Monday, September 29, 2008

I Know This is a Life Changing Sign

I have been given a sign I can not ignore, but I do not know what exactly I am supposed to do. I feel a bit strange and guarded as I write this, which is not like me at all - when it comes to writing that is. I am an extremely shy person verbally, but enjoy writing. So, here goes what has transpired.

My previous couple of posts have related to experiences within the last couple of days. After I wrote the prior post this morning, I received a sign - or rather put two and two together but haven't gotten to four yet. After posting I decided to go and see about how you add your blogs to different blog catalogs. I'm a computer novice, so I googled. As I added this blog to a catalog, I thought - I really need to start the new blog I received insight for when I was meditating a couple of weeks ago. I thought should I do it under the blogs I already have or start a new one?

Then I zoned! I remembered searching psychic under this blog catalog to see where to place mine. That is the last thing I remember specifically. As I came to, so to speak, I was on Allison DuBouis website. She will be giving a seminar in October about an hour from me! The price is too expensive for me right now. I didn't remember her name as I was typing my previous blog - but there she was. As I was about to leave her site I noticed on the top menu there was a blog. I went and started reading and that is when I knew I was there for a reason! In her blog about places she had visited and had seminars; she mentioned a town in New York named Lily Dale and it said it was a town where all the members are mediums. I stopped in my tracks! This can not be, I have never heard of the town, with all my psychic searches etc.

As soon as I read that name - my heart jumped. I had been packing up my dining room crystal which had been in the cabinets ever since we moved in nine years ago. My youngest daughter was looking at a little crystal piece, kinda the size of a shot glass. It had been engraved with a couple of words. I remembered the piece because it had red with the etching on it. It was one of the items my mother in law had given me with all her crystal almost 20 years ago. I thought the etching was the name of the crystal company or something. She asked me what it said because it was in cursive. I remember telling her it says "Lily Dale."

I jumped up from the computer to double check that my memory was correct. I had to unpack the item to see if I was losing my mind or not! I found it and sure enough it says "Lily Dale." To make things stranger, my mother in law never believed in "mediums." Back when she was alive she accepted that I believed differently from her, and we would have conversations about my beliefs. We even made a pact if she passed before I, she would communicate with me if my beliefs were correct. On her death bed we had one more conversation and agreed on the type of communication we would have. So I would know it was really her. Only she and I knew what it would be!

Well, of course, she is able to communicate!

Then I started thinking - this piece has been in my cabinet for almost 20 years to the date. How many times have I seen this piece and never thought anything? Why today am I now being told about this piece? I feel this is a definite sign of something I should be doing or following. The question is how and what am I supposed to be doing - where is this part of me being lead? I have always wanted to help people, but i doubt myself tremendously. I accepted I am the way I am and have been doing free readings on a site for over a year now, but it's like there is a new step I should be taking. What is that step?

I tried asking for more guidance before I wrote this, but the dogs kept barking at the birds! LOL

My poor husband that didnt get sleep due to my tossing and turning - is not sure where the piece came from. He knows it was his moms but not sure how she came to have it. Maybe his grandmother but he is not sure. Says he'll have to think about it!

If anyone has any ideas - feel free to leave me a comment.

The crystal piece is sort of the size of a shot glass with a six pionted star on the bottom the top half is red with the etching "Lily Dale"

My Life Seems to be Imaging a TV Show Medium!

Oh my gosh! I woke up again thinking - I feel like the medium on the TV show, "Medium." I used to feel sorry for the husband whom would be woken up because his wife was having dream visions and the tossing and turning disturbed him. Now my husband and I are in the same situation.

Again last night I am tossing and turning - woke him up. Thank goodness he knows how I am, so he just asked what was going on. I gave him a brief explanation. This actually helps because many times after i receive something - I forget! He seems to remember what I said - but I don't tell him the whole thing, so the details still aren't there.

I wish I could be like the "medium" on TV - where I can actually remember everything that I am given! Maybe one day.

