Monday, July 7, 2008

The Life of an Empath

The life of an Empath can be very draining! Not sure if many of you know what an Empath is - but we feel others emotions and physical pain. I am still trying to understand all of it myself, as I live it! I had a few experiences now that tell me 100 % that I am an Empath. I have learned somewhat to protect myself from a lot of outside influences that effect me emotionally and physically, but some times it just sneaks up on me.

I think that the combination of being an Empath and a Medium make things a little more confusing. The reason being is that if a spirit tries to contact me I can also feel what they want me to feel. Last night around 10pm all of a sudden I got information (from where I don't know) about a suicide attempt involving a car, garage and carbon monoxide. The information came to me first, then I started getting a dull head ache and sick to my stomach.

I had looked at a picture from a reading request and was hoping that it was that person whom had already passed and not someone needing my help now! Unfortunately, it was not the person whom was already deceased, so now it is a waiting game to find out who or why I was getting this information. I hate these feelings when you just don't get enough information to help someone.

I guess I should feel good that I have not received any phone calls with bad news yet. I will continue to hope it was a spirit that will try to contact me again.

So everyone be nice to me today! The life of an Empath is not always easy.