Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Psychic Journey Involving Missing Persons Continues

My psychic journey involving missing person’s cases continues. I was going to do it as one blog entry, but decided it would have been too long for anyone to read! LOL I’m not implying my reader’s have a short attention span, just it is a separate case.

While contemplating the reasons I am given information which I cannot do anything with, I was scanning thru a forum on missing persons. Yeah, you would think I would know better – but for some reason I am being drawn in this direction – so I followed.

I was lead to a case. As soon as I clicked the button – there was a photo! Gosh, those who know me realize I am a photo reader. I began getting feelings, ASAP! What was I supposed to do – just stop! No not me.

So I went with the flow. Only God knows why. I noted what I was receiving. But then I went back to the forum and realized – on this case there was no request for psychic visions or dreams, and the mother of the missing person is a member of the forum. Oh, now I had a dilemma. A learning experience I had to process. It made me really stop and think about “missing persons” and their families. I cannot give or offer any visions to families that have not requested such. Who am I to assume I have the correct information, only God knows the answers.

So I went back to my notes and put a comment about learning to provide information to families, only if requested to do so. For the information may not be correct. I could have accidentally misinterpreted symbolism I was receiving. I could not post this information anywhere. Someone reading the information may too assume things that are not really said or given. For example: Say I heard a gunshot – that does not necessarily mean the person was shot. All it would mean is a gun was fired at some point. See it is very hard to keep yourself from assuming things when you are given symbols or sounds, etc.

Well, I later went back to the forum – after learning the moral lesson of not posting my vision – because it was not requested. Low and behold a new topic was posted from the mother of the missing person. Yup, requesting information via visions and dreams! Sometimes I think I am gonna lose my mind. See what I mean – I keep being lead in this direction – something always happens. I just don’t know what to do?

I did message the mother because I took it as a sign. I did not give her the reading information. What I did do is explain what happened and tried to explain to her that many psychics receive a lot of information – such as in another missing persons case and sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. Please remember this when and if psychics do start sending her information. We are only human and God is the only one that knows the answers and will reveal them when he feels it is the right time.

She did message me back and I sent her some of the reading – with a continued request to remember I am only human. The information I did receive – I do not feel will help in finding her loved one, but maybe some of it would make sense to her. I let her know that I will continue to pray for her daughter and entire family.

So my journey continues to where I have no clue. I figure one day God will explain to me why I am given this information and what in the heck I am supposed to do with it! Until then I continue on my path.

Reflections of a Psychic - Missing Person Case

My journey as a psychic seems to take many paths that cause me to reflect on so much more then just the readings themselves. Trying to understand why I go in different directions with my readings and then questioning, "why I am given this information?" For many years I have wanted to be able to help people with the "gifts" I have been given. I could never figure out how to actually help.

Thru my past experiences this year, I seem to be heading down the path of working with Law Enforcement in solving cases. If you follow my blog, you can see this connection from past blogs. But, I have been really confused as to how to follow this in actual life.

Well, one case struck me and so I did try to connect with the missing person. I did this on several occasions over the past month. I received some rather disturbing information - but nothing that would assist in the finding of the person, until a few days ago.

The information I received - was a bit detailed - but still not an exact location - which is needed by the police to actually find the person. I knew there was no way I would know the area or the street name I was given! This caused me much anxiety because what could I do with this information? Thank goodness my husband and girls accept me as I am! My husband told me to call the police department and provide them with what I had been given. He too knew I could not come up with this information on my own. I showed him on mapquest and he said to let them know. I then showed my two oldest girls and they too said - tell them mom.Easier said then done.

For me this would be a giant step in letting the "outside" world know I am different. Would they think I was a crackpot? My family's response was "Who cares what other people think" Gosh, they are right - but I have always felt the need to protect my family from the skeptics.

So, like it seems thousands of psychics have - I emailed the information I was given to the appropriate law enforcement agency.No response from Law Enforcement. I'm not surprised - who am I to them. I’m just a middle-aged lady who has given them yet another psychic tip. Yes, I know I may not be right about where the body is - why would I be given the location?Can I go out and search this location myself? No, I cannot go searching around private property. I’m liable to get myself shot!

So, another thing in my life that I have to just put in God's hands. I have to accept, if God wants this person found and I have been given the information, then he will lead the police department to me from my email or he will let the searchers find her in another way. It is God who is the only one in control of the situation. We are all here to learn lessons and so it is just a waiting game until all involved realize what they have to learn.