos of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Haleigh Cummings YELLOW Vision - YELLOW Balloons!

YELLOW Balloons for Haleigh


I was reading an update on the case of the missing 5 year old, Haleigh Cummings, from Satsuma, Florida. When the color YELLOW came up. Yes, if you read the blog from a few days back, you know YELLOW has been very prominent in the psychic readings and dreams of Haleigh.

The post I was reading was headlined Yellow Balloons for Haleigh! Of course, I had to read that one! It was yesterday March 10, 2009; an organization donated more funds to the reward. They also released over a dozen YELLOW balloons with messages for Haleigh. Wow – YELLOW.

I do not know why they choose YELLOW balloons? But whatever the reasoning behind it; I am going to take it as a positive sign Haleigh will return home soon!

I also received more vision information yesterday regarding the Haleigh Cummings missing persons case. I posted the little bit I received; plus another person also posted their dream. So hopefully we can put two and two together soon and find Haleigh.

The link to the original article the other post was taken from:
(the photo above is also from the above article)

Please remember to post pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs; it is so important to keep their faces in the public eye!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Missing - Visions of YELLOW

Haleigh Cummings has been missing from Satsuma, Florida for a month! Law Enforcement hopefully is holding back information to the media and public, and do have some legitimate leads they are working. Even though I find it frustrating not knowing in what direction they are going – it is very important to keep all pertinent information close to the vest; in hopes of someone slipping up or coming forward. I praise all the departments and officers for their hard work and dedication.

If any of you have read the forum I post on about my psychic visions and dreams then you are aware I got the color YELLOW in my dream. I began reading other forums in search of what other psychics have been receiving about Haleigh. In these forums the color YELLOW seems to be coming up a lot. There must be something important to Haleigh or to her disappearance that involves YELLOW.

I thought about this over the weekend. As I was driving I noticed YELLOW everywhere! Many of the street signs are YELLOW with black font. Stopped at a stoplight – YELLOW again. The truck next to me was YELLOW and black. There was a YELLOW and black Western Union sign. Every direction I looked was YELLOW! Oh my – then as I dive down the road these YELLOW trees were blooming everywhere! They are beautiful; I would love to have one. I believe the lay term for the tree is YELLOW trumpet. There were YELLOW flowers in so many people’s yards! YELLOW what could it mean?

A couple of areas have also come up a few times from different visions and dreams. The city of Jacksonville has had a number of mentions. The description of an area on the other side of the Rail Road tracks from Haleigh’s home has also been described by a couple of people. Yes, a couple of my words or whatever have lead me across the street too?

I wish I were able to visit the area of Satsuma, Florida to see what YELLOW jumps out at me there! If a family member or local knows what could possibly be the YELLOW connection to Haleigh or the case – I would love to know!

Remember place the photo of a missing person on your website or blog to keep their faces in the public eye!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Learning to Interpret Visions

For a while, March 6, 2009, I decided to read some of the documents released on the Caylee Anthony case; to see if anything else matched up from my psychic visions. I was doing this as a learning experience to try and figure out how I interpreted things in relation to what was actually found or known. I have to learn somehow.

So far with this document dump; I have not connected any dots. Most of what I have read seems to be what has been already known from the media. Of course, I did find the wiretap of the ex-boyfriend interesting. She was worried about not trusting the other ex-boyfriend – when she should have been worried about the newer one! LOL

I did read however that one Botanist said the body could have been there from 2 to 6 months. Now if the body were there for less then six months – the possibility of poor Caylee being moved – would apply. Only time will tell with that one. Who knows we may never find out the entire truth in this case.

Before I go any further with this blog – please let it be known I am only trying to figure out what matches in some way shape or form for my own learning experience. I also know some of my readers would like to know what might have matched up. Yes, some may be long shots – but it is interpretation. So, please don’t say oh, this psychic comes out now saying this and that. If you are just here for that – please just stop now! LOL I don’t mean that rude – I just don’t want to be messed up in that type of thing. Plus, if you want to see when and what I got – you can visit the forum I posted on.

Caylee Case matched to visions

Trees (Scene)
Green grass clearing before trees (Scene)
Disney World (Disney World bag found at scene)
Angel Now (deceased)
In the Woods (found in the woods)
Wire fence private property (Psychic not allowed to search private property)
Wrapped in a blanket (pooh blanket & pink blanket found)
in the trunk something around my throat tape (evidence In trunk & tape around mouth)
Fuzzy pink blanket (miscellaneous pink blanket)
Her friend knows where I’m at (friend told police to check that area)
Reference Susan Smith case – (appears mother killed her)

So that is about it for matches to any type of vision or dream I had in the Caylee Anthony case. I know it’s not much and nothing that would have lead to the finding of Caylee.

The Disney World one – was not related to finding a Disney Bag – but that is why I am trying to learn the interpretation of visions or information I receive. It was going to Disney World I got – not a bag from Disney. This is why I say some may be a long shot – but Disney came up in the case.

