Saturday, March 18, 2017

Elizabeth Thomas Missing Maury County TN March 2017

It has been a number of years since I have posted!  I was on Facebook and saw an Amber Alert for Elizabeth Thomas; it was posted by a friend who lives in Maury County, TN.   Being I lived in the area many years ago, I felt compelled to try and see if I still had the ability to calm myself and possibly receive any information. 

As in the past, the information makes no sense to me.  However, strange words and picture descriptions searched in Google– bring up some interesting listings.

These are the words or pictures I received this morning:

Duck River
Columbia Records
Army green tent
Romeo and Juliet
Picture of rocks or stones with water

Talk about strange words to put together! 

But Google ---Wizard Duck River Camel
Duck River with Moses Brown, Daniel Jackson and Capt. ...... request to create US Camel Corp.

Then Google: Wizard Duck River
John Watson Morton - 2014 - ‎History
In another hour Forrest would have been in possession of Duck River, and the only line of communication with Nashville would have been in the hands of the ...

Now if I include Nathan Forrest (wizard) and park into the equation –
Information for visitors to this state park, on the shore of Kentucky Lake, near where Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest attacked and destroyed a ...

I also noticed a Chickasaw Trace Park is along the Duck River in Maury County, but all I could find was trail information. 

I did not Google Columbia Records; however the historical records of the Columbia area lead to the Wizard and Camels!

The Army green tent could be a connection to the Civil War or they could be camping?

So, you see how the separate words and pictures I received – when put together can actually make sense.

I realize my interpretation of the information I received may be incorrect.  That is why I provide the basic words or information as they may mean something to someone familiar with the people involved or the case. 

Please keep Elizabeth Thomas in your thoughts and prayers.  Post her information and picture wherever possible.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heather Elvis Missing Myrtle Beach, SC December 2013

I haven’t done any readings in a couple of years, but a friend from Tennessee posted a picture of Heather on her Facebook page saying she was missing.  I thought it was a friend of the person posting.  I decided to try and do a reading by the picture. I really did not feel I was getting anything, except the lyrics of a song kept playing in my head; “Carolina looks like California,”  Then after doing the reading and googling her name Carolina does make sense.  Not sure if, looks life California plays into anything.

I have had three dreams involving hotels lately, not sure if they apply to Heather or not. I will try to pull some bits and pieces from them to see if they mean anything to someone familiar with the area or people involved in the case. The first dream the main characters were two females and two males, wanting to send a money order anonymously. Then two other young males ask for a guy named Chris. A Spanish groom and bride, with bride wearing a black and blue dress.  Then a male was spying thru a vent into a ladies bathroom.  I know things do not really make sense but I am just trying to pull some of the information in case it means something to somebody.

The second hotel dream involved two sisters going to stay at the beach. The older sister was going to stay at a certain hotel or flophouse but felt it would not be a good place for the younger sister because of all the males staying there.  So she made reservations at the Holiday Inn next door. Problems arose checking in because of a $5700 balance due, something about boat storage. So they went back to the first hotel.  Unfortunately, the younger sister was molested.

The third hotel dream involved a husband and wife staying at a hotel at the beach. The husband was a police officer. They took the police helicopter out over the water and when they were out there was a boat below them with I think at least three young males.  The male with the bright neon green swim trunks jumped into the water.  They go back towards the hotel and hover at the balcony of the room and then they park the helicopter. The wife uses the service elevator. The officer then receives a phone call and is told he dropped a screwdriver on a hotel and he better go find it or he will be fined.  But they had never even flown over a hotel and did not know which hotel to go search.  All I can remember about the hotel is knowing it has changed hands at least 3 times.

The fourth dream did not involve a hotel.  It actually involved someone moving into an abandoned foreclosed  home.

Some of the other things that have popped in my mind either vision or audio include:
 Pretty in Pink
Loscago –light blue lettering on top left of page
Old wood shacks
Song lyrics “I’ll find a spot on the side of the road”
Walking hand over mouth
I was asking to find out something to get us to a location. Rodney
"don't give up on her"
She is sunshine
Along the Apple gate
She's a Daddy's girl 
antique silver cross lying in a dark crumbly material. (picture - not sure if it was dirt or a cake mix?? i didn’t see the surroundings)
Plaid Parasol
bright deep yellow vehicles
references to Boston Massachusetts and Belize talk about opposite areas
"why was the Chihuahua in the truck?' 

