Thursday, October 16, 2008

Received a Couple More Messages

Gosh here are a couple more messages I just received! I'm kinda a little nervous about the last one! But it definitely made me stop and think. I don't consider myself flirting with disaster, I am a very quiet and good person. I had made a decision and was gonna do something I felt would kinda give the person whom is causing havoc in my life a little phone grief. But I guess I better rethink that!!!

I’m searching for answers I may not find
They are hidden in this life of mine
To whom the answers lie are few
For only god can decide what to do

If you live your life among the good
You are sure to reap what is good
But lacking the abilities to decide what’s right
Will surely send you into strife.

Stop and think before you do
Because the outcome could confuse you
You think your headed in the right direction
But in reality there is a question?

Your life is going too fast to comprehend what is really best
You have to stop and think it twice
Or things might happen not so nice.
Stop flirting with disaster.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why are these popping in My Mind?

Ok now I am really confused. I was sitting here again and these poetry things keep popping in my mind. These were written in seconds?? Any ideas?

As life passes us by we must presume all is not a miracle but life in bloom
To take a path that is unknown our fears will be swallowed up against the doom
To those that figure all is well hopefully they don’t stumble in the well
The well of life abundant to some is an endless pit to those unknown
So give to thee and receive from none the gift of life is a conundrum

To pass life by is all but done
Our earthly bodies belong to none
For what we learn is ours to keep
The good Lord knows what we shall reap
It is only he that can provide
The information that we hide
We know not why we choose this life

But a lesson learned will suffice

Life is Like a Butterfly

I was just sitting here about to type a message to someone and this popped into my mind. I do not know why? So I just wrote it down????? Maybe I'm just really tired from all that life seems to be throwing my way, and I love Butterflies! LOL

Life is like a butterfly
Always flittering around
All I ask is God’s help
In showing me where to land.

Life goes by in a flash
My wings flapping so
Destined to fly again
Not exactly sure where to go

If only Life could be so simple
A flitter and a flap
Guided by the hands of God
To the perfect spot to Nap.

Meeting My Old Friend and Psychic!

My psychic journey has taken me here and there and everywhere! This phase of my life is full of so much turmoil and psychic adventure. As I was packing up some belongings in my home, I kept coming across an old friend and psychic's phone number. I also found a journal which stated I met her in 1995! She had done a few readings for me between 1995 and 1998.

As I reviewed a couple of readings, she had been right on - even though some of them took years to come true. It was amazing. I picked up the phone and called the number I kept finding. I really didn't expect her to answer, she was older when I first met her. I was shocked when she answered the phone. I told her my name and she remembered me! Also, asked about a couple of relatives of mine!

We scheduled to meet the following Thursday. I told her I had to go out of town for a few days and would be back before Thursday. Unfortunately, a few minutes after I spoke with her we received the upsetting news, our friend had been shot. I did go out of town - but to a different location - to be with our friend.

I came home to be with the kids - and was able to make my meeting too. I really needed to see her since all this other tragedy had occurred.

It was great to see her - she is as wonderful as ever! She had told me years ago, I was very psychic. At that time I was experiencing some things - visions of accidents - but nothing more. I told her things were exploding for me in a number of psychic related areas and I was not sure how to use these to help people.

She did about 5 readings on me and people associated with me. It was very enlightening and interesting. She uses many different Tarot card decks for her readings. It seems the most obvious thing in all these readings is - I am psychic! LOL

During different readings it always came up that I am a Healer! She had no idea of the situation with my friend at this point. But she asked me who was having terrible difficulty breathing? My friend was on a ventilator. So I did acknowledge a friend on a ventilator. She then went on to say you are trying to Heal him! "You caught me!" Yes, he would be my first ever try at healing. I explained I have tried for years to understand Reiki, but it just doesn't make sense to me. She told me not to bother going that route, I don't need to. I was chosen to "heal" and people pay thousands of dollars to be able to do what you can do naturally! Wow. She said to continue what I was doing and that I was helping him. This of course made me feel a lot better.