Friday, September 26, 2008

He's Buried in John's Backyard

A strange title to a even stranger vision/dream. I am very confused by a dream/vision I had last night. My husband asked me. "How do you know it wasn't just a dream?" Well, it was just different. Yeah, he gave me that look. But somethings I can just tell now, it's hard to explain to someone who doesn't experience the same things I do. Whether this is an actual thing that has happened or will happen, I can not say. Time is only relevant to us here on Earth. Could it also be possibly a lesson to learn with the death having symbolism? Maybe, but this seemed more like we need to give you this information.

I know I have been given this information before and still can't remember the specifics, even though I knew I had to remember. This is an awful feeling. I woke up at 3am and realized I couldn't remember the specifics I needed. Ugh, it is driving me crazy. After about an hour trying to force myself to remember - it popped into my head, "I feel like the medium on the TV show "Medium." I was given information but can't do anything about it because I can't remember it all. And why is this information being given to me? I don't remember how I relate to the information or if I do at all?

This post should be called "The Ramblings of a Confused Psychic!" LOL good thing I can still find humor in myself.

So, you are all probably asking, "Well, what do you remember?" Not much, but here it goes in case it means something to someone I have read for before. I say that because I have been there before, so to speak. It is not the first time I have been shown this information, but I can't remember how far back I received it.

Here goes:

I remember seeing myself standing in a house - just a regular middle/low income home - I think the home is a bit older - not new. I am in the kitchen area which opens up to a seating area if you look over the counter. There are no overhead cabinets between this part of the kitchen and I can see the chair and sofa directly. Someone has brought me to this place, but I don't know who - I think it is a female. Now, that person knows I am a medium - all of a sudden I "see" like I do - ah vision - a man sitting in the chair to the left of the couch, straight ahead of me. That is where he died - was murdered. But the man who murdered him took his body and buried it in "John's Backyard." Now the problem being - I was given the full name of the person murdered and I can't remember it! And I was given the first name of the murderer! The only name I can remember is "John." So, is John the murderer or the victim? Did John bury the person in his backyard, or did they take John back to his house and bury him in his own backyard?" Whoever the victim was this was not his home he was murdered in.

My understanding of the situation is the police know who murdered this man but they can not find the body. Without the body they can not prove the murder. This was not a premeditated murder, something happened while this man was visiting this home.

Now after I see and get the above information, I am then visioned to the victim- um not sure that is worded correctly. It's as if I am then communicating with the victim instead of the first person (spirit) that brought me into the situation. So, the victim then shows me a young lady maybe in late teens early 20's? Not sure - I think she has some sort of knitted type cap on her head. She is lead by I don't know who - to a neighbors house. She stays there for a little while and then comes back. As we return to the original home he starts to give me very detailed information - NO I don't remember it! But I knew as he was giving the information it was extremely important! So much so I tried to make notes about it, using a keyboard? But of course, that doesn't work! LOL

So, that is where I am at now! Lost in the space between spirit and earth. Who, Why, Where and When I do not know. The only other name that has popped into my head is Sylvester - not sure if may be another first name or the last name of the victim? I have no idea where or how this female plays into the picture either, except that she knows I am a medium?

Well, if I can retrieve any other information - I'll let you all know.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Back!

Went away for a little while in hopes of getting my mind somewhat straight! LOL I did work on a couple of things, but need to get it worked out a bit more.

I was just trying to "chill" and thought I would google, free psychic advice, oh my what we find. I was very disappointed out how commercial the psychic industry has become. It seems everyone wants to jump in on the action. As I read a couple of sites information it was easy to tell by the writings, the people writing the articles had no idea about being psychic. All they were wanting to do is put up their advertisements for psychic readings by others. Guess those clicks are important. To actually read their articles was a joke!

Well I guess I will have to go out there and do a blog about a real psychic with experiences and advice - but the problem being - I dont know how to get a large number of readers? I appreciate all of my current readers on here and hope that you will decide to follow my other blog too.

