Monday, December 28, 2009

Robert Wiles - Psychic Reading Notes

Even though an arrest has been made in the case of Robert Wiles Kidnapping, I will continue to work the case. The reason being, of course, is my main objective is to Bring Robert Wiles home to his family!

I have received a few more minor visions and information regarding Robert, so I want to include them my blog to keep the information together.

From my notes on December 19 2009, I received the following:

Dyslexia too (this was received by audio so I’m not sure which too spelling is correct: too, two, to)
A Sense of Left (like in left handed?)
I saw two men in Orange polo shirts with black collars and black around the bottom of the short sleeve. It was like I was seeing them thru some long tube type thing? Possibly could be a uniform, since both men had on the same shirt.

Notes from December 25 2009 – Morning, I received the following:

Business type sign – but I couldn’t read what was on it – told myself to remember the colors – Blue and Green. It is a rectangular sign not far off the ground on a dark metal base – maybe a brushed brown in color. Then the sign may be around 4’ x 6’(just a guess I'm not good with measurements) and the entire sign has this brownish metal around it – kind of like you would slip the plastic type sign into the frame.


Climate Controlled

Then I saw a small white plane parked in a building.

Sister – nurse or medical field


I know this is all random things, but I hope one day that combining all these visions and audio will help put two and two together to bring Robert home!

Please remember to place Missing Children on your blogs and websites to keep their information and photos in the public eye! You never know what small piece of information my help Law Enforcement find these children!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Robert Wiles Kidnapping Recent Psychic Readings and Dreams

Robert Wiles Kidnapping Recent Readings and Dreams

I went through some of my recent notes and readings since Robert began visiting me again on Thanksgiving Day 2009. I wasn’t sure why Robert had chosen to come back and visit at this time, but he did, so I started trying to keep some notes on what I was given. Now, I will assume he knew that things were about to come to the public’s attention regarding his case and wanted to remind me of his case.

Only a couple of things match anything Law Enforcement is making public at this time, but I thought I would throw some of it out there in case these other notes have any meaning later in the case.

November 29 2009 Notes Robert Wiles Picture Reading

Venezuela – this was mentioned as a place LE went while investigating
We are gong down by the Lake Hollingsworth I am hesitant to even put this because I know the area – and am afraid – I subconsciously added it in???? But I don’t know
Chip – I believe I read one of the officers names was Chip! LOL
He wanted the money for drugs – I don’t know about this it contradicts parts of how I interpreted another vision – as Drugs were not involved – which could be saying Roberts apartment was not ransacked to find drugs? I don’t know I just giving what I get.
He concocted this whole scheme to throw everyone off I’m guessing the ransom was just to throw LE off and not search for a body immediately, but then again that is interpretation – I don’t know.

December 15 2009 Notes on Robert Wiles Case

I’m stepping on the stones that will bring me back. (being shown large stones or rocks kind of embedded in the earth)

R. (later when asked he said Riley)

The Eugene came in a dream that had something to do with what might have been a class reunion type setting in a conference room – what made me think of Class Reunion was a person came up to “me” whomever I was and said I’m sorry I don’t remember you and my reply was that is ok I was in the class under you)
The “R.” also came in that dream and later when I questioned it the word “Riley” came.

In the conference room I think there were 8 – 10 people, one of them being the Sister of whoever I was. She was seated across the table and at the opposite end from me.

I do not know who I was in that dream – but what makes me wonder is that earlier in the day – Robert had come to visit – and I asked if I could step into him so that I could see what he wanted me to. I had never done this before but then I had that dream that night?

He also mentioned that “the FBI needs to get on the doorstep of the right person, and he will tell you where he (Robert) is.”

I did get a visual at one time but don’t understand it. It was Robert and then there is a blue strap going across, kind of made me think of a seatbelt, but it was bright blue?

I keep seeing "Riley" or "Reilly" like 6 or more times in the last couple of days. It keeps jumping out at me. I got that name with Robert, but not sure what it means. Could be a person, place, business??

Then I thought about Espionage - that is not a word I would have used, yet I believe in the first reading I did with Robert - he used the word. This is important to me because when I receive words I would not myself use - it’s like a WOW. I remember looking up the word because I relate that word to government spies, but actually it does happen in businesses too.

