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Psychic Dream and Meditation about Haleigh Cummings sent to Putnam County Sheriff Office

Well this is definitely a long email I sent to the tip line for Haleigh Cummings missing from Satsuma Florida! I read back thru the email, it is somewhat difficult to follow. I am not sure I could make it easier if I tried again. The first dream/vision was long and then to try and explain it made it even longer! What I get from this first dream is Haleigh was injured/murdered or taken by someone close to Misty or Misty herself.

The mediation I did a few days following this dream - gives more information and would mean she did reach someone via phone to come and help. I would like to know who she really called that night Haleigh went missing. In the dream/vision it was me asking my daughter to call my parents - but my parents were not home. Where were Misty's parents or even for that matter where where Ronald's parents?


Dear sir,
I have emailed the department before regarding psychic visions but something told me to go back to the beginning and look at what I got. So I did - I realized I had pulled info from the Feb 14 2009 and Feb 18 2009 information but had never sent the entire notes. I have not posted some of the information online - due to how horrible part of it was. I am sending the notes with the only change to exclude my personal family names in the document. These are now marked by "*'s". I have not given any thoughts of the meanings of what happened in the vision other then what I did when originally typed, because my interpretation may be incorrect. So it is how it was written the next day.

You must have never been able to link any of the other information I extracted from any visions - so I doubt this is going to be much more helpful - but if you feel this may have been an inside job - there is definitely some concern involving the "choking" part.
I hope and pray that Haleigh will be found and her family can begin to heal from this horrible situation. If something makes sense please dont hesitate to contact me - I would have to go back thru my other notes reference other visions etc on this case - the bus stop was very prominent in a number of as I say coincidences.

Nightmare – vision February 14, 2009

Only changes – taking out personal names with *****

(Trying to remember the nightmare/vision I had last night. *****(young child) was in bed with me – *****(husband )out of town. She was throwing up from about 10pm till 2 or 3 am.)
(I know I was not in a sound sleep cause every little while ***** was getting up to go to the bathroom.)

(What I can remember – there was so much and even as was happening was not getting all that was said or done.)

(I remember asking to help Haliegh Cummings – but not sure if goes with her or not???)

#Note - added for blog - this is hard to read but it is all a type of dream/vision - I'm not physically in this realmm laying on the floor - just wanted to make sure you understand.

Ok so it started out – seemed normal – It was as if part in reality and part out? *****(young child) was sick as she actually was. But then all of a sudden I started to feel sick. I got out of the bed and walked to the end of my bed – I knew I was gonna pass out – I told ***** to go and get ****** if mommy passed out. A second later I did and was lying on the floor next to my bed. I was aware enough to just get out – "Get ******." I am trying to remember – but I felt physical things – kinda tingly head there was something else I cant remember. She got ****** and ***** and they sat by me on the floor. I knew that this was not from Me – that it was someone giving me information – Then I remember telling them to look at my wrists – especially I think the right one – I could feel this terrible squeezing and even when we looked at it – you could see the indentations in my wrist from something that was not visible to us.

As I lay there – there was a different piece of furniture in my room along the wall then there is now. (I have changed that within the last six months or so.) It was a shorter piece of furniture. But from the ceiling and dripping down the wall was water – enough as if it was gushing! I cant remember what we did to stop it. But then we are all three sitting there – I don’t see the furniture piece anymore but directly onto the wall. There was so much information on the wall that I couldn’t comprehend what it was. I remember YELLOW. It was all done in a bright yellow. Now it is just yellow blobs I don’t know what it was. But as I was looking at that then they showed me a page from a children’s book. Gosh I read a couple words but can’t remember them. But I remember knowing the picture was of green with an alligator.