Not being from the area or knowing anyone involved, I have no idea what any of this may or may not mean. I just felt I would put it out there in case it helps in some way. Please keep Heather and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coincidence or Not? Ayla Reynolds Missing Case

Just a brief note about the previous post. As I was reading an article on Ayla's case it said something about video footage from a store being given to the investigation. So guess where that store is located?

Portland Maine -

When I googled the location it is within walking distance to Mercy Hospital - where the meeting was to be held. If I am incorrect with my mapping - do not hesitate to correct me - that is how I learn.

Coincidence or what? This is a good example of the things that just HAPPEN in MY WORLD!

Here is the link:

A spokeswoman for Cumberland Farms told News 8 that the store turned over footage from its Pine Street location in relation to the investigationRead more:

Please keep Ayla Reynolds' picture and information on your websites and blogs - the more she is seen the better chance we have of finding her. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ayla and your family.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ayla Reynolds Missing - Psychic Coincidence?

Ok, so when I am working on a case; sometimes strange coincidences start to occur in my life. A strange “coincidence” happened last Saturday. I had been reading some of the articles about Ayla prior to going into town. I had put my phone on silent because I was at an event and didn’t want to disturb anyone with my phone ringing.

When I returned home I checked my phone and I had received a text message. The text was from a phone number I did not know; it wasn’t local. I went ahead and read it; it was telling me about a meeting to be held on Sunday. It just seemed really odd; but I put it off to being some sort of mass texting.

I decided to Google the area code it was: 207. Hmmm Maine! LOL I’m used to my “coincidences!” I then proceeded see if I could figure out where in Maine, from the information in the text.

I am not going to post the man’s complete cell phone number because that would not be appropriate, due to the circumstances. He thought he was texting a friend or acquaintance.

The beginning of the number that texted me is 207-229-6xxx. And the text said:

“If you are an early riser on Sunday, there is a good meeting at 9:00 am at Mercy Hospital on State St. in the Upper Auditorium located at the sub basement level 2.”

So, the text was about a meeting in Portland, Maine!

It really started bugging me to know what kind of meeting it was, so I texted the number back and asked.

I did receive a response from this person stating what type of meeting it was. It seems it was a type of AA Meeting.

Because the person texting back used his friend’s first name; I realized it was not a mass text. So, of course, I let him know it was a wrong number.

So, that is my strange coincidence! A text from Maine in the same area the father had once lived and Ayla’s mother still resides. Any thoughts on this?

Please keep Ayla’s picture and information on your websites and blogs! Ayla you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ayla Reynolds Missing from Waterville Maine December 17, 2012

I know it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. I haven’t done many readings this past year. I was however; lead to do a couple of readings on Ayla.

As usual, I have no idea what any of the information actually means. Most things that come to me when doing a reading are one or two words or a quick picture of something. When the words are as you would say “spoken” to me; I can misinterpret but try to write what it sounds like.

The first reading I did was on December 22, 2011 at 7:05am

Here are my notes:

The Dad

She looks like the girl in my dream - You saved me

I keep picturing the cliff – water at bottom

I’m living
There is not much around
I get the feeling of large boulders or rocks – orangish in color like slabs that are being walked on. – boulderdash??
My mom has a friend
Jeans thin only see bottom of legs can’t tell if male or female. Possibly cowboy boots – guessing male.
There should be parental protection laws.
I’m hungry
I picture the part of my dream where we jump with the rope attached and Life line pops into my head.
She is the Sunshine of my life

The second reading, I forgot to put the date.

Gone swimming with the fisheees
There is not too much darkness
The trees swing?
Or a tree swing
Don’t be so soopy (sapee – sounded like short a long e)
Yellow rose
Push the buttons
Brick road

These notes are from January 15, 2012 – 5:05pm

I’m freezing

Twinge behind my left ear and down
She never went up to her bed
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Male with short brown hair, only saw from chest up – like he was at a table of desk – not a good view. Hair not real short; just wasn’t long to his shoulders. Average build – couldn’t tell if any facial hair.

I tried to do a reading last night – February 16, 2012 but the only thing that Popped into my Mind – was coffee.

I do have an interesting tidbit to add – which is what I call from “My World”.
When working on a case, it seems coincidences seem to happen. And I have one – hmmm think I better do it in a separate blog – this one is getting long.