During the numerous readings - healing was always shown in the cards. She was overwhelmed by the continuous reference to healing. She also was getting the medium and prophecy. She also saw and felt I would use my gifts to help find missing children. My friend told me to hold a piece of clothing of the missing child and see if I could pick up on anything. Sounds interesting, but how do you ask a parent for a piece of a missing child's clothing. See that is where I get lost!

I want to be able to help people with my gifts, but am still unsure as to how or what direction to go. She also let me know it is ok to charge for your time associated with your gift. You have to pay your bills too she said. Donating time is a good thing to do when you can.

During the general reading she told me she sees me doing something with computers. I don't know computers much except to get on here and write - she says that may be exactly how you are to use your gift. People will get to know you and feel who you are. You were choosen - Just listen to your guides. Oh my I guess I should start that other Blog they were telling me to do!

As she was reading for my husband - Our friend kept showing up in the cards so she decided to do a reading on him. She said your friend is not able to talk at this time, but you are helping him. He is in a very good hospital, (which he is in one of the top trauma centers in the US) She said if he feels he will be a burden - he will give up. He is fighting - getting better - I am his Channel. He has enemies! That is when I told her he had been shot - six times! I would have never thought he would have any enemies - he is one of the most caring and giving people I know. But if you knew the whole story - then maybe him having an unknown enemy would make what happened to him make more sense.

Well the other stuff is more on the personal nature. (Sis, I'll email you that stuff.) But what I really have taken from visiting her is; I am psychic and was chosen to lead a life involving my gifts. I will now try to move forward on this journey - my guides will lead and show me the way - I just need to work on my confidence and put myself out there and not worry about what other people think of me!

Thank you my dear friend

Wow! Pulled a Card for the Day

Well, I was going to put my Tarot cards away from my adventures with the children last night - when I decided to ask for a card to guide me thru today.

It sure put a smile on my face when it was the "Justice" card. I hope it continues to be a positive day - and justice does prevail!

I hope the "evil" that attacked our friend and family over the past year will somehow receive what is deserved.

Any positive energy you could send our way would be very much appreciated.

Now I Know Why October 13th is a Special Day!

I have been wondering all morning why this date seems to be a special date. I even asked my oldest daughter if she knew why. I couldn't think of anyones birthday or anniversary on this date. I was searching my brain to figure it out - it was driving me crazy! (Not unusual for me!)

Then my husband called! Our dear friend that was shot six times on October 1, 2008; is now breathing on his own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful day October 13, 2008 is!

I Laughed So Hard I Cried!

Oh my, I laughed so hard last night I cried! I guess another way to look at psychic humor. As I sit here to try and type this, I can not help but let a giggle escape.

A couple of my girls started asking about psychic things and if I could do a reading on one of their boyfriends. He was there too. I explained, I have never actually done a live reading. I do my readings via photos, but had just started reading a book I was given, which tries to explain live readings. Of course the idea of all three of them staring at me - I didnt think I could do it.

I offered to get out my Tarot cards and give that a try. I explained that being I am their mom, I kinda know them to well and it might effect how I read the cards. It is just like when I try to read for myself. But I did do a three card reading on each of them and the cards did seem to fit.

I know not funny yet! LOL You know how one thing leads to another. We continued to talk about psychic gifts and medium readings that I also do. One of the girls asked if I could reach her Uncle. She went and got a picture and I tried looking at it - but with everyone looking at me I could not do anything.

They were asking a bunch of questions and then she asked if I could reach her father. I felt that he was there with us and tried to communicate. We tried one experiment but it didnt work. So they wanted me to ask him to do something so they would know that he was around. My brother in law, (one's father) has a tendency to mess with electrical things. So I asked him to do something so the girls would know he was around. His daughter was so trying to convince me she would not be scared. So I went ahead with it, but I asked him to do something that would not scare the crap out of them, yet they would know something happened. As I was asking my other girl - said oh! The lights flickered. But I had my eyes closed and the others were looking down so she was the only one that saw.

