Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missing Florida Girl Haleigh Cummings

The Haleigh Cummings missing child case has seen a bit more publicity then poor Adji Desir, but as time goes on the media coverage, of course begins to fade. It is unfortunate for all the families involved with missing persons, the leads begin to dwindle as time progresses and therefore the media coverage declines too.

As I watch the news or search the Internet; it is overwhelming the number of minors which are missing in this country! Whether it be a teenager who has run away in hopes of a better life or an infant who vanishes into thin air - the poor children of our society are taking the brunt of the evil in today's world. Something drastic needs to be done to provide our children with a safe environment in which to grow. I don't have the answers on how to protect our children from the evil within our society, because the evil is everywhere. Some of these children are fleeing the negative within their home lives and others are being randomly taken by evil persons outside their families. Unfortunately, at this time only a Miracle will solve this major problem.

If you have not checked your local area for missing children cases - maybe you should take a few minutes to search your area - you will probably be shocked! Visit the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The site has a search available - Search your area now! See if you can be of any assistance in the cases within your area. Gosh with the internet now if everyone with a web page, blog, myspace, facebook or email address put information about a missing child from their area or anywhere - they would be plastered around the world! Let's use the internet for some Good! We are always hearing the negative about the internet and children - let's do something positive for OUR CHILDREN!

I hope you will all take the time to choose a missing child to help find!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missing Florida Boy Adji Desir

Adji Desir doesn't seem to be getting the media attention of other missing children. It is unfortunate and I can only guess as to why. It is just my opinion, since there is no controversy in his case - the media does not have as much interest. The poor family must watch the television coverage of other missing children and wonder why are they not continuing to cover our son? I feel for them.

I know I do not have hundreds or thousands of readers, but I hope those of you who do read this will try to get his picture and information out to everyone you know. Since he has not been found locally - he could be anywhere!! So, even if you live in New York or California please pass on his information. If someone did take Adji they could be passing him off as a relative or foster child, they are taking care of. Look at his picture - does he look familiar? Remember the family says he does not speak; so he can not tell you who he is or where he is from!

I know sometimes people do not want to get involved for fear of being wrong about a siting or dealing with Law Enforcement, but it is better to be wrong about a siting then to just let it go when there is a possibility it is the missing child! To find out later you were right to be suspicious and did not follow through would be worse.

I found a new site for Adji Desir today and wanted to pass along the site to everyone.
Please take a look and pass this and his picture out to everyone you know, PLEASE!

I hope we can all join together and find Adji! My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Missing Children Need Everyone's Help

Recently I have been drawn to missing children cases. I feel for all the members of the families not only the missing child. The circumstances regarding each case can be similar in some aspects and completely different in others. The complexity of a missing child case seems so overwhelming. It is difficult for people to comprehend and deal with all the emotions and keep their mind on the facts. The motherly and fatherly instincts kick in – the protectiveness has a mind of it’s own. Thank goodness. But we must contain our resentment and forge ahead together in helping to find these young persons who need ALL of us.

The reason for the caps in ALL is because through reading posts or blogs on the internet, regarding these poor missing children, some sites seem to bad mouth other sites or types of individuals. Ok, well mainly they badmouth psychics or sensitives, whatever names you would like to use. If they would put their energy into assisting the (I’ll use the word psychic – just because everyone seems to know that reference) psychic with the information given they might be amazed at the outcome. A person who is good at investigating could help the psychic in understanding the symbolism and applying it to the case.

Many psychics receive the information via visions or sounds. Misinterpretation is not an uncommon thing, because they are human. An example for better understanding would be a psychic receiving the word – skyline. So, the psychic needs to realize this is a word. Now those not familiar with receiving the visions or sounds may let their human brain jump to the conclusion – it is near a skyline somewhere. Well of course, that could be anywhere! LOL. But if you take the information as it was given – just a word- google it!

It happens to also be a car made by Nissan, or the name of a street, business, or apartment complex. Therefore, if we combined our efforts and used everyone’s special gifts, we would all make a better team in finding these poor missing children.

We all have special gifts, which can be included in the search for missing persons:

Investigative abilities: to pour over the facts and leads
Psychic abilities: to receive intuitive information – medium, remote viewing, etc
Writing abilities: to get the word out and keep it out there
Artistic abilities: to draw a suspect or person of interest or age progression
Detail oriented abilities: to assist in keeping all the information in order
Physical abilities: to assist in foot searches
Baking and cooking abilities: to help feed the searchers

These are just a few of the abilities, which can work together in assisting the homecoming of all our missing children.

One site I have found that seems to have many persons with a vast number of abilities is: If you would like to share your abilities on that forum, I’m sure you will be very welcome, I was.

I hope everyone reading this will join in the effort to find all this missing persons, whether they be young or old, they are ALL very important individuals that deserve our help.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Frustrations with Missing Person Cases

I am unsure why God has given me certain gifts. Understanding why and how to use them seems to be the major question in my life. Though many areas of my life seem to be in turmoil, the idea of helping others seems to help me emotionally. I had been giving free readings on a site I belong to, but have only done a few recently. I have been focusing the time I have on missing person cases.

Although my information does not always seem to be 100% accurate, some info on one case did agree with what has been now found to be fact in the case. Unfortunately, it was not enough to have found the missing person or answer more questions that have now come about regarding the case. At first, I was very upset about all the information not matching where I thought the person was. It was a very difficult day. Then another person who has “gifts” told me to look at what I had been given to see all that was correct and not focus on what has not been shown to be so yet. Especially in this case there are still so many unanswered questions and all may never come out, so you may not be wrong at all! It really helped me thru my doubts.

It took me a bit, but then decided to try and see what I could get on another case. I have since posted that information on a site, but unfortunately the young person has not been found as of yet. I hope and pray that he is found safe and happy.

I was requested to do a reading on a young woman that has been missing for a number of years. I decided to try. I hope some day they will be able to find her so her family can begin to heal.

Why I initially began to write this morning was as I decided to see if anyone else had posted any visions or updates on a case – there were none. I find it very difficult to understand why one missing child case receives so much more media coverage then another missing child. These children all deserve to be kept in the public eye to assist in finding them. What causes the media or law enforcement not to publicize and keep these poor children on the front page? One case is bombarded and has been in the media non-stop since July 2008 while a young boy who went missing more recently – and has still yet to be found – is never mentioned?

The cases I am referring to are only in my state at the time. But is this happening elsewhere too? How can we keep these missing children in the public eye? I guess this is a dilemma many people have already posed, but it is very frustrating. I know some missing persons associations are trying to help this matter, but the question is – what else can we do?