Friday, April 17, 2009

Psychic Visions and Missing Children Update April 17 2009

Just a quick update, I have not had the opportunity to do many readings in the past week. Life seems to be keeping me very busy. Not much peace and quiet! LOL Plus, a good friend of mine has a missing person whom she is very concerned about - therefore, I have been trying to put what little time I have into trying to support her and see if I can get anything to help.

I did receive a couple of my "flash" visions which are only visual with no explanations. The first one I believe to be in reference to one of my children. I was shown some kind of pink cream placed totally around her right eye. I told her to be careful so hopefully nothing comes of this. Maybe she will get pink eye - I just don't know.

The other one was very odd - I was shown a young girl - but I can not say for sure if was Haleigh or another child. I was shown the child turning from a child to a china - porcelain doll? There was a man watching her as this was happening. He seemed to be in his 20's or 30's long brown straight hair - of a slim to medium build. Not sure where this came from. A friend suggested I look into the Madeleine McCain case. I have been requested by another person to do a read on her also, but have not had a chance as of yet. So I do not want to see what the case is - until I do my reading.

I am sorry I am behind on two requested readings - I have not forgotten about them - just have to get the quiet time. Please forgive me for the wait, I know they are both important.

I did read a quick note from someone that Gail St. John is down in Florida and going to work on both the Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings cases. I hope she is able to shed some light on one or both of these cases! These poor children need to be found - their families deserve closure - and hopefully the children back to the people who love them!

Remember to place the pictures of missing persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missing Persons Cases - Psychic

I took off for over a week and enjoyed Spring Break with my family. We were in the back woods with no television or computer access! Wow a different life for sure! Very quiet and peaceful, a time to take a deep breath and pray all the missing persons would be found. The only communication I had with the outside world was a text message from a friend.

My friend asked me if I had gotten anything while I was away. The only thing I had gotten was a suitcase being unzipped and a slab of meat inside. I told her I had no clue as to who, what, where or why. It was just one of those quick visions with no more detail. She immediately texted me back saying they found Sandra Cantu in a suitcase. The name had no meaning to me, so I asked who she was. She had gone missing after I had left modern civilization! I don't know if this was a connection to her or not?

Then as I return home to check my email, I received a note of a missing Georgia chef - I believe the name is Brandon Patton, will have to double check that one. A slab of meat could go with a chef too??

I have not done a reading on either of these cases. If I have some quiet time I may try to see if I can find out more on Brandon, if he has not been found yet. It appears the police in California seem to have a good investigation going at this time, so I will let that one be for now.

I tried to see if I could find any more information on the little girl Haleigh Cummings in Florida, I had prayed she would be found while I was on vacation - but it appears she has not been found. I hope Law Enforcement has some good leads they are following - since they are keeping the information confidential.

I did happen to see a small note they did another search for Adji Desir while I was gone. I do not know any specifics as to where or why they searched or if anything was discovered. Hopefully, they will let the public know something.

Please keep all these missing persons and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Remember to post their pictures and information on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cold Case Paige Birgfeld Missing Colorado Woman

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I was on Spring Break!

When I came back, Paige Birgfeld's name was mentioned to me as a missing person, so I went to the forum and did a quick photo read on Paige. After the read I did a little reading on the case to see if anything immediately made sense. Some of the information made me feel she was someone who liked to play games and so it seems some of the info was related to a video game called Mario or Super Mario, kinda strange.

Only on occassion do I post a read - being this is an adult and a cold case I feel comfortable posting this read in hopes someone out there may be able to figure out if any of this means anything. I am also posting this on the forum - so feel free to jump on there too and make any comments or responses.

April 8, 2009

Paige Birgfeld missing

photo read:

Kansas City connection
Tip-top shape
On the Ocean side
Under the tornado
Google this: The Tippy top of the arrow, go to the left and around the ground – stop – jump up and down 3 times – center yourself in the center of the circle – showed me to extend my left arm straight in front of me – and my right arm extended out to the right – then move the arms to the center of this space and go down.

I thought wow she likes to play games!

This reading was done with no prior knowledge of the case – I was told she was missing and pulled a photo off of Brian’s site.

So, the first thing I did was try to Google what I was told to. When I entered part of the information everything seemed to be about a game called Mario or Super Mario

Then I did go and read a bit about the case. She is missing from Colorado so not sure who has the Kansas City connection? They seem to have a person of interest who may or may not have been presented to me as a “boyfriend”. It seems one of her ex-husbands is the last known person known to see or speak to her. Tulip and Jasmine – not sure how may apply – but I think I read there may have been flowers on her shirt? I have no idea on the tip-top shape, on the ocean side, under the tornado – not sure if this could possibly be something with the game that came up with the google request?

I went and found on wiki the Mario game – it said Land’s End is the last part of the game? I went to the map of the area Grand Junction – it shows a town or something called Land’s End?? Not familiar with the area at all. It also said Land’s End is the last piece of land in the entire world before the Ocean???

If anyone knows the case or area please feel free to help decipher the information I was given. Oh, if you know the Mario game that could be of help too if there is a certain area of the game as described above?

I hope Paige Birgfeld missing from Grand Junction Colorado will be found allowing her family to have peace of mind.

Remember to post photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep their cases in the public eye!