Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ayla Reynolds Missing from Waterville Maine December 17, 2012

I know it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. I haven’t done many readings this past year. I was however; lead to do a couple of readings on Ayla.

As usual, I have no idea what any of the information actually means. Most things that come to me when doing a reading are one or two words or a quick picture of something. When the words are as you would say “spoken” to me; I can misinterpret but try to write what it sounds like.

The first reading I did was on December 22, 2011 at 7:05am

Here are my notes:

The Dad

She looks like the girl in my dream - You saved me

I keep picturing the cliff – water at bottom

I’m living
There is not much around
I get the feeling of large boulders or rocks – orangish in color like slabs that are being walked on. – boulderdash??
My mom has a friend
Jeans thin only see bottom of legs can’t tell if male or female. Possibly cowboy boots – guessing male.
There should be parental protection laws.
I’m hungry
I picture the part of my dream where we jump with the rope attached and Life line pops into my head.
She is the Sunshine of my life

The second reading, I forgot to put the date.

Gone swimming with the fisheees
There is not too much darkness
The trees swing?
Or a tree swing
Don’t be so soopy (sapee – sounded like short a long e)
Yellow rose
Push the buttons
Brick road

These notes are from January 15, 2012 – 5:05pm

I’m freezing

Twinge behind my left ear and down
She never went up to her bed
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Male with short brown hair, only saw from chest up – like he was at a table of desk – not a good view. Hair not real short; just wasn’t long to his shoulders. Average build – couldn’t tell if any facial hair.

I tried to do a reading last night – February 16, 2012 but the only thing that Popped into my Mind – was coffee.

I do have an interesting tidbit to add – which is what I call from “My World”.
When working on a case, it seems coincidences seem to happen. And I have one – hmmm think I better do it in a separate blog – this one is getting long.

Please keep Ayla’s photo and information on your websites and blogs to keep her in the public eye! My thoughts and prayers are with you Ayla Reynolds and your family and friends.


addie said...

I just read ur blog about Ayla and as soon as I saw muffin and coffee it made me think of a certain I asked my friend if anything sounded familiar (I live in Waterville but not long, and she won know a lot more land marks than me) she tells me that if u follow the tracks there is a tree swing by the old brick bakery.....the location is in Winslow and there is pretty much only one Main road to get into Winslow and at the intersection there is a Dunkin

Mish said...

Where is the Brick bakery with the tree swing?

Thanks for the info - I am trying to google map since I am not near Maine!


addie said...

Did u get my last message?

Mish said...

Yes I did - sorry been working all week. I get behind. I did not post it cause it has your phone number on it.

I went and google mapped what I could from the directions. Couldnt tell much - but wondered about the bridge on the way?

Hope to have some time tonite after work and this weekend. Will try to get in touch.

Thanks so much for your help

Anonymous said...


I would love to have you do more reading for Ayla. It seems like we are at a stand still and need to find Ayla and have justice be served. Im also interested in addie's comment and the place she may have told you about. Thanks for all you do and I look forward to reading more soon. I have checked in the past but there has been nothing new. pls help Ayla

Mish said...

This is the information Addie provided. I had to cut out her contact information – so that is why it is under my name. I am not sure where exactly it is. I went over the bridge on google to get where I thought it might be, and the area around the bridge and going down Bay Street bothers me.

“It's the old Harris bakery it's been closed for about 15 years this is what I am's is near a tree swing I guess u have to walk down the tracks to get to the trussell ???? This is where the tree swings's in Waterville I'm told it's not on a street it's kinda just in its own place if that make sense”

If someone in the area can explain better where it is on Google, I would appreciate it.