(while typing this is doesn’t sound bad but I knew that this was a more intense read then ever before – and kinda a physical take over of me)

I told ****** this is very bad – I was trying to describe to them everything I was seeing – which of course they could not see. At some point I thought maybe it was easing up and ****** and ***** went back upstairs. Then I began to get awful – what I would call vision flashes – it was showing me horrible things. Choking a child – it would come in flashes – terribly overwhelming evil – the person was doing something evil and seemed to have no remorse – seemed to enjoy being evil. Like they were taken over by a demon. Like they were crazy and felt they were being lead to perform this horrible action – by some demon in their mind and that they would be praised by this demon for accomplishing this horrible action against this young child – I believe a girl. It was in quick flashes so I could not get a good look at the victim.

I began to freak out because ***** was in the bed with me. See it is hard to explain – but was like inbetween two worlds. Aware enough to know ***** was there and yet in a terrible vision at the same time. I began to start performing a cleansing that I do – as I am still in the vision. I knew this evil was trying to invade me. I needed ***** to be safe so I got ****** again and told her it is very bad – You need to call Grandma and Papa now. I need more help – I don’t want this to hurt any of you girls. ****** got on the phone and tried to call my parents. (in reality they live 15 minutes away) But for some reason she was having to call them – somewhere else. She couldn’t get them but Mike (I dont have any relative with this name but this is a family friend who is a police officer) answered the phone. He told ****** that they were not there they were with the Religious People. I am thinking what that makes no sense. My parents don’t go to church – they have their beliefs – like mine. But I accepted they were not available to help, but was wondering why they were with Religious People??

I was scared for my children that this evil would take over – I continued to ask God to keep us all safe and only allow good to come to me and all Evil must leave now.

(now at different points in this vision – I am totally up and aware of my surroundings – I am actually helping ***** in the bathroom and going back and forth to the kitchen to get stuff for her! I was never in a deep sleep!)

At one point all I can remember is something about a Manly Man Neighborhood. It seemed to make sense with everything else I was getting and I understood at the time but cant remember it all. I was getting so much info that made sense – but was given in weird phasing??

Then I get a quick flash of a Man running – he had on Khaki shorts down to above his knee. Have no idea what he looked like.

Then a quick flash of a young man with bushy blonde hair – not sure of what I was shown him for or if he was the same man in the khaki shorts? I remember wishing I was an artist so I could get up and draw him. That’s how good of a look I got at him. Bushy long hair – not long hair like a girl but bushy long.

(I cant remember anything else right now but it was a very horrible night!)

(Just remembered something)

There is a dumpster and there is a gate right behind it.
Ok so I’m looking straight the dumpster is on the left in front of me – totally straight is a gate. The gate is big enough to drive thru – not sure why they placed the dumpster right there seems an odd placement. The dumpster is full – I tried to look in it but couldn’t tell what was in it. The gate is like made of tubular metal cant remember the color. I believe as I am looking at it – it will open from the left and go back to the right.

(I went on Google earth to see if could find the dumpster and gate. Not cant get to that area with pictures. But as I was there it moved by itself to and area behind Seven Sister Street off the very end left side and back to closer to Madison on the map.)

Tried to meditate again 02/18/2009

Not sure anything I got though – wish I didn’t know anything about case
Mother not involved
Mother and father fighting
They were fighting in front of Haleigh – (so was it Misty and father - question to myself)
Daddy went to work
Misty didn’t want to play
The big man came – gonna take me to Mommy
He carries her she wraps legs around him
Thought he was going back for Jr
Put me in the car
Towel from the kitchen
Female there too???????
She lets them in holding the door open ( looks like Misty)
Misty leaves with 2 guys
Has reputation for hanging around the neighborhood
Come thru the back
He used block in side door cause he knew he would carry Haleigh out
Jeans – black belt??
Polo – Haleigh tan shorts
Stick shift car
Tape wrists
Rope feet criss cross
Extra stuff in dumpster didn’t want it in car

Ok so that is what was sent in to the Putnam County Sheriff's Department about the Dreams/Visions/Meditations. I know I have more in many emails between myself and the two other ladies working with me, but I will have to go thru them. That will be a major job!