As I was looking at my blog postings on Robert I had four words pop out to me highlighted – they were Law Enforcement, Police, Business, and gift. When I went back into my blog they were no longer highlighted!! Hmmmm.

This just seemed weird today and sometimes my life reflects in the cases I am most involved in? I have no clue but I’m going to put this here so I have it all together. It’s my learning process:

Another note is a regular customer came in this morning and was joking around and said, "give me half your money." LOL why he would say "half" in the joke, I don’t know? Then he stayed and talked about one day wanting to go into Law Enforcement and that his "sister" was going to do it too, but couldn’t leave the kids for 10 weeks to take the course. Just odd but that is how things sometimes connect

Well, I think I have notes from all my recent readings. I still need to go back and pull my full readings from first and second readings and see what I did not put in the blog.

I will continue to be open to Robert and hope that he will in some way be able to provide more information regarding his case. I hope and pray this is just the beginning of getting Robert home to his family.

Please post photos and information on missing persons on your blogs and emails to keep them in the public eye!!

Arrest made in Robert Wiles Kidnapping Case

Arrest made in Robert Wiles Kidnapping Case!

What great news maybe this will be the first step in Robert returning home.
I have not posted everything I had gotten on the case, just lack of time on my part. I did take a moment to go through what had been posted to see if anything matched with what I had received. This is the way I learn how to interpret better what I am shown and given.

I pulled a couple of things out of the blogs that may pertain to what is known by the media now.

they did not fly into the Lakeland Airport. The suspect did work there though
The person is someone he thought to be a friend A business associate probably friendly terms
His father would be floored if he knew who was really behind this. Unfortunately so because was an employee of the company
It was never really about the kidnapping money that was just a cover Im assuming since they believe Robert was murdered
They were talking business It was an employee of the company
They ransacked my apartment drugs were NOT involved Motive will probably be business related not drug related -
and one day these people will be caught and will pay for what they have done to our family And thank goodness at least one has been caught! By my readings I feel he may have had help pulling this off!

I will go back to my other more recent notes regarding the case and see what else matches the media. I know I got Venezuela and the name Chip which in reading an article on the case both of these words were mentioned.

I hope that this will be the first step in Robert returning home to his family.

Please post photos and information about missing persons on your sites and emails to keep them in the public eye!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Madyson Jamison Missing October 2009

A friend of mine emailed me last night and asked if I would do a reading on Madyson Jamison who has been missing since October 2009. I went to the group site this morning to see her picture. This is the information I had to start along with a picture of Madyson:

Classified as: Endangered
MissingDate Missing: October 9, 2009
Missing From: Eufaula, Oklahoma
Age Now: 6

Specila Facts:When Madyson was last seen, her front teeth were missing. She was last seen wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve pink shirt with small flowers printed on it.

Known Circumstances:Madyson was last seen with her mother and father on October 8, 2009, leaving their residence in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Their vehicle was later found abandoned in Red Oak, Oklahoma, on October 17, 2009; however, their whereabouts are unknown.

These are my notes from the reading:

Madyson Jamison missing October 8 2009

Taking a hike

There are some issues that no one else seems to know about regarding this family, they are in need of emotional assistance. The father may have been troubled by circumstances around him.

Im feeling woods and trees around.


Not sure if the fear the father was feeling is real or not? Hiding? Walking down from a road into a dip - like shoulder of road - green grass - into a wooded area - they are all walking hand in hand.
Afraid the father has mental issues? But the wife and child follow. Is he tall and thin? Short brown hair? The wife is shorter - he is leading then wife and child. Wife long thin brown hair?

Customer came in - got distracted - will post this -

After I posted this on the Development circle, I googled to find out a little about the case - I found a picture of the three of them and yes that is who I saw!

If the family of these missing persons reads this, please understand I am only posting what I received. I mean no harm in stating that Mr. Jamison may have had any mental issues, but it may help explain what may have happened to them. I hope and pray they are in a safe place.

Please post photos and information about missing persons in your emails and on your sites to keep them in the public eye!