Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heather Elvis Missing Myrtle Beach, SC December 2013

I haven’t done any readings in a couple of years, but a friend from Tennessee posted a picture of Heather on her Facebook page saying she was missing.  I thought it was a friend of the person posting.  I decided to try and do a reading by the picture. I really did not feel I was getting anything, except the lyrics of a song kept playing in my head; “Carolina looks like California,”  Then after doing the reading and googling her name Carolina does make sense.  Not sure if, looks life California plays into anything.

I have had three dreams involving hotels lately, not sure if they apply to Heather or not. I will try to pull some bits and pieces from them to see if they mean anything to someone familiar with the area or people involved in the case. The first dream the main characters were two females and two males, wanting to send a money order anonymously. Then two other young males ask for a guy named Chris. A Spanish groom and bride, with bride wearing a black and blue dress.  Then a male was spying thru a vent into a ladies bathroom.  I know things do not really make sense but I am just trying to pull some of the information in case it means something to somebody.

The second hotel dream involved two sisters going to stay at the beach. The older sister was going to stay at a certain hotel or flophouse but felt it would not be a good place for the younger sister because of all the males staying there.  So she made reservations at the Holiday Inn next door. Problems arose checking in because of a $5700 balance due, something about boat storage. So they went back to the first hotel.  Unfortunately, the younger sister was molested.

The third hotel dream involved a husband and wife staying at a hotel at the beach. The husband was a police officer. They took the police helicopter out over the water and when they were out there was a boat below them with I think at least three young males.  The male with the bright neon green swim trunks jumped into the water.  They go back towards the hotel and hover at the balcony of the room and then they park the helicopter. The wife uses the service elevator. The officer then receives a phone call and is told he dropped a screwdriver on a hotel and he better go find it or he will be fined.  But they had never even flown over a hotel and did not know which hotel to go search.  All I can remember about the hotel is knowing it has changed hands at least 3 times.

The fourth dream did not involve a hotel.  It actually involved someone moving into an abandoned foreclosed  home.

Some of the other things that have popped in my mind either vision or audio include:
 Pretty in Pink
Loscago –light blue lettering on top left of page
Old wood shacks
Song lyrics “I’ll find a spot on the side of the road”
Walking hand over mouth
I was asking to find out something to get us to a location. Rodney
"don't give up on her"
She is sunshine
Along the Apple gate
She's a Daddy's girl 
antique silver cross lying in a dark crumbly material. (picture - not sure if it was dirt or a cake mix?? i didn’t see the surroundings)
Plaid Parasol
bright deep yellow vehicles
references to Boston Massachusetts and Belize talk about opposite areas
"why was the Chihuahua in the truck?' 

Not being from the area or knowing anyone involved, I have no idea what any of this may or may not mean. I just felt I would put it out there in case it helps in some way. Please keep Heather and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

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