Well, I will continue to monitor the case to see if I can learn how to interpret what I am given. I may never be able to match it all up – I really don’t expect to. All I can hope for is to learn to interpret better what I am given.

Please remember to post pictures or missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye! It is very important.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Help Missing Person Psychic Interpret Information

The last couple of days I have had a few sayings or things that keep popping into my mind when I look up things associated with the missing persons cases I follow. I just don’t know which case or why? This is why I keep to a minimum the number of cases I work on!

At first I thought only three cases – but then this morning, I was going to see what came out on the Caylee Anthony case – to see if anything else I had gotten matched up with my psychic visions. When I went to do this I got, again – “Stop and smell the roses” This is not the first time I have gotten this. So I am going to have to keep track of when I get these sayings – and what I am doing or thinking at the time.

So, as you can tell from previous blog posts, I am trying to keep up with three current missing persons cases, besides the Caylee Anthony case. They are Haleigh Cummings missing from Satsuma Florida, Adji Desir missing from Immokalee Florida, and Robert Wiles missing from Lakeland Florida.

The sayings that keep popping into my mind are:

Stop and smell the roses
123 Stop 123 Go
Eanie Meanie Minie Mo

So, I wonder if the 123 one is actually like the children’s game Red Light Green Light 123, I don’t know.

So, if anyone has any ideas how these would fit into any of the four cases I have been looking at information on – I would appreciate any and all ideas!

Remember – post pictures of missing persons on your blog or website to keep their faces seen!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Haleigh Cumming Missing Satsuma FL March 5 2009 Update

Haleigh Cummings missing from Satsuma Florida. This poor little kindergartener has been missing from her home in Putnam County, Florida for weeks now. Her family has been camped out near the home since her disappearance. It is now all over the news that the families have been asked to leave the properties they were camping on. It is unfortunate – hopefully they will find a place close by to live while they wait for Haleigh’s return.

I noticed in the news today they have requested more DNA samples for persons who have been in the home. Not sure the reasoning – may just want all their ducks in a row, incase they find something. Hopefully it wont be necessary.

Well I was requested to post my keywords – the majorities are posted on the following forum.

(all I ask is if you copy from the forum that your reference where it came from, thanks)

I would love if someone from the Satsuma or Jacksonville area would take a look at the information we have posted and see if any of these areas make any sense. None of us are in the area, so we do all our searching online. You can’t find the placement of a dumpster online! LOL so local help would be great.

The other day I was pondering if I should send what I had received to Law Enforcement. I decided to do that! I figured they know the case and area better than I; so I forwarded it to them. Now what they decide to do with it is their decision. They may decide some of it makes sense – then again they could say oh – it’s from some psychic! LOL But, at least I know I tried.

This is not of importance to the case – I’m just curious if Haleigh liked Elephants and the circus? I know a strange question – but then again I’m a little different! LOL So if any family member reads this and wants to comment on the Elephants and circus I would love to hear from you.

My prayers and thoughts are with Haleigh Cummings and her family and friends.Please post information about Haleigh or a missing person in your area on your blog or website – keep their faces seen!

Adji Desir Missing Florida Boy Update

Adji Desir, missing Florida boy, was shown and discussed on the Nancy Grace show last night, March 4, 2009! Yes! He is starting to get the media coverage that is needed to find him. I was thrilled when I flipped over to her show last night and there was little Adji. They even spoke about his case for a time period.

They believe due to his mental capacity; he probably did not wander off on his own. Of course, that is what I got in the case. Law Enforcement stated he was last seen less then 100 feet from his grandmother’s home, and disappeared within a 15-minute window of time. I hope my vision of Adji is correct because that would mean he is safe and well taken care of. Law Enforcement stated they have received more viable leads in the case because of the America’s Most Wanted show.

I hope and pray that one of the leads they have received will lead directly to Adji Desir, and bring him home safely to his family. Please help find Adji or a missing person from your area, by posting their picture on your websites and blogs! It is so important to keep their pictures out there!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Missing Florida Girl Tips

I was checking the forums I frequent to see if there were any updates on the Haleigh Cummings case. I ran across an article about police visiting a neighbors house to see if their doorbell chimed like a grandfather clock! That one was a little strange. Here is the link to the article:

So, what type of tip do you think lead to such a thing? Could a psychic have given that information?

On another forum I read the other day - a psychic went to Satsuma, FL and handed one of the detectives the information he had on the case.

I have been sitting here today wondering if I should send some of the keywords and descriptions to Law Enforcement? I have only done that in one other case. They never responded! LOL Not that I really thought they would. Did I get some of the information correct - yes. Does some of the information still make no sense to me - definitely, but then again everyone in that case lies. I doubt we will ever know how Caylee was killed and if her body had been moved a number of times before it was found.