So the choking and possible murder of Haleigh was why I did not want to post this information before. I did not want Crystal or the rest of the family to be horrified by my dream. Unfortunately, it may actually ring some truth as to what may have happened to poor little Haliegh.

I know this is alot to read and absorb at one time but I felt it would be easier to put out the information in the email tips to Law Enforcement first and then go from there with other notes. Not really sure what else I have gotten at the moment - will difinitely take some time before I can post more information.

Maybe I will go thru these and do a match up to what may have been said in the media; but this blog in itself is already way too long -

Please place photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep them in the public eye!

Psychic Tip to Putnam County Sheriff - Haleigh Cummings

The next email I sent into the Putnam County Sheriff’s office did not really have much information at all regarding the dreams and visions. I have cut down this email to only include what I was given, except I did note the little shovels do look like an antique eraser knife. The rest was just my conscious interpretations of a combination of things which I am sure was probably just coincidental.

So, if this is a short little email then the last one I sent my be the one I sent about the nightmare! Ugh that may take some time to go thru! Hopefully not. But gosh I know I have a heck of a lot more from the case so that will involve a lot more work to get it into a form for the blog. Ok, be patient with me!

March 27, 2009

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

I had a vision dream that included being given two little objects that appeared to be little shovels or trowels – but they were given as an item to barter with – meaning had value.

Little Trowels from Dream:
Some of it was bartering ---
Someone gave us a couple of what looked like little shovels – there was a name for them but cant remember – or a manufacturer – they were small thou like the size of a pocket knife, but looked like little trowels

note: "eraser knives" look like the little trowels

Another day I received:
The river’s edge

Now, really I don’t know of anyone mentioning these little trowel thingys but the river’s edge has now come in to play in the media. But the river goes all thru that place by looking at the google maps, so not much on it’s own, I know.

Remember to post photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep them in the public eye!

Haleigh Cummings Psychic Tip to Putnam County Sheriff Office

This next email just pertains to one vision I had when working on Haleigh Cummings disappearance. I had previously included the information in the March 4 2009 email, but felt it might be of more importance since hearing a news report on the van being released back to the family.

The only dumpster I heard about being searched was the one on the news one day. It’s placement was not as I had seen in my vision. If anyone from the area happens to remember seeing what I have described please comment on my blog - and send a photo or google map link if it is on there.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my visions - I hope one day to learn how to better help the families of missing persons with the information I receive. Interpretation seems to be the key, so it is a constant learning process.

March 19, 2009
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
Re: Haleigh Cummings disappearance

Dear Detectives:

I sent an email on March 4, 2009 in reference to the above-mentioned case. I know it included a lot of information and a certain piece could have been over-looked.
Yes, this information was obtained via psychic visions. But you may want to see if you can find the dumpster and gate I saw. The reason being when I had this vision – I felt that if someone tried to drive thru the gate they might scratch or dent the vehicle unless it was a small car.

What I initially sent was:

I’m looking straight the dumpster is on the left in front of me – totally straight is a gate. The gate is big enough to drive thru – not sure why they placed the dumpster right there seems an odd placement. The dumpster is full – I tried to look in it but couldn’t tell.
The dumpster did have things in it when I saw it, but I was unable to see what was in the dumpster. The most important thing in the vision was the odd placement of the dumpster and having difficulty going thru the gate without scratching the car.

Here is the total description I wrote in my notes:

Ok so I’m looking straight the dumpster is on the left in front of me – totally straight is a gate. The gate is big enough to drive thru – not sure why they placed the dumpster right there seems an odd placement. The dumpster is full – I tried to look in it but couldn’t tell what was in it. The gate is like made of tubular metal cant remember the color. I believe as I am looking at it – it will open from the left and go back to the right.

I am sending this again by itself because I just watched a news video regarding a van that was impounded and released. The family states they do not know how this scratch got on the van – and it goes all the way down the van. They also mentioned getting the scratch fixed! This bothers me because you may need it to match up to the dumpster or gate.