The new blog will be under a new name and author, but I will add it here on my links so you can get to it!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Sister is an Artist

Gosh, I wish I had the talent of my sister! Kris is a very talented artist who always amazes me with her abilities. She recently sent me a picture of a painting she just did! Yes, I mean it in that she just finished it - but also in the way of - she can sit down and a few minutes later so to speak, has an amazing painting to show for it. I would have to sit for months and then not come up with anything but a stick figure! LOL Guess the artistic talent skipped me!

I have started using the picture as my photo image on a couple of sites I read and blog on! Yes, I did get her approval. Paintings are copyrighted material!

As many of my reader's know things have been kinda negative around me lately - as soon as I saw the painting - I thought how positive! I needed that. I hope you all feel the same positive energy I did when seeing it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Make Our Own Everyday Miracles

The title may seem a bit weird, but I was not sure how to express what I was wanting to write about. Things have been very difficult for the past year - now even more so. But I try to keep my children's happiness in mind as we live this life. It came to me the other day while meditating "We make our own miracles." At the time, I wasn't really sure of the meaning. But today, and reflecting back on the past few weeks, I now understand better.

I'll start with today. Money is extremely tight but one of my daughters was invited to the homecoming dance. This is her first dance with a date and I know she really needed to go. We went shopping and while she was trying on a bunch of dresses, I prayed we would find one she liked and it would be very affordable. She didn't care for any she tried on and as she was dressing again, I told her I would go and see if maybe we missed something. We found a nice black dress in her size! How we missed it I couldn't tell you.

She tried it on and it looked great! She told me the price, $59.99 and I was like ok, then she said but it's half off! Great! While she redressed I headed to the shoe department to see what they had available. Looking thru the whole department - I told her, "Sorry, they do not have anything." She told me I'm gonna keep looking. She got to the back of the store and found a perfect looking shoe to compliment her dress, but it was too small. We about gave up then on the last row at the back was the perfect shoe in her size! You guessed it 70 % off! Great. Then a voice over the rack said, "there is an extra 40% off of that - the shoes will be $6.30!" Wow and they matched the dress exactly!

So, heading to the register - planning on paying $36.30 for the entire outfit! We were so proud of ourselves! The cashier rings up the purchase and I about fell over! She said the total is $18.30! Yes, for the great dress and perfect shoes for homecoming! Wow - a miracle. Maybe not the kind of miracle we all think about - but in itself a miracle in our lives right now!

If we had given up and not followed our gut, we would have left without the perfect dress and shoes!

Understanding your Psychic Journey

Learning to understand the "gifts" I have been given has sent me in a different direction then some other gifted people - may be that is why it has taken me longer to develop my God given abilities. I've known I was different from many people, from what I consider an early age, but never knew how to learn, develop, or accept these differences.

I would go to the bookstore and look at the New Age section. I would ponder thru numerous books to see where I fit into this "New Age" thinking. Why was I being given information? I am just a regular person - just an average girl in an average life. What is the purpose and why me?As I browsed thru the books I would look for answers and understanding, but very rarely did I ever find anything to explain the answers. So many psychics have written books about how to enhance aspects of psychic development. Many of the books I placed back on the shelf, because I felt people just wanting to make a buck wrote them. They never explained how they themselves had accomplished a better understanding of their abilities from performing such exercises.

Over the years, I have purchased books, but my choices were made by my gut instinct. As I reflect back the books I did purchase seem to also explain the authors own experiences, in which I could relate.I consider my journey different from many others, in the way I learn or understand my "gifts."I'm not saying others are not right in their development - I'm just different. My differences may also be what others are going thru - they are just not spoken or written about as much. I believe the reason some of us take a different path is we do not comprehend or cannot place the importance to the "meaning" of certain things. The best way for me to explain this is to example Tarot Cards.