Gosh, I know the information I have been given on Haleigh may or may not be correct - or more specifically I may have misinterpreted it; but me searching the internet to see if it makes sense is not helping Haleigh. Should I or shouldn't I forward the basic information to Law Enforcement? The media makes psychic information seem like a joke - but they don't live our lives. We didnt ask to be the way we are things just happen to come to us - then they just happen to come true!

I dont have specific information as to where Haleigh is - I sure wish I did. I have words - phrases- pictures given to me in my mind - a name - but just a first one - which could also be the name of something. Most doesnt make any sense to me - why should it - Im not involved in the case, but could it mean something to those working the case - maybe? Oh my what to do?

Please if anyone has any information about the whereabouts of poor little Haleigh Cummings please please please contact law enforcement. They say you dont have to give your name - please give this family the peace of mind they need! If it were your child or a relative of yours you would want someone to come forward! Things happen - people make mistakes - we are all human - so have a heart and tell what you know to help someone else!

Robert Wiles Kidnapping Case - FBI updates March 3 2009

I was reading on the WFTV channel 9 website an update on Robert Wiles case was posted today. I pulled these from the article:

The FBI and the victim's family revealed new information at their headquarters in Maitland Tuesday about the people they believe are responsible.

Eyewitness News has learned the FBI knows exactly who kidnapped Robert Wiles last April. Investigators say they live or work in Orlando, Lakeland or Melbourne. But before they make an arrest, they need and want information about the suspects and tips about where Wiles may be to help build their case.

The FBI won't reveal suspect names. Eyewitness News found out details in a ransom note the family received proves it's someone with intimate details about Robert's personal life and the inner workings of the family business, possibly an employee.

The full article:

Well, I find that information sort of odd. The reason being if people in these areas do not know the names of the individuals – how are we supposed to assist with information about them? They know exactly who they are – but says they live or work in one of the three named areas? I find it odd and confusing. I am sure they are doing this for a reason, I just don’t understand.

Since I’m sure the kidnappers are keeping up with the case and FBI has informed the media that they know exactly who they are – then why not put their names out there as persons of interest? Then again, if they think the people responsible possibly include an employee – gosh they are probably right up to date with the case! I don’t think I would want to be an employee of National Flight Services, right at the moment.

So, I would gather then the possibility of the reading I did the other day, would make sense – maybe. Only in that the father would be shocked to know who was really behind this. The second part would be the two names and possible positions held within that company or another one. Maybe it is their company? Hmmmm…. Also, that the supposed dinner was hush-hush because it would be a big score; Robert would have trusted someone within the company that set up the dinner. I wish I could have understood all that I was given.

Of course, I am only human and could have misinterpreted the information I was given while doing a psychic picture reading. Then again maybe the names or position would help? Hopefully, the FBI searches for blogs with information pertaining to their cases!

If you have any information you feel would be of assistance with the Robert Wiles kidnapping please contact the FBI. This poor family needs to find their son!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Psychic Visions in Missing Person Cases

I try to keep the number of cases I work on to a minimum, due to not wanting to get any confusion between them. On some cases I only do a picture read on the individual or family members to see what I can get. Others seem to invade my life; I get attached.

I have two cases right now which are very dear to me, and I try to see if any updates are occuring in the cases. Unfortunately the two cases seem to be lacking in clues for the investigators. I hope and pray these two poor children will be found soon.

I do post some visions or dreams with information on a site I frequent. If you are interested in seeing what I have received in visions or dreams, feel free to visit the cases on Brians Dreams.

If you are a family member of one of the cases I try to receive information on -PLEASE remember I am only human and can misinterpret the information. I will always continue to hope and pray that all missing persons are returned safely to their families - no matter what information I receive.

If someone lives in the immediate area of one of the cases I work - wow I would love to hear from you. Maybe you can tell me if any of the information makes sense.

Please pray for all the missing persons and their families.

Missing Person - Robert Wiles - Kidnapped Lakeland Florida 2008

I don’t usually post any of the visions or opinions, whatever you prefer them to be called, on my blog. Since law enforcement has requested even gut instincts, I will in this case. Remember, I am only human so these few words may not have any meaning what so ever – then again – who knows.

First of all, I get that Robert definitely had a sense of humor. I sense he had a supposed diner meeting. The meeting was a setup for the kidnapping; it was kept hush-hush because it would have been how he would say a “big score.” They have a knife and they did not fly into the Lakeland Airport. The person is someone he thought to be a friend but the people who actually kidnapped him were “wise cracks” to do the dirty work. They were possibly of Hispanic origin. His father would be floored if he knew who was really behind this. Tell them to back track. A couple of names came to mind: Allen and Lionel also CEO CFO.

To the family of Robert Wiles: I hope one day your son will return. I cannot even begin to know the pain and heartache you must be experiencing. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Robert.