Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coincidence or Not? Ayla Reynolds Missing Case

Just a brief note about the previous post. As I was reading an article on Ayla's case it said something about video footage from a store being given to the investigation. So guess where that store is located?

Portland Maine -

When I googled the location it is within walking distance to Mercy Hospital - where the meeting was to be held. If I am incorrect with my mapping - do not hesitate to correct me - that is how I learn.

Coincidence or what? This is a good example of the things that just HAPPEN in MY WORLD!

Here is the link:

A spokeswoman for Cumberland Farms told News 8 that the store turned over footage from its Pine Street location in relation to the investigationRead more:

Please keep Ayla Reynolds' picture and information on your websites and blogs - the more she is seen the better chance we have of finding her. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ayla and your family.

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