Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Psychic Meditation on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas

Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas has been missing from Laredo TX for a few days now! Oh, this poor child, being twelve she may not really understand what is going on. Twelve is such a confusing age for many young ladies; she may very well believe all the this older gentlemen is telling her. From the little I have found online concerning this young lady - she is probably in Mexico now.

As I stated in the earlier post, I did a meditation, photo read on Karla the other day. I was waiting to post the information I received until our group had tried to contact Law Enforcement. We have not heard back from them, which is common, unfortunately, so I will post my notes.

September 24, 2009: Photo read on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas

Mexican descendant
Square within a square -smaller square down in the left corner - (possibly a picture)
carosel - (carousel?)
Ugly van
Light blue

(note I accidentally left the caps on - sorry)


This man is known to be a local psychopath
He is not afraid of what will happen to him if it is found out.
He will continue to do this he has before

Well, those are the notes from my meditation. I'm not sure if any of this will help in finding Karla but just incase I am putting it out there. Maybe someone, Law Enforcement or family, will understand what some of this means. I am trying to learn not to interpret as I do the reading therefore, some are just words or phrases which may have some significance.

I googled carousel, since it seemed a little odd. It has on the internet the mall there in Laredo has a carousel? I don't know I've never been there. Maybe they went to the mall before leaving for Mexico? I did fill in X's for the name I was given because I am only human and could have gotten the name wrong - I would not want to cause any harm to a persons identity by placing the name in the blog.

As I have mentioned before, I now work with a group of gifted ladies so I am included the link to our blog, so you can also read the information they will be posting.

Please remember to keep the faces and information of this missing children in the public eye by posting on your email and blogs.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas Missing Laredo TX

Oh, how my heart hurts everytime I hear about a missing child. Yesterday evening I was made aware of a beautiful 12 year old girl named Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas missing from Laredo, Tx.

There is a group of us who work on missing persons cases together. We hope the combined effort will allow us to be of more assistance in finding these poor children. Each of us has completed a meditation on Karla Victoria Yrigoyen Rivas. One member of the group is currently locating the Law Enforcement contact information in order to send our meditations.

If by chance the family of Karla Rivas would like the information; please feel free to leave a comment on the blog. Your information will be verified prior to sending.

Please remember to keep these missing children's photos and information on your blogs and emails!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amber Dubois Missing California 2009

I have recently been made aware of the case of Amber Dubois from California. I am not ready to post the information I received during a meditation, but am trying to figure out why I may be feeling a physical pain during the times I meditate or even just think about Amber. I am an Empath, so I do realize this may be something associated with Amber Dubois.

I tried to go to one of those medical sites where you post the symptoms and they give you possible reasons for the symptoms. But who knows since I dont know any of her physical background.

I keep getting pain in my upper back, say if you placed your finger on the large vertebrea at the base of your neck and went down about four vertebrea that would be about the area it seems to be stemming from. This pain goes all the way thru to I guess what would be the top of the sternum. The pain also seems to radiate down both arms but with a different feel to it. The arms seem to have a more burning pain - mostly in the muscles right below the elbows.

I would be alarmed personally if it didn't just keep occurring when I think or meditate on Amber Dubois.

I did also get a strange verbal pop into my mind yesterday when I was thinking about Amber - it was something about "tea time"

Well, just thought I would let my readers know what I have been up to lately. Feel free to make any comments or suggestions regarding my "ailment."

Remember to keep the faces and information of missing persons on your blogs, sites, and emails so that we can bring them all home to their families!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hassani Campbell Missing - Meditation

A group of psychics decided to do meditations at the same time for Hassani Campbell missing from California. I was hoping that such a combined effort would prove to be a powerful influence in providing information. I did not know much about the case - I did look at a photo of the precious child prior to trying the meditation.

I posted my notes with the group and decided I better keep my readers up to date on what I'm doing too!

So I am posting my notes - please remember I am only human - this is what I received. At a few points I was unsure if I was really deep enough in the meditation.

September 7 2009

Hassani Campbell – Group Meditation – notes

Didn’t feel I was totally there – but got these things

Saw - little legs
Audio – Church by the River
Mom & Dad
A circle but it had something in it not sure if a peace sign
I just wanted to play
Dad Mad
Large Black Male
Light Blue Shirt with dark pants maybe long shorts made of jean material (Hassani or small boy)
Small boy climbed up on counter – reaching for high cabinet – top cabinet – pulling something out – I cant see what it is – not sure if glass or what? Goldfish?

Ask Hassani if he could tell anyone anything what would it be? Turtleneck
Big Hole
Up the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go
Gravel – walking

Placed a pencil on a dot and asked which direction to go – East then North
3 59

Black car
Plaid shirt – button down (Hassani?)
Keep getting circles
There is a second vehicle – Gold SUV type
Ma Ma Mea Poppa Peea Baby got the Diarrhea
Walk with Hassani – his bedroom is on the right – we walk out of bedroom door take a left there is a bathroom on the left – go straight you are in the family area

Ok then tried as I was going to sleep –

There is a glass or plastic cup – lying on counter or floor – it is knocked over not setting up as if something in it

Small boy drank from this cup – maybe beside him on floor???
Hard to see – maybe a privacy type fence or wall – there are a couple of people next to it

I think past it is something tall and thin – not sure if a very tall tree with no low branches – but then again didn’t see any branches may like a telephone pole or something

Believe I got more but cant pull it back yet

Not sure any of this will help, but if something sounds familiar to that area or relates in some way then hopefully Law Enforcement will check it out!

Please remember to keep all our missing children and adults in the spotlight so we may bring them home!