They really wanted to see something - but since I am so used to doing this in privacy, I went into the bedroom (saying I had to use the bathroom) and asked him to do something now so they would know. As I walk back out into the kitchen they said the lights just flickered. I said "yes" and made a motion. She automatically said - you asked him to do that while you were in there didnt you? Caught! LOL

We continue with our psychic talking and about how I think things happen. She really wanted more. They wanted him to turn on the oven. I'm like I have never asked for anyone to do such things like that. So I asked him to do something electrical within the next 20 minutes for them to have some proof. Well, it was 10:35 and my alarm clock went off! This seems to be a way he communicates with me alot. So they look at me and I said ok, there he is. My alarm clock is not set! Go look at it! They would not go without me! LOL We got in there and as I said the alarm clock was not set!

I guess they were on a roll about communicating with him. Well, the boyfriend is still a skeptic, so I was sitting at the table wishing his phone would ring and scare the crap out of him. All of a sudden I hear a phone ring - but it's not any of ours. We guessed it must have been the tv in the other room. So I said - "Oh well, I asked him to do "boyfriends" phone so it would convince him. Then one of the girls said, "oh come on just do something funny!" Two seconds later, my phone rings! OMG the look of terror on her face and she screamed so loud I'm surprised she didnt wake up the others in the house. And of course her screaming caused the other one to scream as a reaction.! I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face!

As I try to type this I am beginning to cry with laughter again. I can just picture her face. I'm thinking to myself - Oh yeah, she's not scared but the look of terror on her face was unbelievable! I was laughing so hard when I answered the phone, my husband could not understand what I was saying. Oh I needed that laugh!

I think that will be one of those memories they will have forever - which will be spoken of for years to come! I know it's probably one of those - you had to be there moments - but I am sure glad I was there!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Sure Where to Start or Where I Left Off!

My life has been crazy for quite a while - going in so many directions. It has caused me to reflect on numerous events and thoughts throughout my life.

We have been living in this house for about 9 years gosh this month! It appears we must sell our home due to our unforseen financial situation. Yes it is difficult but the house is a material object - and family is more important than things. My beliefs tell me things happen for a reason, I just can't seem to figure out why. Our financial situtation is due to my husband's partner - not being honest and straight forward. So a lesson learned - do not go into partnerships! All people are not as they want you to believe.

We decided it would be easier to sell our home if most of our items were already packed and out of the way. I began packing up all my collections and papers I have accumulated in my life. Boy, it's amazing what I have come across in this sort of cleansing of my home. It seemed everytime I opened a box or drawer - there was something related to my psychic journey! I look at the dates on notes of visions or dreams and wow I really have been on this journey my entire life!

My experiences and gifts have been going in full force for gosh longer then I realized myself, living it everyday you become accustomed to it. Reflecting back with these notes and items it really brings things to light. Wow - this is the path I was to take - but I still don't understand what I am to do with these gifts.

As I plundered through - I kept coming to a name and phone number of an old friend. I really was unsure if this person was still alive - since she was an older woman when I met her in 1995! I haven't seen her in 10+ years! But I grabbed my phone and dialed the number - she picked up! She is alive and well and still living in the same place! WOW.

Of course, with the direction I have been heading, yes she is a psychic! LOL She remembered me and we chatted for a few minutes. It was amamzing all she remembered about me? Guess not if you think about it - but I was still amazed. We scheduled a time to meet the next week. I was so excited I went and told my husband. As I told him - he was out packing the garage - he said wait a second I have David's readings (my now deceased Brother in Law)! Yes and one was done by my friend I just called!

A few minutes after that - life hit us hard again??? I just can not understand what is going on in my universe! We received a phone call that my husband's best friend (whom my children call uncle) had been shot 3 times and airlifted to a trauma center 4 hours away from us.

I am not sure which direction I am going in anymore. These are just a couple examples of my life - I should write a book. The only problem is no one would believe it was true! All these problems in one way or another lead to ONE person, the partner! I just don't understand WHY? Yes even the shooting is related. Its a long story - that is why I say a book!

I did come back in town and did see my friend. I will write another post shortly and let you know how our connection went!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Much Going On

I have so much Popping in My Mind both personally and psychically - I have to calm it down before I can even try to put it into words. Bear with me - hopefully later today or tomorrow morning I will have the opportunity to write.

I have been dealing with an emergency and psychic awareness together since October 1st.

Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for some ramblings of a psychic - soon - I promise