Please keep Ayla’s photo and information on your websites and blogs to keep her in the public eye! My thoughts and prayers are with you Ayla Reynolds and your family and friends.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Missing Family and Friend: Sarah Maynard(FOUND), Tina Herrmann, Kody Maynard, and Stephanie Sprang from Mt Vernon OH

I woke up early the morning of November 11, 2010 and told my husband, “I think there is going to be another case.” I could only remember bits and pieces of what I had just been dreaming – but I knew I had been shown “meat.” What seemed very odd to me this time was a whole family seemed to be somehow involved and it was very confusing.

The meat I was shown in this dream seemed to be in the shape of a square and about the size of my palm. The meat appeared to be setting on top of a dress – the dress may have been a burgundy color.

There seemed to be two parents – I think two sisters? Somehow I guess the parents find a child dead? They freak out and think possibly the other daughter killed her. But in the dream not sure if that is really a ploy to “bring out” the true murderer?

Something about the dress and or meat and the dishwasher?

Also something about a drink or maybe blood in a container.

I remember someone who I thought was the father and one of the girls are somewhere different – away from the house. He is trying to lure maybe the true murderer to the house? He tries different stuff but it’s not working, so he ends up calling an old friend of his that is somehow related to Law Enforcement. He tells this man he is too drunk or too hung-over to get in his house? It makes no sense to the man he is telling this to; but the man is going to meet him at the house.

I know this dream is so bits and pieces. I was unable to pull back all that was happening in the dream. Even as I was getting the information I was noting to myself this is too confusing.

A few other notes to add which may be associated

On November 5 2010 the Song from the Green Acres TV show kept playing in my head and has on and off since then. Just noting this because a friend who works on these cases sent me a map of where Sarah was found – and the road near there is called Green Acres.

Another vision dream I had 11/14/2010 was a bit strange – Ok that is normal for me. But it was this black liquid – it was covering this large area of land. There were buildings in the background which were at least two stories high. All of a sudden this black stuff would start gushing upward – it went higher than the buildings. It may have been OIL but I’m trying not to assume – since in actuality I saw a black liquid stuff.

My friend asked me to go ahead and put a blog up incase anyone local would know what the black liquid or Oil may be representing and could possibly help find the other three persons.

Please keep Sarah Maynard (FOUND) and her family: Tina Herrmann, mother and Kody Maynard, brother and friend Stephanie Sprang in your thoughts and prayers.

I know this blog may be a bit awkward – I seem to still not have gotten myself back to normal yet. I know I also owe a few people some readings – but I am still a little flaky since the illness. I hope to be 100 percent soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zahra Baker Missing Hickory NC - Psychic Notes

I have not added my meditation notes on Zahra’s case yet because I have been a bit under the weather. I will try to go thru my notes now and add the few bits and pieces.

These are the actual notes from the photo read on did on Zahra Baker missing from Hickory, NC.

Zahra Claire Baker
Missing 10/9/2010
Reading jn/13/2010 meant 10/13/2010 (not sure how in the heck jn was entered I usually use the 10 key to enter the date)

Go to the top of the mountain
C word maybe CAD word
I see the paved road with dirt going up on sides
Topsy truvy
Happy jumping up and down – im free
She talked to me about it first
Tall trees possibly pines
Park setting
Had some kind of party there
Half sister younger dark hair

On 10/14/2010 I meditated on Zahra Baker and these are what I am able to decipher from my notes while I was meditating. I realize some of this makes absolutely no sense whats so ever! But I am putting it here so it is all in one place and I can learn. Some of the strangest things I have gotten in cases, have made sense to the families so I am putting it all out there.

September 29 2010
You tube
Lisa got angry
She had cancer again and didn’t want to go thru it again ( I put a note that this may end up being Lisa’s story)
RR Track
That’s my story and im sticking to it
Black lady knows something
Blonde lady pregnant
Donuts each have one no each have two

Note from 10/15/2010

Woke up with an “R” word – trying to figure it out maybe sounds something like Robious?? Googled around seems there is a Rhodiss NC but not sure if that is what it is in reference to or not.

Meditation 10/15/2010

Please hold me tight
Big yellow box truck going thru woods
Saw a plane overhead
Poured water from bucket into something and a man said Yuck

10/17/2010 note
Milk Crate made of plastic – not sure why but it popped into my mind

10/21/2010 Note
I looked down and on my left thigh there is this strange red marking.

Bruise behind right ear