For years I have owned Tarot Cards. I searched and did purchase many books on the Tarot, but the books - to me - were very confusing and the information made no sense. Well, maybe they would make sense but they seemed unimportant to me. I tried and tried to get myself to learn the meanings - I became very frustrated with myself because even though I was so drawn to the "Tarot" I could not make myself learn even the basic of meanings. So why was I drawn to something this strongly. Then many years later I realized the Tarot Cards are to me, a physical item allowing me to express my psychic gifts. It was like I needed something tangible to say "ok your not crazy."I have had the same Tarot Cards for many many years! I cannot even tell you what deck it is! LOL Like I said the importance of such things doesn't matter to me. I have learned to look at the cards and certain things pop into my head. What could be important in one reading with a certain card can mean something totally different in another reading. I am probably some Tarot readers’ worst nightmare! Actually, that is not true every reader has their own way of reading and could care less what another reader says. But it just popped into my mind; my sense of humor does that sometimes. Very rarely do I do "Tarot Readings" and if I do I will either just give the information I am given without telling the person what the cards are - if online. The other way I have done it is to give the reading - as I see it. Then I provide the person with the card names and if they want to investigate what they mean - they can. But somehow I doubt those meanings will be beneficial to the person.

To me the "if this then that" in my psychic world does not apply with the general understanding of psychic information. That is why I say I have traveled a different path then many psychics I have had communications with. I respect all those that I speak with and a part of me wishes that I had the background knowledge they have acquired. I just can't seem to go there. I have to accept the path I am given and go forward. I have written this to hopefully help other psychics like myself not to get discourage because they cannot learn in the same aspect as other psychics. Be yourself and follow your gut - you will learn and grow from the information within yourself. Only choose aids that seem important to your journey!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Lesson Learned in Psychic Interpretation

Interpretation of Psychic Information can be confusing in itself, but then add what you consider the definition of a reading, vision, note or warning to be. I forget not everyone knows me and therefore, everything I write effects others. I have been offering free readings on a site for about a year and yes I have a following, but I forgot there are always new people on the site who are not familiar with my readings.

I made an error when I put a note on a post. I said this is not a reading, which to me it was not. It was a note or maybe a warning to the individual to pay attention to something she had mentioned. It did not mean the information did not come to me - it just meant this was not really the information she was requesting be read. It was the only information I received and therefore she just needed to note the info incase it became relevant to her situation. Something she may not have realized could come into play in the future. Maybe it won't come about, I can only go by what I am given. I hope for her sake it never comes into play.

I have to look at this situation as a learning experience when dealing with my "gifts." I did apologize to the individual because after she responded I realized it was my error in labeling what I was given. Next time I think I will just type what I am given with no explanation as to what I consider the information to be. Then the person can decide what they feel the information is to them.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Had an Interesting Meditation

Meditating can help relieve stress on most days! LOL Today, I had an interesting meditation which may actually change my life. Not exactly change it but improve my thoughts. It has been an extremely difficult year in all aspects of my life - except one!

I realized that the area of my life that has not caused me stress is when I use my "gifts" to help people. Even though I may be experiencing enormous stress - I actually feel relief in some ways when I do a reading for someone and they feel better about their situation and decide to go forward with a positive attitude!

So, I am contemplating starting another Blog - and offering what I consider "psychic advice."

Not that I have millions of readers but I do a few followers and hope to expand. I think I will grab the blog name in a few minutes - if it's available. Won't name it now because I have to go check and see if I can get it first. LOL with my luck it will be taken!! Must keep my sense of humor!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm more afraid of Life than Death

This realization came to me - maybe yesterday?

My life is such a mess in so many aspects, and then I thought, so many people speak of being afraid of death. I'm not afraid of death; I'm afraid of Life!

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to die. My family is the most important thing to me and to leave my children without a mother, my husband without a wife, or my parents without a daughter - No! But death seems like peace to me, for my beliefs tell me I chose this path for some reason and only in death will I completely understand WHY I would choose such a life!
I guess I just want answers.

Death means returning to a different aspect and not dealing with humans that have caused havoc in my life. No one other than my husband probably knows completely what we have had to deal with in this life, and what we continue to live. It is very scary out there in the world today! We have been bombarded with evil and negativity from so many people. Yet we always are there for others - we try to help everyone and be kind to people - so then why do people always hurt us? It just doesn't make sense. We seem to be a magnet for negative people meaning those who cheat, steal and lie, Why?

So, that is why Life is definitely more scary than Death!