I wish I could call all the dumpster companies in the area and see if they remember placing a dumpster near a gate as described – but I seriously doubt they would tell me such a thing! LOL
Please consider finding the gate and dumpster. I know everyone does not believe in psychic visions – but at this point; what can it hurt to give it a shot?

Please remember to post photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep them in the public eye!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haleigh Cummings Missing Satsuma FL Psychic Notes sent to Law Enforcement

This is the first email that was sent to the Putnam County Sheriff’s department on March 4, 2009. I took out contact information, but if anyone wants to contact me regarding this you are more than welcome to comment the blog.

At the end I do give some ideas about things I found relating to the information, but please remember that is just interpretation of what I received. I am not from the area and was only google searching and mapping to see if I could find anything at all that might match up! I know curiosity killed the cat but it is frustrating not being able to be in the area and see if anything feels right.


I heard on television last night that Law Enforcement and some members of the family are acceptable to “psychic” information being provided in the search for Haleigh. I belong to a forum and work with a number of wonderful people who try to decipher the visions and dreams we receive. We have been posting some of what we have gotten on the forum. This is not the first case we have worked together on – and yes we have gotten correct information on previous case.

I am sending some of the words or descriptions I have personally received on the case. Some have come thru visions and some dreams – so I had to pull out what might be of importance in leading someone to Haleigh. If something stands out please feel free to email me for more information.

Important words or descriptions received in visions or dreams:


dripping down the wall was water – enough as if it was gushing! (Waterfall? Idea)

Bright yellow

Picture of green with an Alligator

Parents with Religious People

Manly Man Neighborhood

Bushy Blonde hair guy

I’m looking straight the dumpster is on the left in front of me – totally straight is a gate. The gate is big enough to drive thru – not sure why they placed the dumpster right there seems an odd placement. The dumpster is full – I tried to look in it but couldn’t tell


there is an envelope it has a picture in it
something that is relevant to the case
It shows the connection


By the creek

three things concrete color

a Bike, don’t usually ride a bike

couldn’t get the brakes to work

police let me continue on

BMX with orange possibly painted maybe on concrete?

a park bench

the house with the BMX

bent metal shape of the metal used for drawers

Sisters boyfriend knew I was there!


little shovels



Yellow sign black letters

White with black font

RV – dark blue “flashing” around window

Ideas from words and searching google:

Cavalier – car? Name?

Waterfall – River Club across Buffalo Bluff

Pine - River Club across Buffalo Bluff – part of road name & lake

NICK – River Club across Buffalo Bluff – Nick’s Lake or a name

Yellow sign – RR sign – Adult Community sign River Club

By creek – so many in area? Murphy creek at River Club

Park Bench – River Club across Buffalo Bluff by lake

Concrete slabs – River Club along Pine Lake

Police let me continue on – police have spoken to already?

Bike – car broke down riding bike for now?

Brakes didn’t work – maybe that’s why riding bike

BMX – does motocross?

BMX house – sign with orange

Dumpster – not where I saw it but one they searched was in what I thought to
Be an odd place.

Parents with Religious people –

Manly Man Neighborhood – man from neighborhood – someone in Mannville?

RV – RV storage – RV park

Bike –

Tape and Rope – possibly in dumpster

Thank you for reading the blog and if anything happens to jog something or if you know the area – would love to know if anything makes sense. Yes I do know that recently now they have spoken about “yellow rope”, they searched a dumpster early on, by river (I had by creek at this time but I got something after this email will be in another post), Manly Man Neighborhood – I believe Tommy is from the neighborhood, if I am remembering correctly.

Please remember to post photos and information about missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep them in the public eye!

