Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas Missing Laredo TX - Found

I just found an update on this young lady - stating she is back home safe with her mother. Thank goodness. So, I decided to see if anything I received in my meditation made sense. There is very little information pertaining to the case, but this is what I can match up.

September 24, 2009:
Photo read on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas

Mexican descendant (The man she left with was Mexican)
Square within a square -smaller square down in the left corner - (possibly a picture)
carosel - (carousel?) (Not mentioned but since this was just for fun - maybe she did go to the mall with this man)
Ugly van (no mention of the color of any vehicle)
Light blue
(note I accidentally left the caps on - sorry)
I DON’T CARE WHAT THE NEWS SAYS SHE IS IN A LITTLE TOWN NOT FAR FROM WHERE SHE WAS TAKEN (It seems she was in the next town over - just happens to be in another country too)
SHE WILL BE FOUND UNDERNEATH (I have no idea what this could mean)
ESCAPADE (She went willingly, so probably just an escapade)
THE COLLAPSE (I have no clue about this one - dont know the area)
HXXXXX RXXXXXXXX (This name was not mentioned)
This man is known to be a local psychopathHe is not afraid of what will happen to him if it is found out.He will continue to do this he has before (Dont know about this but if he would allow a child to cross the border once, he may have done this before!)

Well a few possibilities - but not enough information about the case or the area for me to know if there are any other matches. If anyone knows more about the case, I would be interested to know if what I received makes any sense, it might help me to learn how to interpret what I do get.

Thanks for reading, and remember to show the faces of this poor missing children on your blogs and emails to keep them in the public eye!