Sunday, May 31, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Satsuma Florida Response to Comments

I received a couple of messages regarding the blog I posted on May 17, 2009 regarding the Haleigh Cummings case in Satsuma, Florida. I contemplated the messages for a little while, trying to decide a response.

At first, I thought well maybe I should post exactly what I was shown. But I tried to put myself in Crystal Sheffield’s shoes and I just cannot post it. The person(s) considered my lack of total release of information to the public as CRUEL, in their opinion. I myself would not personally consider the failure to post as CRUEL but maybe somewhat annoying for a person with a curious personality. I too am an extremely curious person, so I do understand the annoying and curious possibility.

The information that was not included in the blog could not in anyway help in finding Haleigh! Finding Haleigh is the top priority at this time. Not what might or might not have gone through a persons mind at the time of Haleigh’s disappearance. I did however send the entire page of notes to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. I did this only to not misinterpret any information that I was given.

As a mother, if I was in Crystal or Ron’s situation, and I stumbled upon a psychic vision regarding my missing child that included something horrible that may or may not have happened; the scenario may start to run continuously through my mind as an awful possibility! I cannot do that to her family. From things I have read on the Internet I do feel they could possibly stumble upon my site – therefore I still feel it is in the best interest of the family not to provide all the details directly to the public. If they choose to contact the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and request to see the entire reading that is their option.

To the persons who commented on the blog – Thank you for sharing your opinions; I respect everyone’s opinions. I know that we are all concerned with finding this precious child, which is the top priority. I must continue to do as I feel is ethically and morally correct for me.

Thank you readers for your comments.
Please remember to post photos on your blogs and websites so these missing persons can be found!

Robert Wiles Missing Lakeland Florida New Reading May 31 2009

I was looking at the Analytics of my blog and noticed people are reading the post on Robert Wiles a number of times this month. So, I thought it has been sometime since I had done the original reading; maybe it was time to try again and see if I got anything.

After I completed the reading with Robert, I thought well there really isn’t anything I can verify. I had forgotten to ask a question for verification because things were coming so quickly. I went back and read what I was given because I usually just type quickly to try and get everything down. The only thing I thought I could possibly check on was whether he really had a sister. Well yes he does but he has two sisters, so I am not sure if he was referring to one particular sister or if it was meant in the plural form. Most of what I received was clairaudience therefore I could have easily misunderstood. Who knows I’m only human.

So, please sisters don’t feel left out! Ugh maybe it was meant for both of you. Then again what he said maybe you would want to point figures at it being the other! LOL he does have a sense of humor.

It was pretty long so I will try to give you a summary of some of it. If the people watching this blog are family – then please know that he loves you all dearly. I hope that it is not the persons involved reading this – but her goes a summary. Anyone that would like to comment or question something please feel free to leave a message on the blog.

They ransacked my apartment drugs were NOT involved
I was a pretty much legal guy – Ok sometimes fishing I might not report all I caught! LOL but come on it was a fish. (His sense of humor showing here)

My mom is the dearest person you could ever meet. If you meet her one-day you will see what I am talking about. You couldn’t ask for a better mom. Dad has a tough side to him but that was his business side not the family dad side.

My sister is a little snooty at times but she was spoiled growing up it was bound to happen. She is great though that side was not part of our relationship.

It is a deserted place there are trees and underbrush everywhere – I just don’t see how they will ever find this spot. A knife – in a car – in back seat – silver car – nice car – more of a luxury car – showing going down a paved road but nothing out there. US 17
Old pickup truck – Mexican looking person with mustache – sitting in back of truck – red truck–thugs that he hired – gun

Espionage – I was a threat to them. It was never really about the kidnapping money that was just a cover. It was about a deal I was working on they wanted the business – stepping on their toes.

He shows me the luxury silver car again. Going to the back seat. There is someone in the back seat with him. Can’t see the front seat. They were talking business – it’s a set up they meet the red truck. The man in the car is an older man – I cant see him getting gray hair think kinda curly fuller face - suit - grey suit maybe mustache acting very friendly and upbeat joking around at first making Robert feel comfortable. Sam – Sam I am – oh go this way it will be quicker – weird like taking a shortcut to where they were supposed to be going but really the back roads. The man in back tells the driver. Robert doesn’t think anything odd at this time, just casual conversation. Robert starts yelling Why are you doing this – You think you are a tough know it all kid - I’m gonna show you don’t mess with other peoples livelihood.

Dad its not worth putting anyone else in jeopardy to find me – please accept what has happened and take care of the family that is what is important now. Enjoy life – you never know how long you have – Mom needs to know that I am good – I am around her all the time – When she looks up and sees that little sparkle in the air – know it is me that is there for her.

I love you all dearly – please go on with your lives – if I am to be found I will be – and one day these people will be caught and will pay for what they have done to our family but revenge is not the answer – its not worth it! I love you guys, Robert.

Please remember I am only human! This is what I was given and if it has meaning to his family that is what is the most important thing. Like I wrote earlier – if you would like to contact me regarding this reading, please feel free to leave me a message on the blog.

Remember to post photos of missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep their faces in the public eye!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream of Missing Child Mother Figure Not Being Believed!