Haleigh Cummings Missing Satsuma FL Psychic Blog April 2010

Well, I have been trying to go back and read what I received on Haleigh’s case, boy it sure was a lot! It is mind boggling! I am not sure where to even begin. I know I posted about all the YELLOW which was coming up but there was so much more. I did see where I believe I sent four emails to the tip line regarding the case. I remember writing one blog where I stated I just could not write about one of the dreams I received because it was just so horrible and I didn’t want her family coming across this information; since I received it in a dream and I could not say this is 100% what did happen, I’m only human! But now some of the reports coming out in the media do go along with parts of that nightmare.

I did send my notes from the nightmare to the tip line or sheriff’s department, just incase it would make sense to them. No, I never heard from the department regarding anything I sent them. I can understand not hearing from them, many people do not believe in psychic information. It is unfortunate but how are they to know which person really has accurate information? Plus as a person who receives this information, I don’t know for sure if I am receiving what actually happened or maybe even the lies someone is going to tell about what happened? Not sure if you can understand what I am trying to say. But I could at times pick up on someone involved in the crime or even something from an officer trying to figure out the crime. I have no way of knowing.

I am probably going to have to break these case notes into a couple of blogs to make it easier on myself and my readers! I guess the best place to start will be the emails I sent to Law Enforcement involving the case. These would include things that really bothered me or I really felt a major connection to. I will however have to leave out information that may have involved people that I happened to come across while figuring out some of the symbolism – because some of them are innocent people who just happen to pop up. Therefore I will not post the entire emails to Law Enforcement. Florida Law will allow them to release the tips in the case – not sure if any document drops have ever been made in this case.

Well I guess I am off to pull the first email and see if I need to delete any information that would involve innocent people or people who have not been mentioned in the media already. Hopefully I will be able to get the first blog up either tonight or tomorrow.

Remember to keep photos and information on missing persons on your blogs and websites to keep them in the public eye!

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Psychic Dreams/Visions Haleigh Cummings Missing & Drug Investigation

I am trying to write this blog, but I can not even figure out what would be a suitable title! Wow, it has been too long, I guess. Recently I have been reviewing information received involving Haliegh Cummings missing from Satsuma, Florida. I have a tendency to forget information I receive. In reviewing my notes and emails regarding Haleigh, I came across a number of things which now may make perfect sense! This first blog though is not technically related to her case; but does involve people who have been mentioned by the media and persons related to her. I guess the best way to write this is just try and then you will understand how it relates. I am doing this as I review my notes - so be patient with me please!

Little Haleigh Cummings went missing on February 10, 2009 from her home in Satsuma, Florida. I had already received some information via dreams and readings before receiving the information I now feel I can write about.

First off, I did send the information to the Putnam County Sheriff regarding the information we received. I guess I can post that on here now. This was sent I believe March 18 2009 – via the Sheriff Department website.

Dear Sheriff,

This is NOT a tip pertaining to the Haleigh Cummings case. However, this may be somehow related to someone working this case or simultaneously working a related case.

Yes, it is via a psychic dream/vision. We just felt it was important in case such a simultaneous investigation is going on or being contemplated.

We have both received information that would imply there is an undercover investigation happening or about to happen. We feel it may be somehow related to the Cummings case. Time is not always given as per past, present, or future. This is very concerning to us being that one of us has received information that the officer undercover may be “outed.” Someone overheard this person was actually a police officer and was going to warn a second party; whom doesn’t really realize totally what is going on. The unfortunate thing is the person who is being watched has already figured out who he is!

We have both received information that a ******** vehicle of some sort is involved in some way – whether the personal vehicle of the officer or the one he may be using at some point.

Ok, so now you see why a title was difficult! LOL I could not post this information earlier due to the sensitive nature. I would never want to impede an investigation or be the cause of an officer being “outed” or injured. But now since people associated with Haleigh are now in jail pending trial, I felt it would be of no harm to write my blog. I did * out the type of vehicle just in case it is still being used by the person.

Now let me see what I can pull from my notes that prompted me to send the information. Oh, now I do say “we” because I was working with two other ladies on this case and they received information regarding this also.

