Sunday, August 31, 2008

How does a Psychic not Assume?

Not many people know I have "psychic gifts" except all you here online! LOL Many people think psychic gifts are great, but if they themselves do not possess such psychic gifts, they are unable to understand exactly how they come to you. So, I figure the last sentence there just confused at least half my readers! Sorry.

Interpreting information received psychically can be very confusing. I am experiencing one of those confused moments now. As I was trying to explain what I was trying to figure out to my sister, I came to realize I must not be the only psychic person this happens to. I used to really admire a famous psychic Sylvia Brown. Then it seemed she was always wrong - so much negativity spoken about her errors - but then it just hit me. What if she too is trying to interpret information and assuming her interpretation is correct. She then makes these predictions on interpretation of something she is shown. It is not that she might not really be psychic, it is she is assuming what she is given means what she initially thought from the picture she was shown.

How does a psychic not assume? I don't know the answer to this question. I know when I am giving a reading, I try to keep myself from doing such by trying to describe what I see instead of giving my assumption, because I don't know the people. But when I am given a sign for myself, in picture form, then how do I keep from assuming my interpretation is correct? Especially when the picture given is not anything I personally know about.

For instance, I ask for a sign the information I just received is actual. I am shown a picture of a presidential candidate for the 2008 election with a picture of a woman. (now you would need to know politics is not my thing, at all!) I don't keep up with politics at all. So, in my brain I assume, "OK, if he chooses this woman as his running mate then the information I was given, will happen"
But in reality did I assume that woman to be his running mate, or was it that he was considering her or a woman as his running mate, or was the woman shown somehow related to the election? How am I to know? This picture was given to me many months before he chose his running mate, and me not being political at all, did not even know when they would be picking running mates! So why was I being given this information as a sign when it is months away?

This confusion and revelation comes into play now because as some of you know McCain chose his running mate. Yes it was a woman - no it was not the woman I think I saw. But he did choose a woman, which I didn't think he would - but like I said I don't keep up with such things. I did do a little research today cause I'm confused. I did see some people had this woman in the running for VP, but he picked a different woman. So does it mean what I was given does not come to pass? Then why give me the information to begin with? And did I misinterpret the picture and maybe in actuality it was the opponents wife, I actually saw? If that was the case, then what now?

So the question I pose to everyone: "How does a Psychic not Assume" when given information thru pictures?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gosh I am still alive!

Things have been kinda crazy around here lately! But, we are all still breathing. We have food on the table - so at this point we continue to live.

Had a cup of coffee with Bart yesterday - for those of you that know me - he is my guide. I have been so stressed lately, hadn't had time to stop and meditate. Well, went pretty well - very informative in some aspects and confusing in others. It seems in a sense I am going in the right direction - even though life seems very upsetting. I am supposed to be learning these lessons to help me in the future. Gosh, lessons are hard sometimes. I am not sure why I choose to learn these, but only God knows. I guess when I go back to heaven, I will understand and hopefully have learned - so I don't have to repeat these lessons!! OMG