I do not have any names or location to go with this dream I had last night. Not remembering or not knowing whom this dream was about is very stressful. I hope and pray that it was just some off the wall dream that is not reality for someone. Unfortunately, being the way I am there is no telling at this point.

If this is something that has happened, is happening or is going to happen: I feel terrible for the mother and this child. I wish I could remember more of what happened; maybe as the day goes on things will begin to resurface to a conscious level. If I get any specifics that may be helpful, I will update this blog.

The dream as I can remember it at this time: May 26, 2009 8:27am (kinda just for me)

I am a mother standing I believe in my kitchen when all of a sudden I get this overwhelming feeling that my child is in danger. I have allowed my child to go and visit my sister; the child has been gone for a couple of days at this point. I voice my concerns to my husband but he seems to think I am crazy. I reach this person by phone and whatever this person says while on the phone – it has been confirmed to me she does not plan on returning my child.

The sister has had mental issues in the past but nothing to this degree or the mother would not have allowed the child to go. She truly believed her child to be safe with this other person. Now she knows this is not so. In the dream I am running around frantically trying to get dressed and figure out what to do. The police are contacted but for some reason they do not believe me!

I wish I knew if this was really happening to this lady right now! This is very difficult because I feel this lady is telling the truth about the circumstances but for some reason Law Enforcement is not believing her and at this point will not help her! If somehow this person reads this – I am sorry I cannot remember more to help you at this time – I know in your heart you believe you are right about the child and I feel for your situation. I wish I could remember more so that I could help you find her. There must be more to this scenario for the police not to step into the situation but for the life of me I cannot remember anything else.

If something about this dream sounds familiar please do not hesitate to leave me a message. Sometimes my interpretation can be off on exactly who is involved – meaning a sister to me could also be a close family friend; the husband could be a boyfriend etc. So don’t hesitate to contact me if the scenario is sounding familiar. Also, remember that it does not mean the mother in the dream is actually the biological mother but could be the mother figure to this child.

Please remember to place photos of missing children and persons on your websites and blogs to keep their faces in the public eye!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Haleigh Cummings May 17 2009 Update

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated the blog. Life has taken it's twists and turns and I have not had the opportunity to update. I also fear I will in the next few weeks lose the ability to update this blog on a regular basis. Hopefully, things will work out and I will have an internet conncection. Time will tell.

As I had previously written the bus stop was having significance to me in reference to Haleigh's case. I requested help but unfortunately no one seems to have been able to provide information. But I was reading yesterday about an incident at Haleigh's busstop where Ron almost ran over some of the other children. This is a major coincidence in my life as a psychic. Sometimes it seems that when I work on a case - things start happening in my personal life that reflect something to do with the case. I know odd! But one of the things about the bus stop that I was trying to find out about - is answered by this man who has come forward about Ron driving crazy at the busstop and almost hitting this man's children. Well the same thing happened at my daughters' busstop, and I was feeling the connection to Haleigh when it happened! So I feel I did have a true connection. So I decided to go back to my initial vision/dream and the next meditation and see what it was that I was given.

I read thru my notes from Feb 14 and Feb 18 2009. Hmmm.... ok so if some of the bus stop things are coming out now - I wonder if I pulled the wrong information out of the dream/vision when I emailed the Putnam County Sheriff. There were a few things that depending on interpretation could help with understanding who may have been involved with Haleigh missing. I don't feel the information not given would assist in finding Haleigh, but it may mean something to the Sheriff's department in whatever way they are looking at this case. Ok Im babbling, only because I am not going to put what it is that was in the vision - I just don't feel comfortable typing that for the world to read. It was probably the most horrible vision/dream I have ever had in my life! It scared me half to death. No it was not gory - it was just scary to me as a loving mom of a bunch of girls!

I know you are probably frustrated with me right now for saying I received more information than I am going to devulge, but I have my reasonings. I did however decide to forward the complete vision to the Putnam County Sheriff. I did so without giving any interpretation other then what I wrote the next day when it was over and fresh in my mind. I also included in the email a meditation on did on Feb 18 2009 incase some of that information was of importance.

So if you hear about a crazy psychic bugging the Putnam County Sheriff, it might just be me! LOL I have never received any communications back from the department and don't feel that I will concerning this information either - I'm sure it will hit the Trash Can where the other ones probably went! LOL But I will always know that I tried to help and provide the information - what they chose to do with it is up to them!

Please remember to post pictures and information about missing children and persons on your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye! Thanks again for reading - I hope the future will enable me to continue....

Update On Vision About my Daughter

Just thought I would note about the Vision flash I wrote about in the previous blog. I had seen my daughter with something pink all around her right eye. Well, wrong daughter right eye! LOL There goes that interpretation thing again. One of my daughters, not the one I warned to be careful about her right eye - was playing around and put this pink marker all around her right eye. When she went to wash it off it must have gotten in her eye and she was miserable for days. The weird thing is - I forget visions afterwards - well I didnt even put two and two together, until the daughter I told to be careful came home and saw her sister! She just gave me that weird look and duh Mom! LOL Then I remembered.