The first time I felt there was a possible undercover investigation linked to these people was from a dream I had on February 27, 2009:

Dream 02/27/2009

Strange Dream:

What I can remember

Man – has a dark ******** (vehicle) – he is storing it ***********
Come to find out he is a police officer/fireman/EMT
Has a gun holster in the back of his pants
He drives the ******* to the ********** and stores it there
Doesn’t want people to know he is LE
I over hear him that he is or somehow know

There is a box – white maybe about 6” x 12” x 6”???

Someone else storing this box – actually has more of them too but just showing the one box? Thinking it may be drugs.

Man who has the one box doesn’t realize there are drugs in it and places it near where ******** is stored.

The second man who actually knows there are drugs in it is freaking out
Trying to figure out how to get the box back and move the remaining boxes!

At some point someone says he cant store his ******* there it has gas in it. But they let him because there are special circumstances – him being who he really is.

Dream March 17, 2009

(NOTE: This dream is really long – I think I will take some of it out that may not be of interest to the people reading – gosh I wasn’t sure what to take out – you never know what someone else would feel was interesting or important. I also only fixed one glaring typo from my notes – I left the rest because that is how I typed it as I was remembering it)

Man driving (I don’t know him or was not given a symbol of him)
Husband in passengers seat
Me in back seat behind the driver – so couldn’t see him

Boyfriend/Husband(note: now seems kinda funny cause I couldn’t figure out if it was husband or boyfriend even in the dream) has brown pipe behind his ear, like you would put a pencil. The pipe is brown in color with some sort or metal band around where you would put the tobacco.

Man driving says oh I want some ??? not sure what said I assumed drugs

They the guys both say they don’t have any then boyfriend/husband looks back to me and ask if I have any Coke –(something tells me they didn’t mean the drink)

I was like I don’t have anything

Then we go into this building
On the ground floor I think kinda felt like cement walls

He my boyfriend or husband - we walk straight for a little, then he turns to the left is a door and he unlocks the door with a key, but instead of us going in that door we go over to the right up a bit and there is a room (this is really odd because as I am reading this and remembering the dream this is backwards but for some reason I don’t want to change what I wrote earlier – maybe I am watching and being the same person. Not sure I am explaining this correctly) It is like he unlocked the door for the other guy because he disappears now – kinda like storage room but has some seats there. He goes in there first then I follow wasn’t sure if he wanted me to go or not? He sits down at the seat next to a table then I sat in the other one – he said so we could talk – I place my large purse on the table to the back so its not in the way of seeing each other.

Then looking out the door I see other people they are coming and going to another unit – let’s see I am sitting against the back wall of the unit we are in looking back to the way we walked in the building. And in one of the units back the way we came and on the opposite side to the left some people have come in there. Then another lady goes in there and says something about be careful because we don’t really know those people I think that they were partying with too well so be careful

Then all of a sudden we are what I assume to be upstairs or something???? Not sure how we got to this other room. But if you walk in it is a very large room, Me and boyfriend are sitting on a Sofa Couch that pulls out to a bed, directly right if you walk in the door, against the wall.

If you were to walk straight into the room there is a bed – and there is a guy sitting in a chair near there. He is young as in late teens early 20’s I’m guessing short dark hair thin or slim build possible mustache – some others come and talk to him. He is kind of quiet and not sure what is going on either. We are all just watching this Large other group of people that are in the room partying and being loud. What stands out with the large group is two young boys like 11 and 9. I think they had on plaid shirts and they start dancing.

Can’t tell what the other side of the large room looks like cause so many in that large group. I’m thinking we have never been in this situation – like we were on a cruise or something and had to share this room with a bunch of people we don’t know. I had my purse next to me and was afraid something would be stolen. And I remember trying to figure out what cash I had and Credit cards and what are we going to do if they steal everything?? I was going to sleep with my purse.

