Monday, March 29, 2010

Susan Cox Powell Missing West Valley City Utah

Susan Cox Powell Missing Utah December 2009

This is my second blog on Susan Powell who has been missing since December 7, 2009 from Utah. The first blog was just the initial photo reading I did with the photo I posted on my blog. Now, I seem to receive other information via what you might call audio and visual messages from my guide, I’m assuming! LOL Plus, I seem to receive other information via my life experiences. It is kind of difficult to explain, so I believe life experiences will have to suffice at this time.

In my first blog, I did add one question from after the initial reading which was; “Who is Muffy?” I received the name from my guide one night and I am very curious if this name had any meaning to Susan Powell or her family? It was just the name so I have no idea if it may be a friend, family member or even a pet?

Right after I received the name Muffy, I was told XXXX made a mistake he forgot to do something.

I have also received some information from my guide who likes to provide me with words from songs! Good thing I listen to country music cause I can’t imaging having to decipher some of the Rap or Hard Rock songs! LMAO Some of the phrases I have received are:

Been crazy all day long and it's only Monday Mr. Mom
Underneath, underneath
The big Montana sky
A little bit
One step closer
Where the river runs dry

Old brown papersack
Wanted Dead or Alive
(ok it’s not country but I knew what it was LOL!)

What initially brought me to this case was I kept getting a lot of LDS information and was not sure why and then low and behold here I am working on a case where the person is a member of that church. You just never know why you are lead to where you are going, but I am here now! I haven’t kept all my information on this case in an organized manner, as usual. I am trying to get it all in one spot as time permits.

I will probably be adding more as time goes, but feel free to contact me about any of this information. I am overly curious if the name Muffy has any personal meaning to Susan?

Please remember to post pictures and information about missing person cases on your blogs, email, and websites. It really does help to keep them in the public eye!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Susan Powell Missing from Utah December 2009

I know it has been a while since I have posted! I'm still around and have been working on a couple of missing person cases. As usual it is a learning process and I'm not sure how to interpret what I am receiving. I did have a wise and wonderful lady (you know who you are) tell me it is not for me to understand all I receive; that people closer to the case will be the ones to understand. Ok, that is my interpretation of what she said. She is actually quite more eloquent than I!

Susan Powell missing Utah

March 21 2010 Reading

She had been wanting to buy something or do something different to the home?
He really did not like the connections or friends she was meeting thru church
I am really pulled to her wedding rings in this photo
A purse – maybe medium tan or gold in color. Not a shoulder bag – it clips at the top and just has the smaller hands – a hand bag –
Josh has something or had something?
Pillow over face
Go North
A K or C word
Over the mountains
Rest stop

I almost forgot - If anyone close to Susan happens to read this - does "Muffy" mean anything?

I have more information I need to pull from my notes and emails I have sent to the other ladies I work with but for now, maybe some of this will ring a bell and help in the search for Susan Powell missing from West Valley City, Utah. Please feel free to help me interpret what some of this may mean. By all means comment with your interpretations or ideas.

Please remember to post photos and information on missing persons to your websites and blogs to keep them in the public eye!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rest in Peace Amber Dubois

My heart sank when I saw the news Amber's remains had been found. I'm still not sure what to write to express the sorrow I am feeling for her family. I kept hope within my heart Amber would be found alive, unfortunately this was not as it was to be.

I'm still at a loss for words - I am just so deeply sorry for your loss - no words can express

Rest in Peace dear Amber