That was it

This next little bolded part is notes to myself when I typed the dream

What has me concerned is the undercover officer being exposed????
I dont know if fits to the case or if maybe there is another case going on simultaneous to the abduction?

Im really confused

Well I guess that is about it for the dreams I received regarding the simultaneous investigation – One of my friends also received about an undercover officer and the same vehicle.

Along with the dreams I also received information via other means, it made me wonder about three different agencies being involved with this case. What I received also matched with another of the ladies. I don’t know how many agencies ended up being involved with the case involving Misty Croslin and Ron Cummings, but being they are in different county jails – we know now there were at least two.

Well, I know this ended up being an extremely long blog and I didn’t even include how we came up with three agencies and there is probably more information in our files; but that would probably just be way too much! LOL

Yes, we have other notes regarding the actual case of Missing Haleigh Cummings . I have tried to read a little bit since things have been showing up in the media; yes some of it makes more sense now. I also did not post about some of the information at the time because I didn’t want Crystal Sheffield to read about it online at that time. Being the horrible things that are now being reported I will try to go back and try to write a blog about what I did receive. Yes, I sent it to Law Enforcement at the time, but I never heard back from anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this incredibly long blog – I find it a learning process for interpreting what I receive.

Remember to keep photos and information about missing persons in your blogs and on your websites!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Easter Story about Psychic Interpretation

Actually this all begin around July 2009 when I began staying at a house in a small very rural area. As I was sitting in the dining room and glanced out the window, something just grabbed my attention. The area around this large, somewhat ugly tree was pulling my attention. I sat for a quiet moment and it popped into my mind – something is in the dirt surrounding the tree.

This feeling of something buried around the tree has been haunting me so to speak for months. Every so often out of no where it would pop into my mind. I kept telling myself I was crazy, why would there be anything there? It kept bothering me so much so I finally voiced this to my mother. She felt there was something there also, but probably just broken glass or something.

I kept talking myself out of going and digging around the tree; fearing people would think I had totally flipped out!

As I continued to wonder about what may be located in the dirt near this tree, it came to me that it had to do with God and then I received – scroll. Now, being that I am in the middle of nowhere USA, I was like why would a religious scroll be in this yard?

Well, it finally got the better of me and I casually dug a hole in the place that I thought might be where it was. Nope, it was a brick! At first I just gave it up to I really am crazy. A few days later it began again. Ugh! It got me so I asked my husband why a brick would be buried in the backyard. His first response was I don’t know dig it up! LOL I had already done that.

The God and Scroll just kept coming and coming to me; it would not stop. So I decided that if whatever was there pertained to God and a Scroll I would dig on Easter Sunday! I really couldn’t imagine a scroll being buried in the backyard but who was I to not look for something that I was being told about continuously. If there was nothing then I would just have to accept I had lost my mind.

Easter Sunday finally arrived and I headed out to the backyard with shovel in hand. This would be the day I would find out I was either totally off my rocker or have some confirmation about God and the Scroll. Being I am writing this you are assuming I found something. Yes, you have assumed correctly; but it was not a religious scroll! Another lesson on interpretation! I had only dug a couple of shovelfuls when I saw this white piece of tile with black lettering! The piece is approximately one inch by a half inch. The printing on the piece of tile showed part of what appeared to be a crest and some lettering. Oh wow this is what has been bugging me for months!

The letters I could read on the tile were


And in part of the crest – yes the Scroll part – was DIEUET MON DR which if completed would translate to “God and My Right”

It appears this was part of an old porcelain object with the manufacturer of Clementson Brothers in England, who used the Crest as their marking.

So though I was of course disappointed it was not an old religious scroll, it did however have a scroll with the word God (when translated from French to English).

Interpretation, Interpretation! I am glad I chose to wait until Easter Sunday to dig! Even though it is not some old religious scroll with answers to all those questions about life; it does have significance to me as a confirmation of the information I receive! To receive this confirmation on Easter will always be a wonderful memory!